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No touch at all

This is a report on a field observation of year one teachers and their students at a beach outing. It was observed at a beach near Brisbane Australia.


If anybody doubts the deleterious effects on children of the sex which hunt this has to be it! Two busloads of year one students [both girls and boys] with their teachers [both male and female] arrived at a local beach. After several hours of observation it was noted that the male teachers were not allowed to touch any of the children at all, whereas this did not apply to female teachers. When the students needed to go to the toilets, the female teachers only took them, both boys and girls, to the female toilet. A huge line of kids lined up outside the toilet. Several boys remarked that they could use the male toilets on their own, but they were not allowed, when asked why, teachers simply said "because". One even suggested that the male teachers could take the boys to the boys toilet and the female teachers could take the girls to the girls toilet, but again this was not allowed. One wonders where this will lead?