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Sam Manzie's prize winning essay about friendship 

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Sam Manzie wrote:

A true friend is hard to find, but once you have found one, the friendship can last forever. There are certain qualities that true friends have.

A true friend helps you out when you are in trouble, sticks by you through hard times, and is someone you can count on to tell you the truth.

A true friend wouldn't just say what they think you want to hear and wouldn't get mad at you if he/she disagrees with you.

A true friend will stick by you, even when the popular crowd doesn't. Anything else is being a crowd pleaser, someone who values their own popularity more than the friendship.

Also, a true friend is someone you can trust to talk to and share secrets without fearing that they will become a public knowledge.

Even if someone has all these qualities, it may not be a true friendship, because true friendships go both ways. All of the qualities that your friend gives to you should be given back, otherwise one is taking advantage of the other and it wouldn't be a true friendship.

True friendships are a very great and valuable thing to have, and if both friends work together, the friendship can last a long time.

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