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Finding The Right Rehab – A Buyer’s Guide

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Do you or a loved one need addiction treatment for alcohol or drugs? Thousands blindly walk into addiction treatment in expensive rehab centres and find that the reality doesn't meet expectations.

If you're considering rehab treatment, first check our ultimate guide for complete instructions on how to find the right rehab centre for you:

  • How to easily navigate the rehab treatment maze
  • Top questions to ask before committing
  • A printable Q&A cheatsheet to easily compare different providers

A rehab stay normally follows the sequence Detox > Rehab > Aftercare. ...

Even the best therapy in the world, with optimal long term support, cannot help someone who does not take responsibility for their own behaviour or recovery. ...

Most locations worldwide hold local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings which can assist in the mutual aid and social elements of recovery.
Local mutual aid meetings can be a huge help, and can be a source of potential sponsors and sober mentors for the future. But for short term help for detox, you'll need professional assistance. ...

Aftercare, and relapse prevention planning, play a huge role in long term success, and their importance cannot be underestimated.
Aftercare usually includes elements such as working with a sponsor, attending local recovery meetings, connecting with others in recovery locally, and taking up referrals to other specialists, where required.