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Agetaboo.com,  Common Myths; What psychology says 

 Jay Baskins, Factoids and the Sex Abuse Panic; 2006 (Statement)

Radford, Benjamin, Predator Panic - Reality Check on Sex Offenders skeptical; livescience.com, 16 May 2006
A close look at two widely-repeated claims about the threat posed by sex offenders reveals some surprising truths. [...] One tragic result of these myths is that the panic over sex offenders
distracts the public from a far greater threat to children: parental abuse and neglect. The vast majority of crimes against children are committed not by released sex offenders, but instead by the victim's own family, church clergy, and family friends.

Sandusky, Kyle
Sex Offenders Myths And Facts
; The Chronicle, Oct 17, 2006
In lieu of fostering a fearful witch-hunt mentality for election year sound bites, politicians should step up to this societal challenge. Additionally, the media should strive to dispel the myths and create the environment for policy and subsequent legislation to succeed, creating a safe society for all children.