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Repression of sexuality

Ipce Statement: The Repression of Eros 

Unterdrückung des Eros 

Represión del Eros

Prescott, James W., Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence, in: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, November 1975, pp 10-20
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Prescott, James W., Körperliche Lust und die Ursprünge der Gewalttätigkeit, von James W. Prescott, Aus: The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists, November 1975, S. 10-20
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Prescott, James W., Le plaisir du corps et l'origine de la violence, Tiré du "The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists", Novembre 1975: 10-20
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Prescott, James W., How Culture Shapes the Developing Brain and the Future of Humanity 
[ * The article and an Appendix giving more information:

SomatoSensory Affectational Deprivation (SSAD)

The Origins of Biological Love

The Two Brains of Love

Ten Principles of Mother-Infant Bonding to Change the World ]