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 Appendix I 

The following items were coded from the offendersí files based on their response to sexual offense specific treatment. Each item is score "0 - no evidence" "1 - some, possible evidence" and "2 - yes", except for the reverse scored items, which were coded as follows: "2 - no evidence" "1 - some, possible evidence" and "0 - yes". The total score is the sum of the individual items.

Has the offender ever . . . . ?

1. denied all need for treatment.

2. refused treatment.

3. always refused treatment.

4. been described as motivated for treatment. (Reversed)

5. been described as unmotivated for treatment.

6. dropped-out of treatment.

7. completed treatment. (Reversed)

8. been described as treatment failure.

9. been described as treatment success. (Reversed)

10. tried hard in treatment. (Reversed)

11. did not try hard in treatment.

12. been described as good candidate for treatment. (Reversed)

13. been described as poor candidate for treatment.


Appendix II

Interview subscales


Has _____________ (name of offender) ever had a problem with . . .




Unemployed/at school (single item)

Type of employment a problem or concern (single item)


Drug Use


Is the offender taking anti-androgens?


Substance abuse (alpha = .66)


illicit drug use

alcohol problems


Psychological Symptoms


Negative mood (alpha = .71)



anxiety/excessive worry/stress



suicidal thoughts


Anger (alpha = .77)


flying off the handle/volatility/anger

anger towards women

any aggressive/rude/threatening to others


Psychiatric symptoms (alpha = .56)



paranoid thoughts



Life stress (alpha = .42)


moderate life change

serious life change

health problems

media/community pressure

rejected by community

financial problems


Social Adjustment


Intimacy problems


2 = no serious sexual relationships (single/divorced)

1 = married/common-law with conflicts

0 = married/common-law with no obvious conflicts


Possible conflict areas (alpha = .74)


conflicts with intimate partner (general)

sex problems with intimate partner

distrust his sexual partner



General Social Problems (alpha = .58)


social isolation


conflicts/rejected by family

negative conflicts with others (workers/friends)

rejected by community


Association with sexual offenders (alpha = .63)


any association with other sexual offenders

association with sex offenders as a problem




Low remorse/victim blaming (alpha = .85)


attitudes tolerant of sex crimes

sex crimes are acceptable in certain circumstances

does he "own" his crimes (reverse scored)

victim blaming

low victim empathy

no remorse


denial of offense

fail to understand how his behaviour effects others


How much do you think that _______ would agree with the following statements?


Rape attitudes (alpha = .91)


many women would secretly like to be raped

when women go around wearing short skirts or tight tops they are

asking for trouble

a lot of times when women say "no" they are just playing hard to get

and really mean "yes"

that women are playing with him sexually

that some rape victims deserve what they get


Child molester attitudes (alpha = .92)


some children are mature enough to enjoy sex with adults

some children like to sexually tease him

a child who does not resist sexual touching really feels OK about

being touched

some children are so willing to have sex that it is difficult

to stay away from them


Sexual entitlement (alpha = .72)


everyone is entitled to sex

men need sex more than women do

he has a higher sex drive than most people

once they get you wound-up sexually, you just canít stop


Self Management


Sees self as no risk (alpha = .72)


sees self as no risk/failure to recognize risk

will make sacrifices to avoid high risk situations (reverse scored)

testing known risk factors (sexual)

"Iím not a pervert, I want to put this behind me, why do you keep

dragging things up?"

only pled guilty because "his lawyer told him to"

"everything is fine/great/no problem" - but you feel that he is

covering up

fail to acknowledge and understand his sexual problems


Victim access (alpha = .69)


access to victims (general)

cruising/creating opportunities to reoffend

grooming of victims

bicycle/4X4/motorcycle/flashy car

computer/surf the net

hobbies: camera/fishing/kites/boats


Sexual Deviancy


Sexual pre-occupations (alpha = .70)


pornography use (include catalogues/baby magazines)

strip bars/massage parlors/prostitutes

lusty talk

excessive masturbation

deviant sexual fantasies/urges

preoccupation with sex crimes (own/others)

preoccupation with sex/porno/hookers




Dirty/smelly/inappropriate (sexual) or other (single item)

Any strong change in appearance (single item)




Was the offender released into a "relatively controlled environment", a "moderately controlled environment", or an "uncontrolled environment" in terms of access to victims, drugs or alcohol? (single item)

No opportunity for fun/relaxation (single item)

Using "spirituality"/religion as a shield (single item)


Antisocial lifestyle (alpha = .75)


bored/aimless use of leisure time

unbalanced lifestyle

staying out/working late/breaking curfew

generally chaotic lifestyle

"getting into" partying

contacts with police

restless, hyperactive energy

irrational resistance to personal change

thinking your suggestions are an assault upon his person or demeaning

does he hold strongly antisocial attitudes


Non-cooperation with supervision


Did he attend group treatment? one-on-one's?


Disengaged (alpha = .83)


just going through the motions

open to talking about treatment (reversed)

invested in treatment (reversed)


keeping secrets from you

do you have the feeling that you generally know what is going on with

this offender? (no)

do you feel that the offender is working with you? (no)


Manipulative (alpha = .80)


inconsistencies between what he tells you and what the treatment team

tells you

any feeling that he's being phony with you

tries to manipulate you

tries to "play the system"

tries to take control of the interview

trying to be "buddy buddy" with you

attempts to focus interview on irrelevant issues


No show (alpha = .78)


ever late

ever no show with you

ever no show with other commitments

requests to reschedule (all/phone)

number of broken conditions - whether you breached him or not


Total Non-cooperation with Supervision Scale (alpha = .89)


all the items in the Disengaged, Manipulative and No Show scales plus


shows up unscheduled to talk

tries to limit meeting time (e.g., someone in car)

denied any inappropriate requests

general non-cooperation with treatment

catching the offender in lies/contradictions

curt/rude/threatening with you

do you feel the offender is working against you?

how many times did you stay late or take phone calls at home about

this guy?

have you lost sleep over this guy?