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Child Molester Hysteria in New York

Many of those who claim to be dedicated to protecting children are actually more interested in terrorizing grownups.

Nicholas Stix, 29 January 2005,

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32

Apparently, a new child molester is roaming South Queens, New York – me!

I say that, because recently a girl of about 11 years of age walking in my neighborhood kept nervously looking over her shoulder at me. When I sought to comfort her with a kindly smile, she became even more alarmed. At the PTA meeting that night at my son’s school, a parent insisted to me,

“If a child feels intimidated, then an incident occurred.”

Salem witch trials, here we go again!

But it gets worse. I wasn’t some stranger cruising the neighborhood (didn’t a man once have the right to walk any street in America?); I was walking the same route I walk at the same time, every weekday, to pick up my child from school. And when the girl crossed in front of me to enter her house, I recognized her. Just days earlier, for perhaps the third time, she’d flashed a brilliant smile at my son, as we headed home. (He has that effect on females.)

So, what had I done to terrorize this poor child? When I told my wife what had happened, she showed me the following letter on school letterhead, which our son had brought home a few days earlier.

January 6, 2005

Dear Parents:

We have received the following notification from our Supervisor of Safety and Security regarding an incident that occurred this morning. Please be vigilant and in clear communication with your children in order to ensure their safety and well-being.

This morning one of our 5th grade female student [child’s full name was given!] was escorted by the police from the 101 pct. to school this morning. [Child’s first name] gave the following account.

“While on my way to school I saw a man following me. I looked back he smiled and nodded his head. I kept walking. when I looked back again he was still following me smiling. I looked back a third time and he was still there. [Child’s name, now in the voice of the security supervisor, but without closing the quotation] went into CVS on Beach 20th street and informed the security guard there. the security guard called the pct. the description of the male is brown skin – mixed gray and black hair about 5 9. the officer said he looked in the area but did not see the person. The officer also noted that this area is next to a nursing home facility. Parent of child was called and it is being reported online.


(Name, signed)

Assistant Principal

So, according to the NYPD and the school brass, an “incident” (read: crime) occurred on January 6. A man was accused and convicted, in absentia, of first degree walking behind, smiling, and nodding at a ten or eleven-year-old girl. How many years is that good for? And what if he hadn’t smiled and nodded at her? As child abuse “experts” tell us, anything a “suspect” does, is proof of his guilt.

As my wife observed, the man was probably on his way to work. In any event, based on the child’s own words, there was no “incident,” just an hysterical child. Lord knows, children get hysterical at times. But grownups are supposed to be … grown up. Unfortunately, the folks running my son’s school were just as hysterical as the child.

My hunch is that the precinct notified the school, so the child wouldn’t get in trouble for being late. The school brass then broadcast the commotion out of fear that otherwise a parent would find out about it, and sue them for being guilty of insufficient hysteria. And since in publicizing the child’s name the school violated privacy laws, the child’s family is virtually guaranteed to sue it. As the mother of one of my son’s classmates observed, the rest of us will have to pay for that lawsuit.

Hysteria never helps.

And how does terrorizing innocent men protect children?

Some people specialize in using children to spread hysteria and destroy the lives of grownups. During the 1980s, in high-profile cases around the country, children were coerced by grownups (largely prosecutors, their investigators, and allied social workers) into making false accusations of satanic sexual abuse against, in particular, day-care and preschool personnel.

Not one iota of physical evidence supported lurid charges of rape, sodomy, etc., against Virginia McMartin, Peggy McMartin Buckey, and Raymond Buckey; Violet, Cheryl, and Gerald Amirault; John Stoll; Margaret Kelly Michaels; Frank Fuster; or Grant Snowden, yet the public was told by mendacious activists, parents, “experts” and prosecutors,

“Listen to the children!” Some parents even wore “We Believe the Children” buttons.

Each of the above-named people spent years in prison without any crime having been committed … save for malicious prosecution.

When you encourage children to be hysterical towards all strange men, you confuse them into overreacting to non-threats, leaving them lost in the face of real ones. Legal protections of the accused, like the presumption of innocence, will always be the second casualties of such hysteria – after the truth.

And things have gotten worse since the 1980s. Back then, a child still had to accuse an adult of a crime, before the latter could be persecuted. Now, apparently, all a child has to say is that a man makes her feel “intimidated.” But it’s all “for the children.”

There’s a darkly comical side to this story. The area where the little girl was walking, in Far Rockaway, is one of the most violent in America, and yet, the police are ready to arrest a man for walking behind a little girl and smiling at her?!

Indeed, I met my future wife around the corner from where that little girl ran for help. Then we both lived in “Far Rock.” I used to hear gunfire on the street two or three nights a week; where my wife lived, she heard it every night.

I know someone who as a little girl grew up in a rough place, yet did not require hospitalization every time a strange man smiled at her. Then one day, when she was a teenager, a violent criminal tried to force himself on her younger sister. She punched the man in the face with all her might, and ran with her younger sibling to safety. Because she was not distracted and confused by imaginary demons, she could focus on real ones. That older sister is my hero; she’s also my wife.

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