Table 4

Studies Used to Compute Effect Size Estimates for 6 Family Environment Factors as a Function of Child Sexual Abuse

Study & Year

Family Environment Factor

Alexander & Lupfer (1987)


Edwards & Alexander (1992) Conflict or Pathology  
Family Structure
Fromuth (1984) Family Structure
Fromuth & Burkhart (1989) Support or Bonding
Harten, Alexander  & Neimeyer (1988) Adaptability
Family Structure
Higgins & McCabe (1994) Conflict or Pathology  
Jackson, Calhoun. Amick Maddeven & Habif (1990) Family Structure
Pallota (1991) Abuse and Neglect
Yama, Tovey, Fogas (1993) Family Structure
Yama, Tovey, Fogas,& Teegarden (1992) Conflict or Pathology
Family Structure
Zetzer (1991) Adaptability 
Family Structure 
Support or Bondin