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The Pedophilia/Pedophile Education Web Site 

Mirror of a censored Web Site by Ronald McDonald 

Just a word before we start

In the manifest here below, the author speaks in his introduction of 'true pedophiles'. In the remaining text, he speaks about 'pedophiles'. What appears is a nearly holy image of them, sometimes called "we". 

As far as I know, most people with pedophile feelings actually live in sexual abstinence or celibacy. But not all are so holy as described here below. They doubt and may make mistakes. Most of them live in the gray area between the two poles described here below: the holy 'true pedophile' who only loves the child and the child abuser who does not love any child. 

We may read this text as an ethical essay, giving guidelines and an idealized image, a goal to reach. But also an outline that might correct the often very negative and simply untrue image of what seen is as 'the pedophile'. 

Ipce's webmaster

What is pedophilia? 
Who are pedophiles? 
What do pedophiles believe? 
How do pedophiles behave? 
The bottom line 

What is Pedophilia?

Pedophilia is a sexual-orientation, like heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. Clinically put, a pedophile is an adult person who desires sex with children. Depending on the tastes and preferences of the pedophile, the child can vary in age. Pedophiles can be straight, gay, and bisexual-much like the above mentioned orientations. The word pedophile means "child-lover", and that is accurate-since pedophiles love children. Like other orientations, true pedophiles are NOT exclusively interested in children for sex... they are happy in the company of kids, and they love and care about them emotionally in addition to desiring them for sexual activity.

Who are Pedophiles?

A pedophile can be male or female. Pedophiles are not extremely common, although they have existed for centuries. It is well-known that several famous persons were pedophiles. For example, the philosopher Plato, is thought to have been one. 

A pedophile can literally be just about anyone you know. Because of the social stigma attached to adult-child sex, most all pedophiles hide what they are from the world -- and with good reason, since they face imprisonment for their views. Currently, pedophiles do not even remotely enjoy the same kinds of legal protection that other scapegoated groups (i.e. jews, gays, blacks, etc.) enjoy. 

Pedophiles often have tough and unhappy lives, since they are not permitted to express who they are. You may be one if reading this page, or you may be one of the legions of "lynch-mob" crusaders who aim to stifle 1st amendment free speech rights. Realize that pedophiles are not going away! A person cannot change his/her orientation any more than a dalmation can avoid spots. Despite eons of attempts to "cure" pedophilia, no such remedy has yet been found. 

A pedophile can be your grandfather, your mother, sister, brother or father. Or perhaps your best friend. Maybe he or she is the best friend of your own child or some child you know. 

Above all, pedophiles love and respect children and care about their wants, needs, desires and opinions. Pedophiles listen to children, they hear their voices and like to spend time with them and take care of them. Pedophiles are not children themselves, a common media myth. Pedophiles are often incredibly smart and intelligent by nature. Rarely are they incompetent or demented. They simply prefer children above all for relationships and for sexual relief. True pedophiles are non-abusive, good members of society, often with impeccable morals. They only want to be accepted for what they are-lovers of children and advocates for the rights of kids not to be abused by misguided adults.

What do Pedophiles believe?

Realize that pedophiles LOVE children. They do NOT advocate the use of force or coercion (beyond encouragement) on kids to have sex with them! Sex is not harmful for children or adults, provided it is done honestly, lovingly, and with good intentions and consent. It is not something kids should be "protected" from, like a fast moving car. It is the guilt trip of society that causes harm to perfectly good relationships. This must be changed-not the behavior of pedophiles or the children they love and care for. 

Pedophiles believe in "empowerment" of young people. By this, they mean that children OWN themselves, NOT adults. A pedophile realizes that a child may say "no" to sex, and that same child can say "yes" to it! In no way does a TRUE pedophile advocate FORCING his/her sexual needs on a child! Pedophiles love and respect children-and their wishes. 

The media has made pedophiles out to be perverts imposing their will on children. The truth is, to a pedophile, the very IDEA of this is reprehensible. Unlike other adults who do not really respect children, who do not truly feel they own their bodies, pedophiles believe children have a say in their lives, and a voice. They accept that children are sexual beings. They know that even infant boys have erections and baby girls lubricate. 

Pedophiles understand that society has no right to deny a child sexual activity in a manner he or she CHOOSES. And they CAN make that choice! It is not about us, or our "forcing sexual activity on children by taking advantage of their innocence"-it is about THEM! A child may decide to engage in sex with another kid as a part of general experimentation. If the child and his/her partner chooses this freely and non-coercively, there is no problem with it in the eyes of a pedophile. If that same child desires sex with an adult, if it is non-abusive then that is fine as well, provided ALL parties consent. 

Children can have loving relationships with adults if they want of various kinds. This is what pedophiles believe. Sometimes it includes sex, in other cases it does not. The adult who has sex with a child is not "betraying his/her trust", he/she is usually (provided it is a non-abusive, non-coercive legitimate relationship) AUGMENTING the bond between them, in much the same way that sex cements other, more common relationships in the standard orientations. 

