Was JFK a Pedophile?

Posted By Marc H. Rudov On August 28, 2007 In: Fatherhood Activism,

Virginia Hates Dads

You can level many accusations at John F. Kennedy, our 35th president. But, there is one self-evident truth you cannot deny: JFK was a loving and doting father. You can feel it by looking at the many photos of him with his children.

I was in elementary school when Kennedy was assassinated, and that horrible incident made an indelible impression on me -- and on the whole country. Even then, I enjoyed watching Caroline and John-John run to greet JFK exiting his helicopter on the White House lawn. There is nothing like the sight of kids and their father sharing mutual love, something critical for the family -- and for our country’s bedrock.

So, it is with great pain that I watch the state of Virginia destroying that critical father-child bond by callously vilifying fathers, presuming them to be pedophiles. Not only is such a campaign -- funded by Virginia taxpayers -- preposterous, outrageous, and immoral, it is unconstitutional. Furthermore, it hurts children by teaching them to fear their fathers and avoid seeking their help and counsel. It engenders a culture where little girls grow up as misandrists and little boys as self-hating shells of human beings.

Virginia’s hatefully indoctrinated children eventually will become the next generation of man-hating cops, judges, senators, district attorneys, mayors, governors, presidential candidates, bureaucrats, journalists, psychiatrists, teachers, movie and TV producers, and parents. Intergenerational misandry will fester like its anti-Semitic and racist cousins.

  • Would Virginia post highway billboards of Muslims, exhorting Virginians to report them as potential terrorists? Never.
  • Would Virginia post billboards of Hispanics, rallying the townspeople to identify them to ICE as illegal aliens and criminals? Never in a million years -- Virginia is a sanctuary state.

Yet, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine can sleep at night knowing that his director of sexual and domestic-violence prevention, Rebecca Odor, is incriminating innocent men. Misandry is politically correct in Virgina, as it is in all of the American Gynocracy. Anyone who accepts this hatred in silence, whether living inside or outside Virginia, is anti-male, anti-child, and anti-family.

It dawned on me that, were JFK alive today and living in Virginia, he would be a suspected pedophile. Any Virginian, according to Tim Kaine and Rebecca Odor, would be compelled, upon seeing this father alone with his daughter, to report him to the “StopItNow” hotline. In fact, I can envision a Virginia billboard, along the roadside of I-95 in Richmond, showing JFK and daughter Caroline like this:

The No Nonsense Bottom Line

There are those who believe that abusing fathers, Virginia style, is the way to stop child abuse.

  • First, because mothers, according to the US Department of Health & Human Services, are the champion child abusers, vilifying fathers is numerically nuts.
  • Second, it is illegal: the US Constitution guarantees due process, equal protection, and presumption of innocence. But, as we have seen over and over again in America (think Duke University Lacrosse scandal), our so-called “justice” system presumes men guilty and invents laws on the fly to bash them.

Every country’s fate is tied to its ability to abide by the rule of law and to respect its citizens equally. Nazi Germany proved that. Venezuela, under dictator Hugo Chavez, is proving that now. The way to stop child abuse is to prosecute child abusers, using due process -- not to unjustly and nefariously condemn men. Unless America begins valuing men, its fate is nihilistic.

Was JFK a pedophile? Yes, according to Virginia Governor Kaine.

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