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Fear of Pedophiles is Irrational

Consensual Touching of Children Should Be Legalized

By T. E. Hutchinson, 5/11/2006, The Hawaii Reporter

An irrational fear of pedophiles leads to murder and lesser outrages. It's not the feelings that are wrong, what one does with them can be. There are men who really abuse kids, real kidnapping, real rape, real harm. That is wrong and illegal.

Also illegal are some actions that do no harm, expressions of love and caring that are wanted and reciprocated. The sensible boylover takes the law, irrational as it is, into account both for himself and the youth he cares about.

Pedophilia-phobia, an irrational fear of pedophiles, is sweeping the nation. It is based primarily on the false notion that anyone with an attraction to minors cannot control themselves. The existence of draconian laws plays into this falsehood because only those who are accused of committing crimes come to the attention of the public, or for that matter, nearly anyone's attention.

It is characterized by stereotyping (assuming that an individual has traits and behaviors generally associated, rightly or wrongly, with a group) and demonizing.

The Almighty gave children sexual bodies. A child has a God given right to express that sexuality, by self stimulation or with a consenting partner of his or her choice. Parents have a right, and a responsibility, to advise their children on the wise use of their sexual feelings, but not the right to prevent expression of them. And certainly the government has no such right.

Interference is a crime against nature.

Was He Ever a Victim?

Vili Fualaau, now age 22, married Mary Letourneau (43). She served seven and a half years of imprisonment because she was convicted of raping him when he was 12. This calls into question whether Vili was rightly viewed as a victim and whether Mary should have been jailed. And if he is not a victim in this case, that calls into question whether consensual sexual activity with someone over the age of puberty should ever be considered rape without regard for the circumstances.

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Lower the Age of Consent

First of all, it would take thousands of juveniles out of the criminal justice system. It is absurd to make lifetime sex offenders out of kids. That alone is sufficient reason to do it. But doctors say that adolescents can consent.

Decriminalize Consensual Touching

When a child is under a certain age, which varies by state and nation, some consensual touching is legal and some is not. Applicable laws are usually, and perhaps unconstitutionally, vague about what acts are illegal. These laws have a chilling effect on the rights of adults and children to form loving relationships. Loving relationships between adults and children are not illegal. Molestation laws ought to be revised so that consensual touching is not criminalized. 

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