How to Persecute a Pedophile

Galaburda, Cyril E.
Type of WorkA Report

Heroic struggle against pedophilia started

Imagine, you work in the Ukrainian Police. A pervert Kyrýlo Yevhénovych Halaburdá lives in your city Dnipró. Once in 2012 or earlier you noticed his profile in a social network where he called himself a pedophile and even posted his messages towards one 13-ye­a­rs-old girl. You hope this character is fake or fictional.

You hacked his profile, and some teenage girl had sent Kyrylo her nude selfies. That heel used to encourage her with poems! There is real child porn in your city.

You starts watching Kyrylo, it's easy for he wrote his phone number and address in the Internet. Here is that 26-ye­a­rs-old high fa­ir-ha­i­red and somewhat fat man walking in the street. He tries to meet schoolgirls there, but cannot make bold. The girls are afraid of him!

Then he takes traction and touches passengers openly, it's like sport for him. Some of the touched ignore him, another scold and threaten him. He's a coward and cannot stand up for himself.

When he leaves traction he attends an office of governmental placement service. After this he uses public libraries for the Internet and posts something new about his perversions. When libraries are closed he goes home.

That is the way he lives with his mother. A dissolute maniac having neither will to control himself, nor brains to keep it back. He'd graduated from university as a physicist though his knowledge is not called for, and Kyrylo lives at his mother's expense. He attends just libraries and Eng­li­sh-spe­a­ki­ng clubs.

He's virgin, his only friend is an effeninate homosexual. You cannot understand why Kyrylo offers sex to the people before acquaintance, why Kyrylo investigates dark yards, why Kyrylo vawes and walks in weird way, lies down upon asphalt and attracts people's attention.

In 2014 you got to know that Kyrylo Halaburda had petitioned to parliament for ad­u­lt-chi­ld sex legalization. The petition was numbered as 09-0756.04.14/01-08.14 and sent to government. That's why the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Ruslán Riaboshápka directed your office to investigate who Kyrylo was.

Your Defense

But watching porn is not crime in Ukraine. In fact you're criminal. For collecting information about Kyrylo without his knowledge since 2012, for hacking his social network profiles and email boxes from 2016, for provoking him to send porn even before 2016 you will go to prison.

You're a policeman, and know it for sure. The pedophile must be persecuted in illegal way, and you know how to make it safe for you.

First of all anonymity. Kyrylo tells everything about himself, and you don't. It is pleasant for you to be smarter than a physicist. You may threaten him with rape and abo­de-bur­ni­ng through the Internet (2016), show him a middlefinger if he noticed your shadowing in the street (2017), or even attack him at a bus-st­op when he tries to escape (2016).

Kyrylo does not know your name, and cannot complain. He've got no money to sue anyone. But still you're acting at your own risk. Since 2016 Kyrylo has posted all available information about you in social networks. In 2016 he applied to police, in 2017 he applied to the Office of Dnipropetróvsk Region Public Prosecutor.

You're angry, anonymity is not enough. You should not persecute in person, you must organize persecution through another people. Your agents have to commit crimes and be punished for it instead of you.

They can be your employees, your prisoners, or both at once.

  • In 2017 you sent an Eng­li­sh-spe­a­ki­ng (better to say Eng­li­sh-sho­u­ti­ng) bum to spoil a chamber concert for Kyrylo.
  • In 2015 you sent a Fre­n­ch-si­n­gi­ng bum teaching in university (according to a legend) to meet Kyrylo outdoors and feel him up through Kyryl's trousers.
  • In 2018 Kyrylo had an evaluation period as a security guard trainee, and you made a she-bum to walk around into his workplace to invite Kyrylo's discharge.
  • In 2017 you made a woman to phone Kyrylo and outrage him as if Kyrylo was her husband's lover, but when Kyrylo's mother got it you prompted with a male voice: "Tell her, you're mistaken." And so on.

You can use agents in the easiest and the safest manner when your victim is imprisoned. In that case you decides what your victim sees and knows, who your victim communicates with and what friendships and conflicts are possible between your victim and your agents.

You've got no evidence against Kyrylo and cannot imprison him, but fortunately there is a war in Ukraine. In order to find a job, Kyrylo must go to a military registration & enlistment office and process a livret militaire.

