The Pedophile Genocide in Russia

Galaburda, Cyril E.
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  • “Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings; such denial of the right of existence shocks the conscience of mankind,.. and is contrary to moral law and to the spirit and aims of the United Nations... The General Assembly, therefore, affirms that genocide is a crime under international law... whether the crime is committed on religious, racial, political or any other grounds...”
    — United Nations General Assembly Resolution 96 (I), 11 December 1946.
  • “Genocide is the deliberate destruction, in whole or in part, by a government or its agents, of a racial, sexual, religious, tribal or political minority. It can involve not only mass murder, but also starvation, forced deportation, and political, economic and biological subjugation. Genocide involves three major components: ideology, technology, and bureaucracy/organization.”
    — Jack Nusan Porter, 1982.

It is trendy nowadays to condole with Jews. Nazi books-burning, labor discrimination, imposing token-wearing, putting into ghettos, imprisonments, castrations and executions are considered as crimes against humanity. Nevertheless

  • those who denounce such actions cut pedophiliac propaganda shot,
  • do not allow child-lovers work everywhere non-pedophiles can,
  • issue public proscription lists of child-lovers and mark their homes,
  • do not allow pedophiles to attend the territories where non-pedophiles are welcomed,
  • imprison child-lovers life-long and bait with prisoners,
  • provide chemical castration and kill. Kill those who kill nobody.

In this article you will learn how to die in the Russian-speaking countries.

  • Note: The original article has a list of References - all in Russian language; so, the footnotes are not mentioned in this version - Ipce

The Final Solution Of The Pedophiliac Question

I used to read a terrible anonymous story into an Internet forum. It was quoted in the “Zhénschina. Utschébnik Dlja Muzhchíny” book by Mr. Helg Novosjóloff. The narrator seems to be a physician:

  • “My child's godmother's friend has a daughter. She was four-years-old. There was an usual evening. The woman wanted the girl to go to bad and led her to take a bath. The girl have been washed. When the mother was washing the girl's genitals she noticed that the child was reacting in a weird way: rolling her eyes up, trying to catch the mother's hand with her perineum. If the girl had said nothing nobody would have known anything. But when the mother removed her hand the girl demanded capriciously: ‘I want more!’ After the mother's silent perplexity the child said: ‘Ms. So-And-So always continues.’ That was a 25-years-old worker of the kindergarten. I know that nobody addressed to police. The girl's father solved the problem by himself once and for all. In the gangsters' manner.”

Only a stupid beast can consider pleasure as a “problem” worthy of a woman's life. All my childhood my mother had been yelling at me, beating me, throwing me upon a floor, kicking me, spitting on me, outraging me, and trespassing into my private life, and nobody will punish my mother for it. But the woman from the story was kind and tender towards that girl. However all the mankind thinks it deserves a heinous murder. Why?

The Superior Race And The Superior Sex Orientation

Russia idolizes the giant Alexander Kuznetsóff of St. Petersburg, a master of boxing sports that had been imprisoned thrice for drugs storage (marijuana and heroin). At the 2007-2008 New Year night he slaughtered a 20-years-old Uzbek boy to death. All who had known Bakhtischód Khajriláeff say he'd been a kind and polite person but the murderer blames him in making assault against the Kuznetsoff's eight-years-old stepson.

The murderer says he'd been looking for his lost stepson for an hour but police says it would have taken two or three hours. The murderer says he noticed the child's pants in his porch but police have not found any pants. The murderer says that he found his stepson naked on the porch floor, that Bakhtishod had his trousers lowered, that he'd beaten the Uzbek till police came but police have found all of them with their clothes on.

Nobody have seen the murderer while looking for his stepson. The child have not been raped, only beaten and bit. By who? Two weeks later the child was finally questioned and said: by the killed. Russians praise the murderer, take interviews and autographs from him, collect money to help him, even politicians intervened.

It is so easy to become a hero: you should slay a member of minority group, call him a pedophile and make any child to confirm! (According to the law a child should be interrogated in presence of his/her parents.) The most crazy thing is that the murderer Alexander Kuznetsoff was declared a victim!

  • “The solid criterion of any necessary self-defense is adequacy between means of infringement and means of defense”, the murderer's lawyer says. “But the man have got such a deep psychological trauma that he wasn't able to estimate any adequacy... It is necessary to be considered.”

The dangerous, “traumatized” murderer was released for a written undertaking not to leave his place. Being put into a penal colony to sit there for 2½ years he was released ahead of time in 2010. It is suspicious that neither his mistress nor the boy “saved” by him came to welcome Kuznetsoff from imprisonment; that he didn't return into St. Petersburg where he'd become a “hero”. Now he is free and can kill more Uzbeks calling them pedophiles.

