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BoyChat, 2008-July-8 

In reply to Afghan warlords keeping boys as sex slaves: UN 

I'm not wondering real hard though. We see the UN being mentioned, but I bet the US admin has had a hand somewhere in preparing this offensive against the practice of "bacha bazi".

As it happens, only just about a week ago I sent an email to a current 
affairs TV show which airs on the same ABC network where this article appears and suggested that they do a story on this issue, and provided several relevant links of course. Might as well repeat the links here for those who wish to learn more:

Islam's Nancy Boys 

The Dancing Boys of the North 

Kandahar Men Return to Original Love: Teenage Boys,2933,44067,00.html 

Defending freedom to abuse  
"Widespread Gang-Rape of Boy Slaves" - Google search 

Boy Rape in Sudan 

Personally, I think Radhika Coomaraswamy has spent too much time hanging around in the USA.

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