In 2015 Kyrylo spent his February at the First Division of the Dnipropetróvsk Region Mental Hospital, and he'd been at your mercy for a month. There Kyrylo saw a chap with continuous eyebrows similar to Kyrylo's, and the chap was felt up by an old man. Kyrylo saw how another man was fastened to bed for fapping, and Kyrylo knew that he could be next.

You chose a bunkie for Kyrylo named Serhíi, a brawny and aggressive convict to scoff at Kyrylo and threaten him.

  • First Kyrylo was threatened with non-gen­tle hints and Serhii's stories about Serhii's cruelty.
  • Later Serhii feigned theft and searched Kyryl's personal belongings.
  • Finally Kyrylo interceded for a patient gingerly and gave Serhii cause for attacking Kyrylo.

Yes, Kyrylo complained, but his division superintendent did not even tell her name. Who would believe the insane? Who'ld protect a pedophile? Kyrylo cannot film your agents' crimes, but you know what officials can be bribed and how to slander Kyrylo to make people participate.

Even your agents can be protected if Kyrylo is outraged and threatened with hints. The hints may be

  • imitation of Kyryl's gait and yard investigation in Kyryl's presence (2017);
  • imitation of Kyryl's pas­ser-by touching in presence of Kyryl's mother (2017);
  • imitation of dressing style of Kyryl's friend in Kyryl's presence (2016);
  • touching Kyryl's friend in traction (2016).

If you phone Kyrylo in 2015 telling him that Zhirinovsky announced expenditures in order to destroy Ukraine, Kyrylo will understand that you are going to spend all needed money in order to destroy Kyrylo but you won't be imprisoned for the amotivational sto­ry-tel­li­ng.

If your agent "Ilóna Mólotova", Kyrylo's VK-fri­e­nd, writes about MaiDówn Syndrome, and Kyrylo had spend a couple of days in the Kiev Maidan, he will understand that she called him a mong but Kyrylo won't prove it before any court. You may promise to kill perverts right to Kyrylo's face in 2014, and Kyrylo won't show that he was threatened by you.

Your victim will hush your crimes up if you make him see something unbelievable. Not only Fre­n­ch-spe­a­king bums, in 2016 Kyrylo was shocked when he saw a pas­ser-by with a little hole into his forehead. The next day in Kyrylo's presence your agent promised sc­u­ll-na­i­li­ng to the smart. You don't like too smart people, and you told Kyrylo about it in 2014. Twice into his life (in university and at the hospital) Kyrylo said he was afraid of lobotomy, that's a chance to use his phobias. Also Kyrylo knows that perforated pas­ser-by are less probable than your intrigues, but none would believe him.

Another reason why Kyrylo must keep your crimes in secret is Kyrylo's crimes. If you threaten him in 2016 with quotes from the teenage girl's messages of 2013 Kyrylo will not tell anyone about you. Though watching porn is not crime in Ukraine he will has problems from it more likely than you will have problems from your menace.

This is third reason why Kyrylo must shield you. In 2016 when Kyrylo was watching porn about coming at a girl's face, you promised him anonymously to come at his face, and it is shame for him to tell anyone about you.

30-Ye­a­rs-old Kyrylo finally had a girlfriend, the girlfriend had a microphone, and he told her that a couple of years ago he'd blown a man, Oleksandr Matviéiev. So when you threatened Kyrylo in 2016 you could quote Matvieiev to Kyrylo, ask him whether he swallowed or not, and your agent could tell Kyrylo a joke about oral sex. When you threaten and outrage somebody your victim's dirty secrets can be used.

You're a policeman, and can even create such dirty secrets. When your victim is imprisoned, his cellmates can rape him, and he won't tell anyone out of shame. But in Ukraine Kyrylo cannot be imprisoned by reason of po­rn-wat­ch­ing, and it is difficult for your agents to rape Kyrylo. Only Serhii could promise him nude awakening outside the city.

Just imagine, Kyrylo tells the truth which is applied to your swindle against him. Your salary is applied to keeping him unemployed.

  • Kyrylo wants the right to privacy for children, and you infringe his personal privacy.
  • Kyrylo does not threaten anyone, and you promise him being raped, crippled and killed.
  • Kyrylo has never kidnapped anyone, and you tries to imprison him.

That is not fair, you are much worse than a pedophile. You are much more dangerous than a pedophile. You need some defense mechanism in order to continue pe­do­phi­le-bai­ti­ng. For policemen it is treats and gifts.

