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Ruling won't damage sex offender law

Associated Press, 9 November 2006 

SACRAMENTO - Supporters of a ballot initiative that slaps tough restrictions on paroled sex offenders say a judge's ruling against parts of it won't dilute its effectiveness.

A federal judge on Wednesday blocked provisions of Proposition 83 prohibiting sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools or parks. The ruling said that and other restrictions in the measure are punitive and cannot be applied retroactively to the state's
roughly 90,000 registered sex offenders. Voters overwhelmingly approved the Jessica's Law initiative in Tuesday's election.

Supporters held a news conference Thursday to say the ruling didn't matter because the intent of the initiative was to impose the restrictions on future sex offenders. 

"We do not believe the ruling yesterday has anything to do with our implementation," said state Sen. George Runner, R-Lancaster.

He said many of the details about how the measure will be put into practice will be decided by a body that will be created next year called the Sex Offender Management Board.

Corrections Secretary James Tilton said the residency restrictions and satellite monitoring will be imposed on sex offenders released from prison after election results are certified by the secretary of state.

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