Villain Journalism

Galaburda, Cyril E.
Type of WorkCrutical journalism

There are two recent anti-"pedophilic" murders, one Russian and one Ukrainian, seemingly influenced by pro-"pedophilic" propaganda, mine and of the Right-To-Love Internet portal.

In 2019 the portal started a campaign of setting the "Day of Remembrance and Solidarity With the Victims of Pedophobia", and speculated upon the story of a Belarussian man Roman Tsiro buried alive because of his platonic relations with a high school girl on the 22th of April 2019.

This pro-"pedophilic" propaganda seems to inspire the Russian police to invent the news about bloody revenge in the Tutaev city, the Yaroslavl region. Nicolas Rumiantsev, a criminal just released from prison for robbery, is said to torment a 16-years-old "pedophile" Michael Smirnov that had not saved 13-years-old Yuri Kazkov on the 7th of February 1998 from being buried alive — just like Roman Tsiro!

Yuri is said to have a bottle of vodka broken against his head, be made drink urine, smoke cigaretts, suck the teenage "pedophiles'" genitals, masturbate, sit under a bed, etc. I had written a book about Protestants tormented with vodka and cigaretts by the Orthodox Christians in pre-WW1 Russian empire, an article about "pedophiles" raped and made live under beds in Russian prisons, I had translated Mark Norlik's book about anti-masturbatory pedagogy of the 19th century, and I think the authors of the Tutaev story read my texts.

The most unbelieveble detail is that Yuri Kazkov having his head harmed with a bottle and a brick had been alive for hours until he was dug out by his uncle, just like some jogi. "The neighbour living on the ground floor had heard Yuri moaning (from under the ground!!!) but he'd thought there'd been kittens in the basement."

The journalist says "the tenths of fictious details circulate in the city about this story… Our request through the VK social network had provoked so emotinal comments that the moderator deleted the post. 15-years-old minors,.. former policemen, the family and the murderers' friends had been writing to us", so that journalists may be the victims of police lie themselves.

In short, the Tutaev anti-"pedophilic" murder was invented by Russian policemen to mock the death of Roman Tsiro.

Talking about another anti-"pedophilic" murder, one in my city (Dnipro, Ukraine), it was invented by the Ukrainian police and journalists on May 18th 2020 when Suprun patient-friendly medical reform was going to start, and the Ukrainian television (especially the 1+1 TV channel) broadcasted aggressive propaganda against the insane.

In this atmospehre news about a little boy (Rhodion Volkov) found raped and killed in an abandoned building of the Dnipro psychiatric clinic appeared. These news were used by the police and Star Light Media agency to advocate killing a totally innocent man (Alexander Teptysh) by mistake by the boy's father in fall 2020.

I have been observed by the Star Light Media since 2015 when I was interviewed by them as a pedophile. In fall 2019 they started broadcasting hints about my life in different shows threatening me this way (their producer Alexander Pedan was shadowing me outdoors on the 20th of August 2020). So I suppose the news about the boy and his murderous father were invented (when more than a half of an year left, on the 2nd of June 2021!) by the Nadzvychaiini Novyny TV show journalists in collaboration with the Ukrainian police.

Some details like setting a sex fiend at Rhodion Volkov by the boy's classmates could be taken from my fictional texts, another like finding Volkov's corpse in a heap of porn magazines could be invented by the police themselves. Also there are some contradictions in these news: f.i., the boy is said everywhere to be killed 11-years-old, though the 11-th local TV channel claims the boy was 12-years-old. The two of the father co-murderers that burned the suspected "pedophile" alive are released from custody, and it is impossible to get away with such a cruel crime. That's why this story must be considered as fake news.

Wherever this story is posted, some hints are added about so-called pedophiles "raping" children in another cities, so that murders are invented by journalists in order to heroize anti-"pedophilic" villains as the only force that can save children.