When you offend someone you should represent it as a joke. When you feel yourself a monster, you should please your victim symbolically.

Kyrylo's girlfirend Tetiána Látysheva gave him books in 2015, your agent Stas Kucherénko took him to ni­g­ht club first at your expense in 2013. Stas must return Kyrylo's 300₴ for a ta­b­le-clo­th spoilt by Stas in the club, and Latysheva gave the books because Kyrylo had given a book to your agent before. Kyrylo should not give you(re agents) anything, only Kyrylo must owe something to you. When you feel yourself a rob­be­ry-vic­tim this excuses your personal revenge upon Kyrylo. Even if Kyrylo does not even know he's a debtor, your crimes will be acts of justice.

I think policemen treat their prisoners not only to worm themselves into their confidence, not only to play good policemen, but also for conscience sake. In prison when convicts wanna to attack their cellmate they try to make him/her their debtor.

There is no difference between police and mob. Police is mob of professionals, and mob is amateur police. Taxation is authorized robbery, and robbery is illegal taxation. Arrest is authorized kidnapping, and kidnapping is illegal arrest. Death penalty is homicide, and murder is homicide as well.

All what you need is collecting your victim's sins. Nobody's saint, and ho­rn-ef­fe­ct will justify any crime committed by you.

Your Attacks

You're a policeman, you can outrage and threaten a pedophile without any risk. From now on there is no randomness into his life. Kyrylo cannot see the world on his own, he can see only your idea of the world. You decides what he reads in the Internet and what kind of people he meets in life. Also you know his employers and doctors. You control his economy, his contacts, his sex life, his physiology, his emotions and mind. Neither knowledge, nor talents, nor even rightfulness will save him from you, deceitful and dull Herostratus. None can see you, but you are everywhere, you are the real god into Kyryl's universe.

Law machinery is the only sphere backed by the Ukrainan Budget. The republic does not need scientists like Kyrylo, it needs only policemen like you.

  • While Kyrylo washes dead mice out of refuse chutes according to placement service programs, you sit in your office and read his messages in the Internet (2013).
  • While Kyrylo works for free on probation as a security guard, you send bums and pilferers into his work place and you don't react when police is called (2018).
  • When Kyrylo lives at his mother's expense and when his mother washes up in cafes for ten hours on end, you pay to a waitress in order to make it impossible for Kyryl's mother to work.

Government pays out wages to you for keeping Kyrylo out of wages. It is enough to show his employer Kyryl's profiles in social networks. If not, you can show Kyrylo's interview for the StarLight Media® (2015) about his "virtual sex". If Kyrylo's employer still refuted to fire Kyrylo, you could persecute this employer equally. But this has never happend. For instance, the Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Philarmony Eduárd Henádiiovych, which probed Kyrylo as a security guard, accommodates a casino into his building and he's afraid that police gets to know it.

This way Kyrylo 's deprived not only of his job, he loses his friends. Actually he's never had many friends, but in 2018 he noticed the people, he knew from En­g­li­sh-spe­a­ki­ng clubs, turn aside when they see him in the street.

In 2014 Kyrylo petitioned to parliament for legalizing adu­lt-chi­ld sex, and policemen like major Andríi Chaplýnskyi made the round of apartments in Kyrylo's house informing his neighbours. Kyrylo has consorted with an effeminate Vadým Savéskul for years because Vadim is erudite enough to interest him and off-cen­te­red enough to understand him.

In 2016 Vadim complained to Kyrylo of passengers' molestations in tractions, dating traps, broken doors and windows — poor homosexual could not leave his quarters safly!

In 2017 Kyrylo started walking Vadimward, but your agent intercepted Kyrylo far from Vadim's house. You made Vadim avoid Kyrylo from 2018, and now Kyrylo has nobody to speak with except for his mother.

That is just the job! You hope it will make the pedophile befriend you and your agents. Like stupid and aggressive po­rn-wa­t­ch­er Stás Kucherénko in 2014 showing Kyrylo third finger, laughing at Kyrylo in order to win Kyryl's confidence, in order to teach him fo­rm-ke­ep­ing and hate towards Maidan. Kyrylo has grown without a father, and you will be Kyryl's father incarnated as Stas.

