Instructions for Searching Using the Search Option

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This web site contains no nude images or beautiful pictures, therefore it makes no sense to search for anything of that sort.

This search machine is not an human being, thus it cannot give answers to searches that are in the form of a question.

The search engine is only able to find the following type of search terms in the files: the author, the title, or a search term found in the text.

The search engine does not work the way Google or other similar search engines do. This engine only searches for exact matches of the search terms that you type into the search field. Searches are not case-sensitive. (Searching for "book" is the same as searching for "BOOK")

Boolean searches (i.e. AND, OR, NOT, +, etc. are NOT supported.


You may find it useful to search the Ipce site using Google. In the Google search box, put:

[search term or terms]

... where [search term or terms] is/are the search term(s) you wish Google to find (do not include the brackets which are in the example).

You may, of course, use Boolean-style searches, with AND, OR, NOT etc. You may find what you are looking for more easily this way.

If you find that a link to an article (for example, a link on another site) gives a "File not found" error message when you click on the link, then try Google - and inform < > about it!

Put one or more terms from the article name in the Google search field along with (as indicated above).

You may click here (remember to put your search term before the "" in the search field of Google.) to be taken to Google now.

Note, that you can also search in Ipce's Libraries:
Click on the "Library" button, and find the options "Register by author", "Register by subject", en more.
Click on the button "Library 4" and found registers on Author, Subject, Key words, and more.