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A New Kind of Spin the Bottle - From the show Dr. Phil on Alarming Sexual Behavior Among Children

Times have changed: children as young as twelve are having oral sex. It's not just the "fast kids," either; it's the clean-cut ones, too. According to a survey by Seventeen, 55% of teenagers have tried oral sex. Find out about this new teenage trend.

What's Going On?

It's an oral sex epidemic: in schools across the country, children as young as twelve are engaging in oral sex.

Oral sex happens at parties, school, buses and elsewhere? it's the new Spin the Bottle.

At some oral sex parties, boys line up in "trains," with each boy being serviced by a girl.

Why Is It Happening?

Many teenagers don't regard oral sex as "sex." They think it's safer than intercourse, or a way to preserve their virginity.

Boys' social status is raised if they have oral sex performed on them. It's considered "uncool" if they haven't experienced it.

Kids think there's nothing wrong with casual oral sex, even outside of a relationship.

What Can Parents Do?

It's no longer enough to have the "birds and the bees" discussion. Talk about oral sex with your child early and often.

Tell your child that having oral sex is not okay. Don't just dictate your rule; give reasons behind it, too. Explain the risks to character, morals and health.

Most importantly, your child has to feel special. If your child feels special at home, they will set a higher standard outside of the home. Peer pressure won't affect your child as much because they will value themselves.

Try these suggestions for bringing up the topic with your children.

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