You phoned Kyrylo in 2012 and 2016 with the same voice but with different names in order to ask frightened Kyrylo about his experience in sex, to teach him what sex he must experience, and you blurted out your knowledge about Kyryl's fatherlessness. Though you are stupid you wanna to teach. Your crimes against Kyrylo take the form of parental care.

In 2015 Kyrylo started dating your agent Tetiána Látysheva. That was the first time he had a girlfriend, and for a year he'd had a girlfriend instead of sex life. Of course she could not have sex with him being watched by hidden cameras. Instead of sex Tetiana was teaching him morals, se­lf-con­t­rol, relations with the mother, Christian propaganda etc. Later, when Kyrylo gathered himself up and abandoned her, you knew enough about him to make your agents laugh at the way how he was kissing first in his life or quote him the words he'd said to Latysheva.

Kyrylo severed all his relations, but his former friends hunt him in the street asking why he don't has a girlfriend (2016) or what phone numbers he uses (2017). Kyrylo is a coward and tells them what you wanna to hear. You had been jawing at him as a pas­ser-by for no apparent reason (2014), your agent was condemning homosexual experiences like Kyryl's in Kyryl's presence (2017) or hostility towards mothers in Kyryl's presence (2013). That is the reason why Kyrylo tries not to leave his home.

But still he can escape. In 2017 Kyryl's mother bought a couple of new SIM-ca­r­ds, took his, and left the city. You saw that Kyryl's phones were on their way towards Wesern Ukraine. You grown angry and phoned Kyrylo. You pretended to be a boy harassed by Kyrylo at school two years ago, but Kyryl's mother said he hadn't been a teacher "two years ago". You got lost and disconnected, but she phoned you back.

It is expensive to be on duty by Kyryl's home. Fortunately you can know where he is if you know his phone number and social networks profiles. At worst you can send an SMS to his mother: "need your help, ma", and she will pump him about his location on her own (2014).

But Kyrylo has neither wages to install the Internet or use In­ter­net-ca­fes, nor friends to serfe into theirs, nor job to use the Intenet at his workplace. Kyrylo may serfe into the Internet only through public libraries, but he can't.

Central Municipal Library refuted the Internet to Kyrylo (2017), the Dnipropetrovsk Region Universal Scientific Library suddenly forbade connecting to their PCs through USB (2016), their In­ter­net-pro­vi­der blocked pedophile forums and fi­le-sha­ri­ng sites (2018), the Ukrainian Parliament prohibited Russian social networks and Russian mailing services (2016).

Now Kyrylo cannot authorize through the Mail.Ru and cannot publish his texts, especially PDF-fi­les. You hacked his GMail.Com box in 2017 and started de­le­ti­ng/du­p­li­ca­ti­ng Kyryl's messages. When you see Kyrylo in the FaceBook.Com, you can determine what PC he uses and overload its memory with virusus. Owing to them Kyrylo had to re-in­s­ta­ll his Windows™ Operational System in 2016.

Now Kyrylo can post nothing about you, and you may slander, humiliate, threaten, attack him. You know what he likes in order to provoke him with porn (2016), children (2014, 2016) and adults (2018) and imprison him. You know what he's afraid of in order to remind him stomachers from his enemies (2017) or show them to him in the street (2017) to make him suffer. You know how to manipulate him and maintain the illusion of democracy.

  •     Let stupid people think that "everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression" which "includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers" — nobody knows that you don't let a pedophile express, hold and impart his opinion.
  •     Let stupid people think that "no one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation" — nobody knows that you forbade a pedophile either privacy, or correspondence, or honour, or reputation.
  •     Let stupid people think that "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights" — nobody knows that neither pedophiles, nor children are equals with you in dignity and rights; that normal people are freer than pedophiles, and adults are freer than children.
  •     Let stupid people think that "no child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy" — nobody knows that you call privacy "sexual abuse" in order to protect children from their privacy.

Now you know

  • how to persecute a pedophile,
  • how to become his fortune and his conscisness, his father and his butcher at the same time,
  • how to provoke a crime and imprison for it,
  • how to drive him to insanity and hospitalize him for it,
  • how to use his weak sides and avoid his strenghts.

A pedophile is not a demon, he's just a human being, he depends upon people, which are his enemies. Pedophile's friends cannot help, and enemies can do with him whatever they want. There is no lie, no betrayal, no menace, no violence, no imprisonment, no rape, no mutilation, no murder, no torture that cannot be justified as child protection.

January 2019