What pedophiles believe is that children (and adults!) should not be made to feel GUILT over HONEST and POSITIVE sexual activity. They ought to be allowed to express themselves this way, as it is a very powerful, personal part of them that deserves-demands expression! A child can show love to someone he/she cares about without sexual activity. 

A common example is ordinary parent-child relationships. But a child can also show love to another (possibly another child or an adult that a child loves and cares for) with sex. A child can also do so out of curiosity or pleasure in some cases as well. In either scenario, if he/she chooses to do so, pedophiles believe in protecting that right of free expression and of self-determination. Pedophiles LISTEN to children, when many other adults do not. They think that kids should NEVER be abused in any way. It is not an unreasonable statement to say that pedophiles are the biggest "child-advocates" in the universe-since they are the only group in existence that truly believes in protecting them and their rights!

How do Pedophiles behave?

The answers may surprise you! Most pedophiles are honest, law abiding (except for the oppressive dictatorship-style pedophile laws!) citizens. They actually tend to be among the more moralistic, decent folk that we have out there. Pedophiles do NOT stalk children. They are not out there trying to molest kids. Remember, pedophile = "child lover", the last thing on a true pedophile mind is to hurt kids, since they love them. 

Most pedophiles are not "out of the closet", meaning others do not know of their sexual orientation. It is too dangerous for a pedophile to admit being one. The risks of imprisonment, ridicule, ostracism, death threats, etc., are simply too great. These problems make life for pedophiles very tough, indeed. This harms a pedophile in that he/she cannot express who they are, causing in some cases permanent emotional damage. 

As a result, it can be said that most pedophiles are not very happy persons. They lead apparently normal surface lives, but are usually tortured souls on the inside. A very sad state of affairs for a good, caring group of people that only want the best for children and adults. 

Most pedophiles do NOT have ANY sexual contact with children, in spite of the myths perpetrated by the media. They choose celibate lifestyles and usually masturbation as outlets and "suffer in silence." The reasons for this choice vary, but for most it is a combination of many things: 


The emotional effects on children resulting from guilt over sex with anybody -- especially adults, which is often imposed by society at large. This is perhaps the number one reason why many pedophiles do not have sex with kids in real life-even if the child seems to initiate it. The pedophile loves a child so much, that he/she sacrifices their own needs to protect the child. This is understandable, but ultimately children are not helped by being "protected" from sex in ALL cases from adults. It has to start somewhere, and adults must realize that kids are sexual and have freedom of bodily expression. 


Fear of punishment. This is probably the number two reason to reject sex with kids in the real world. The fear of reprisal is understandably great, and justified. Society in general does not condone pedophiles, and they act swiftly to punish them in many cases and in several ways. This does not change pedophile orientation, however, and usually harms the child when he/she sees someone they care about attacked and imprisoned for the simple "crime" of loving them. It confuses kids and makes them feel guilty about sex, causing long term damage in some instances. The pedophile will still go on being one, and the situation is not made better for any party involved. 


Lack of feasible relationships available without distrust by other adults. This is also a common reason for abstinence. In spite of media myths, most pedophiles do not have the luxury of being soccer coaches, little-league organizers, ballet teachers, girl-scout leaders and the like. If a pedophile is male, the problem is compounded further, since men are often less trusted by society in general when it comes to being left alone around children. 

As a simple example, a man who gives a bath to a youngster is much more likely to be viewed as a pedophile than a woman doing the same thing. Our culture "expects" such behavior from men but not women. If a man were to be "overly" friendly to neighborhood kids, eventually the parents on the block would notice and ask WHY he is spending so much time around, interacting with, and talking to the block children. They would probably be less suspicious if it was a woman doing it, but even then they might get suspicious over time. 

The result of all this is that a typical pedophile lacks sufficient access to kids to permit consensual sexual relations to be realized. Once again, it must be made clear, REAL pedophiles are NOT predators stalking and harming children, but simply are sexually and emotionally oriented to them, like gays are to others of the same sex and heteros are to the opposite sex. 

Pedophiles are as normal as you or I are in a basic, relevant sense. A pedophile who is not into casual sex of any kind, would not walk up to ANY child and attempt to seduce them, just as other orientations would not, either. For many of any orientation, sex IS (in some sense at least) linked with love relationships. This puts most pedophiles on the spot, since they are seldom in a real, close relationship with a child because it is simply not realistic and feasible as noted above. 

So, sex with ANY child which is negotiated quickly, without a good, serious, mutual-love relationship in force, is to some people tantamount to promiscuity, just as in other orientations. 

Now, it must be noted that not everyone feels sex needs to be in context with love, children included. For them, simple pleasure is a good enough reason to go ahead with it. Each adult and each child must make that decision for themselves.

Sometimes a child, to who sexual expression and freedom is admittedly new, wishes to experiment with sex. Perhaps the other party involved is another child. They may just be friends, and the purpose of the activity may only be pleasure and experimentation. Perhaps the child wishes to experiment with an adult that he/she trusts. Either case is acceptable provided everyone is willing and able, and in the case of adult-child sex, the adult is very careful not to harm the child physically in sexual play. 

