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Pedophilia - Opinions

Eberstadt, Mary, Pedophilia Chic - If you thought sex with children was taboo -- think again. The Weekly Standard I-39, 17 June 1996 
a number of enlightened voices have been raised in defense of giving pedophilia itself a second look. After all -- or so some of these voices have suggested -- 

what if pedophilia is in fact a victimless crime? 
What if teenagers, and even children, are more in control of their emotions, their bodies, their sexuality, than the rest of us think? 
What if sexual relations with adults are actually "empowering" to the young?
What if pedophiles and would-be pedophiles are in fact victims themselves -- exploited by the cunning young people they befriend?

Eden, Dan, Crimes Against Children - Why do some people want to hurt children? By Dan Eden - Quotes, with

Gieles, F.E.J., A 'good' example of a bad text - Comments. 

Foggo, Daniel, Police chief sparks row over stigma of sex with children; Sunday Times, 19 November 2006 - Leading Article: Drawing the Age Line 
THE police’s leading child protection officer has said that men who have sex with children should not be classed as “paedophiles” if the victim is between the ages of 13 and 15 years old. [...] Only those who targeted prepubescent children deserved to be labeled and treated as “paedophiles”.
He added that the term “child pornography” should apply only to images of children aged below 13, for the same reason.

Gieles, F.E.J., A 'good' example of a bad text 
Here below, in the blue boxes, are quotes and summaries from an article [... *] In the yellow [yellow] boxes are my comments. By Frans Gieles, PhD

[*] Crimes Against Children - Why do some people want to hurt children? By Dan Eden

Gieles, FEJ, Wrong Word & Concept; Summary of a lecture given by Frans E.J. Gieles, Ph.D. on 22 January 1997, introducing a panel discussion on pedophilia at Alcmæon, the Utrecht Faculty Association for the Social Sciences. 

Über den Begriff 'Pädophilie'

De 'pedofilia' como un concepto

McDonald, Roland, Pedophilia; The Pedophilia/Pedophile Education Web Site Mirror - Mirror of a censored Web Site - no date known. 
What is pedophilia? - Who are pedophiles? - What do pedophiles believe? - How do pedophiles behave? -  Censorship - The bottom line. 

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Rivas, T., Voluntary and harmless affectionate relationships between minors and adults outside the family 
For several decades now, sexologists have been conducting research into the phenomenon of voluntary "pedophile relationships". These are relationships which at least as long as they exist are experienced by the child as voluntary and in which there does not have to be any sexuality. We're talking about affectionate relationships between an adult with pedophile feelings (of erotic attraction or being in love) and a minor up to sixteen years of age.