The journalist tries to scare us with the rumor that Bakhtischod had had to escape into another city to avoid homophobiac persecution because when he was 14-years-old he was watching genitals of 11-years-old boys. (I also had a sex play with a 9-years-old boy when I was 13-years-old. Kill me for this!) But anyway those who'd known the slain well don't believe in pedophiliac orientation in Bakhtishod. The relatives of the killed also. The Khajrilaeffs think their relative was murdered for the purpose of robbery: Bakhtishod's phone, gold-chain, photo- and video-camera, all his documents were stolen. We know that Alexander Kuznetsoff was arrested in 1994 being charged with a robbery attack against a taxi driver and had been imprisoned for three years. That time he could not blame his victim in pedophilia.

There is another murderer that is also tried to be justified on anti-pedophiliac basis. A paratrooper Alexis Burìloff killed a person with a few blows into the man's head. Now the murderer is surprised to be doomed to 2½ years of high security imprisonment (for a murder!). He and his mother try to convince everyone that Mr. Buriloff did it in order to protect his little niece from an attempt at a rape, that the man had promised the girl to kill her. Anyway the girl is neither killed nor even raped.

The public prosecutor representative seems not to believe the murderer's version and is going to appeal the verdict. But the Russian Orthodox Church goers' reaction is opposite:

  • “‘High security of imprisonment’!? For sure the judge has a touch of Jewish blood and performed an order. To oppress Russians. Or some relatives bribed her. Actually the paratrooper did not kill, just punched a couple of times. He is not blame that the weakling did not endure. Now it is dangerous to disturb weaklings... Among Jewish scum there are a lot of weaklings — that is how Jewish genes work.”

Actually nobody proved that the killed had been a Jew but Russians respect paratroopers so much that any legal procedure is considered as a conspiracy against “real Russian men”. Collecting money for Kuznetsoff is not considered as a conspiracy by them (in spite of the fact that Kuznetsoff's lawyer has a quite Jewish name Solomónoff), but acquittal of murderers is called “protecting” children from Asian perverts. Intolerance towards pedophiles justifies racial one.

The summit of this semitopedophobia is the killing a foreign “pedophile” in Kharkov. In Russian-speaking countries it is trendy now among neo-Nazis to hunt “pedophiles”. There are such activists also in my city. They use a minor for the Internet-chatting and make an appointment with a child-lover. When the latter comes he will be caught, filmed, humiliated, poured with urine, beaten.

In Kharkov a 24-years-old student from Jordan was even killed. He dated a 17-years-old girl collaborating with the “pedophile-hunters”. Actually the Arab cannot be considered as a pedophile for it. But living in Ukraine and speaking with people I know that some dislike Arabian immigrants for being lustful, for taking our girls out of our...

So in February some Kharkov inhabitants saw a bunch of scoundrels beating the Arab unmercifully. The witnesses called police but he was dead. One of the witnesses tried to stop the murderers but they threatened the passer-by and shown him the victim's “pedophiliac” correspondence.

18-years-old Artemes is suspected of the murder and makes only himself responsible. But his coeval accomplices writ to a journalist the Jordan student had not been the first victim:

  • “Artemes is a good guy! It served that pedophile right! I hope Artemes will be acquitted. We don't care whether he was a foreigner or not.”

The victim died from diaphragm displacement when Artemes pulled the Jordan's hands and stepped upon his spine. This time the “pedophile-hunters” did not succeed in their usual anti-pedophiliac robbery.

So pedophile-haters of the whole world can be proud of them.

The Modern Helots

As I said there are groups of activists that lure child-lovers into dates and attack them. This way a 42-years-old man was killed in Penza by three persons on 15-th of July 2014. A soldier was teaching a participant that hadn't been of full age how to kill a human. Though the killed hadn't been to use any force he was kicked and batoned till his death. The murderers have been condemned to 4–9 years of imprisonment.

There is a similar case from Ukraine. In Dnepropetrovsk I've got a gay friend that was almost ensnared by the “Módny Prigavòr” anti-pedophiliac and homophobiac group. Instead of a date (with an adult person) he'd been hiding into a shop until our common friend brought him away into his car. But in another city a man had no place to hide.

On 22-th of October 2014 a Kiev dweller dated a girl that came not alone. Ten men surrounded him, made him confess to pedophiliac orientation, started humiliating and threatening. A 19-years-old leader hit the man's body to make him kneel. After this the leader started beating, then the man was left to die. In the evening the man was taken to hospital and died in four days. The killed had never slaughtered anyone and for sure he hadn't been about to beat the girl. The murderer is from Odessa, in the Kiev Regional Court he called himself “the coordinator of the ‘Modny Prigavor’ group in the VK social network”.