In any case, most pedophiles choose abstinence. The end product of celibacy is usually that the pedophile masturbates to images downloaded from Usenet or other materials which are illegal in most places and hidden by the pedophile. Most of these photos were taken 20+ years ago before a crackdown on so-called "child pornography took place. Many pedophiles are married men or women. 


Some pedophiles also cut out and collect Sunday newspaper images/pictures of kids (often scantily dressed, but innocently for modeling purposes) and use them for masturbation. 

[... ... ...] 

Child abusers must NOT be CONFUSED with pedophiles - they are not ANYTHING alike. Pedophiles do not kill kids and dump them in ditches-maniacs do that, not pedophiles. Children often love pedophiles and desire relationships/sex with them. Pedophiles protect children and are safe in their care. Pedophiles only want to love children back-is that really too much to ask? 


This is a very serious issue. A movement against pedophiles (who are a VERY small minority) is underway on the net. Free speech right must be held up, but sadly there are people too ignorant to see past their hate and who endorse the idea of us being banned from the web. 

It is amazing how dense these guys are. If you ban ANYTHING, it leads to tyranny! It should be obvious. Free web page sites like Geocities have already responded to the pressure of these fascists by shutting down websites advocating "boy love", while hypocritically leaving up gay-lesbian homepages, and even proudly listing them as members of the community! 

[... ... ...]

I am staunchly pro-life, and feel Planned Parenthood is an unjust organization, with sexist views against males to boot - but would NEVER demand that they be kicked off their web site! I would suggest that those who hate what they stand for should refute their views on a page of their own and state WHY they do not agree with them -- this is the right way to handle the situation. 

BTW, did you know PP advocates 5 year old girls being taught to understand that abortion IS every woman's untouchable right? They say so in their pages! If I said that girl could give consent to me for sex, what do you think they would they say? They would denounce me, and say she is not capable of such a serious decision, but would defend her right to abortion (obviously a complex issue of life and death-how can she be mature enough to make that decision in an informed manner by their very own logic!) right to the end and call me a sexist pig! 

[... ... ...]

The bottom line

The bottom line is: pedophiles must no longer be victims of hate-crimes and censorship for their beliefs. We must unite and stand against intolerance until we are accepted like gays are. 

My being a pedophile is simply a sexual-orientation, nothing more. It has complications due to the guilt applied by society to pedophiles and kids, but it is still not my fault I am a pedophile -- even if it is my choice. It is possible pedophilia is genetic, or it may simply be learned behavior, but in any case, I and others like me should not be attacked or flamed for our beliefs. We cannot help what we are, any more than you can!

It is insane and not American to ban pedophile sites like this one, who preach OPINIONS (nothing illegal) about this issue that are not politically correct. This approach is stupid and ignorant, and it just does not work! Open your mind and smell the Folger's-put aside hate.

[... ... ...]

If you hate this page, make one of your own and point out why you think I am wrong in my beliefs, instead of being a politically correct (popular) coward that demands my site be taken down when I am only expressing my opinions. There is NO kiddie porn on my site, nothing should be illegal-why should I be banned?

[... ... ...]

Regarding you censors and "save the children" fanatics, consider this: You are misdirecting your anger. Help kids for once instead trying to control them! You can reduce the incidence of REAL abuse (that is, when kids are raped or coerced or threatened into sex) by educating them! Tell them they can say no -- but also tell them they can say yes - because they own their own bodies and NO adult can force their will on them in this manner! That way, REAL abuse will be curtailed, since kids will feel they have the right to say no to unwanted contact, and can agree or initiate with someone WHEN THEY CHOOSE TO! The abuse cases leaving "scars" will go down drastically, since it is non-consensual coercive threatening sex that harms kids!

Which brings me to another important point: Pedophiles are NOT child-molesters! We do not advocate force or intimidation on kids! You need to separate us from people who REALLY prey on kids to help stop abusive types who DO belong behind bars. As long as you continue to confuse loving pedophiles with monsters like the killer of Megan Kanka, (e.g. "Megan's Law") the problem will continue. If you would go after the REAL bad guys kids would be substantially safer and you would not obstruct a child's right to choose! You must stop seeing kids as morons! You must accept that they can and are sexual!


Lastly, let us stop the hysteria over pedophilia and pedophiles. Allow children freedom of choice! Promote RELATIONSHIPS between youngsters and adults! Allow pedophiles into elementary schools to educate kids about pedophilia and pedophiles. Stop separating kids from pedophiles by this cruel weeding out of pedophiles from youth organizations! Kids and pedophiles need each other!

Support pedophile organizations, even if you are not one yourself, as you might gay and lesbian clubs. Pedophiles need support groups to go to and meetings with others of like-mind to feel good about themselves and understand that there is NOTHING wrong with them!

We need to create awareness and tolerance. You must understand and accept us for who and what we are-not what you would like us to be! If we all learn to accept one another without blame and judgments, the world will be a better place for us all to live in! Please stop this hate! Can't we all get along?

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