Footnotes Part One 

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Andrew Jacobs, "Grandmother, Nude Photos and Charges," New York Times, February 13, 2000. Marian Rubin, a 65-year-old social worker from Montclair, New Jersey was arrested when she came to pick up photographs of her grandchildren at a local film processing shop. 

She was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and released on $50,000 bond. Her home was searched, and her computer and photo collection seized. As a result, she was suspended from her job in the school system (where she has worked for 32 years), and will have to undergo the ordeal of defending herself, simply because she had taken family photos of her unclothed granddaughters. 

In a similar case, Eljat Feuer, who took nude photos of his daughter for a photography class, spent $80,000 to defend himself. Although the case was eventually dropped, one can hardly say he escaped unscathed.

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[* 17.] 
For information about the case of Stephen A. Knox, who was sent to prison for ordering material that featured underage girls in leotards, swimsuits, and cheerleader uniforms, see Califia, op. cit., pp. 65-69.

Footnotes Part Two

Martin Lasden, "Forbidden Footage," California Lawyer, September 2000, pp. 44-49, 84-86. Most of the information and quotes which follows are taken from this article.

[... ... ...] 

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[* 6.]  
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[* 10.] 
Ibid. Prosecution was said to be difficult because the face of the woman in the film was often not shown, and the statute of limitations had sometimes expired by the time a film came to the attention of prosecutors. Of course, the proposed new law would do nothing to either make crush video actresses more identifiable or alter the statute of limitations.

[... ... ...]