Let's go back to Russia. In the morning on 10-th of March 2016 a Kaliningrad lyceum director Walter Kóber was found knifed down into his apartment. At night the man's lock was forced, his flat was turned upside-down, and in the porch by his doors someone wrote: “A pedophile lives here.” Police thinks it was a robber. His neighbors, colleagues and pupils say the director had been a well-bred and sociable person. None believes that he'd been a pedophile. Kober's neighbors say there have been already the cases when aggressive teens entered people's flats by force.

In November 2012 Chelyabinsk Region police started the search for a missing man. As it turned out three another men entered his home and had been beating him, then gone away. After a time they returned and found out the man was dead. They brought the corpse into the open pit and drowned it in water. According to the murderers' words they got to know from some little girl the late had had some intimacy with her.

In January 2013 in Buryatia five drunk men decided to teach the man that had had a previous conviction on pedophiliac acts. When the latter opened his doors to them he was dragged out of his home and beaten by two drinkers. The other tried to bring them to reason but the pedophile-haters were caning their victim with a piece of fence. The man died. The one who had never killed anyone was killed by the alcoholic scrubs.

The Third Degree

A couple years ago I used to be in a hospital with a policeman. He told the story how he'd been torturing a “pedophile” by leaving him hanged by his hands. The honored musician Ingvar Zavádsky accused in more than friendly relations with boys say he had his balls flattened during one interrogation. According to folklore policemen hit peoples' heads with heavy books, fracture peoples' fingers with a door, use electrical current or just beat black and blue. By them all this is sincerely called “acts of humanity” which don't allow a dangerous criminal to get away. Sometimes police “humanity” goes too far.

On 19-th of November 2014 in Yekaterinburg 33-years-old Sergio Yegóroff, being suspected of intimacy with an 8-years-old boy, hanged himself in an investigatory jail. According to Sverdlovsk Committee of Inquiry “criminal negligence led to the situation in which the accused committed the suicide” but anyway “there is no evidence that the death has features of crime”.

Nevertheless the lawyer Ivan Vólkoff employed by Yegoroff's mother has the opposite information:

  • “In order to arrest him the Criminal Investigation Department workers feigned a traffic accident as a reason to detain Yegoroff. They had had no testimonies from the child, but used a blurred video and were torturing him beating statements out of him.”

Yegoroff's mother says at the time the crime is supposed to happen Yegoroff was at his work as it could be corroborated with three cameras (two in the street, one into his workplace).

  • “He was found”, the mother says, “scratched, with bruises and having his eye beaten out. For sure he wasn't killed by himself... As I got to know later he'd been tortured for 24 hours. He was beaten and threatened with a gun. They wanted his avowal and three million rubles. Their lawyer Mr. Vinográdoff phoned me and wanted me to bring him 150 thousand rubles for my son had been caught red-handed and would be imprisoned for 20 years.”

The investigatory jail administration say that day there were twelve people with Yegoroff in the cell so it was impossible to hang oneself in an imperceptible way.

On 8-th of August 2015 a 46-years-old man was taken into one Novosibirsk police station. But on the same day, in the evening, the man was taken from the police station into hospital being unmercifully beaten. In a couple of days he died from a craniocerebral injury, a brain oedema. Two policemen are suspected in tortures but for sure won't be punished. The policemen say the man was running in the street being naked and wooing children, that he was taken by police being already beaten, that he died from an epileptic seizure. But another source tells that before the arrest the man had had no injuries. So anyone can be butchered and said to be a pedophile.

The Internet users' reaction is ambiguous but all agree that “pedophiles aren't people, just insects, and their place is under a jackboot”. Reading these comments I realize that Slavs aren't people. They can murder a person that haven't harmed anyone and justify the murderers. Thank You, Hitler, for killing Slavs as their place is under Your jackboot.

The Minotaurs In The Maze

Don't think that legal persecution against child-lovers is better than amateur one. Anti-Jewish persecution in Nazi Germany was legal too. But I would prefer to be put into the Auschwitz instead of being imprisoned in Russia or Ukraine. The legal formula is so unclear that if you just kiss a willing child's ass you will go to prison with a “sex offender” or “rapist” label. And prisoners will understand it literally.

Everyone knows that child-lovers are systematically exploited, beaten and raped by the other prisoners. Saying “raped” I mean that prisoners are not going to kiss your ass asking do you want it. At first you will be kept by two men and the third one will pull you down. Or you can have your teeth beaten out to satisfy your oppressors in a French way. From this moment to speak with you is to be persecuted equally with you. You will eat and walk apart from the others. You will sleep under a blank bed or by a close-stool. You will be made to clean toilets. Otherwise you would be killed. Nobody will care that you have never treated children in the way you are treated by your cell-mates.

The journalist and criminologist Alexander Kutschínsky writes that child-lovers rarely survive before being transported from an investigatory jail into a penal colony. That they are pressed to death into prison buses and written to be the victims of heart seizures (“Tjúremnaya Entsyklapédiya”).

On 3-th of February 2011 a lawyer Sergio Nickolasovich Kanováloff that had had friendly and sexual relations with teens was put into a cell of the “Krestý” investigatory jail. The next day he was found dead. The official version is that the former physical-training school teacher died from a heart attack. But now the examining magistrates of St. Petersburg say it was a murder.

In one August evening of 2013 22-years-old Sergio Gornostájeff convicted in a “sex offense against a minor” (whether the “offense” was by the minor's wish or not it is hard to understand) disappeared from a high security camp of Irkutsk Region. After the long search his corpse was found buried in the ground. The Internet users' reaction is typical:

  • “That is an absolutely predictable outcome”, a certain Elias Kupin commented, “for everyone knows that in camps the ‘pedophiliac’ clause is the most inglorious. Prisoners do not deny themselves anything against such ‘people’. Is it bad? I think it's wonderful. Our bureaucratic and lazy state is not able to protect its citizens and the smallest (sic! — C.E.G.) generation from the scum that with a clear consciousness break a little child's life. So let another trial, cruel and just, be.”

The commentator does not consider 12½ years of imprisonment full of persecution by dregs of society as enough punishment. For a stupid Philistine killing one person by a pack of criminals when the person haven't killed anyone is “just”. And what if the “little” child haven't suffered from the sex? What if the “little” child liked it? Who'll be responsible for the unmerited punishment then?

In February 2011 a 22-years-old guy was convicted of a “sex offense against the minors” (whether the minors were offended by the intimacy or not it is hard to know) but the minors' parents appealed the verdict so the man stayed into his investigatory jail instead of being sent to a camp. The convict was put in a camera with “a lot of people”. And was found there raped and beaten up to death.[41] One who killed nobody was killed by the thieves, robbers and murderers. Reckoning themselves better than their victim.

Also in Russia a “pedophile” was butchered by prisoners atrociously. He'd been beaten to pulp and had a huge stick into his anus. His relatives (I can't imagine their impression!) noticed his eye had been beaten out. A foolish announcer summarizes the case with words:

  • “In the way how you treat people people treat you.”

The murdered hadn't kill anyone. The murdered hadn't hit anyone. He was not treated in the way he'd treated another. Pedophile-haters lie and live in their lie. Pedophile-haters kill and are not able to call themselves killers.

In 2010 in Kyschtým Penal Colony a physically developed hired assassin Sergio Yefrémoff used his skills against a thin man that had had an intimacy with a five-years-old girl. Lots of children play doctor being fire-years-old, and it's not the reason to kill anyone. A professional murderer deserves death more than a child-lover.

In February 2011 the Ural investigatory jail inhabitants did similar thing with another “pedophile”. We don't know whether the late had used force against children or had been intimate with them by mutual desire; whether he'd been with a little child or with a teen. We don't even know whether he would have been found guilty by a court. But we know that on 10-th of February he was beaten by a prisoner. Then “twelve another prisoners committed compulsory sexual actions against the victim”. And finally nine cell-mates “undermined the victim's health intensively, and he died”. 22-years-old Roman Yesaúlkoff had spent just a couple of days with the convicts.

In the same way as Christian martyrs had been put at the mercy of lions, modern sex minorities are baited with more subtle executioners. Watch, the mankind, this exciting show! Have your sadistic pleasure!

On Whose Side Are You?

As well as the Holy Inquisition had burnt witches for using babies' fat to levitate and Kishinew Pogrom was organized in other to prevent Jews from rituals of killing Christian babies, in the same way modern “democracies” slay child-lovers for the sake of kids. Do not deceive yourself that all the severities I mentioned are necessary for minors. Do not think they are your confederates.

Being of preschool age I felt sexually drawn to an adult woman but I don't want her to be killed for it. Having sex games with another children when I was of school-age I don't want the children to be killed for it. As a teen I used to fap imagining myself with porn-actresses and my adult acquaintances but I don't want all these people to be killed for it. And I don't want myself killed for “sexual abusing”, “sexual offending” and “raping” myself with my own masturbatory hand.

Killing pedophiles you do not satisfy children's needs. Just your own. And you are exactly the person kids (and child-lovers) should be protected from. If a pedophile has intimacy with a child by the child's wish the pedophile ought not to be punished at all. The pedophile has rights. Remember your ideals:

  • Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.