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B-4. Registering 

Oakland youth in sex diary case found dead ... committed suicide after finding out he would be placed on the sex offender registry for life - Marsha Low, Free Press & CF America, date unknown

This is happening all across this country. Children and men being arrested and charged with sex crimes, then branded for lifetime registration as a sex offender.
Being branded a sex offender ruins your life. You cannot join the military, go to college, school, parks, or get a job. You can just about live no where.

Teenager forced himself on child - BBC UK, October 10, 2008

A teenager who forced himself on a boy playing truant from school has been on the sex offenders register since the age of 13, a court has heard.

Juveniles face 25 years on Florida's sex-offender Web site - Sarah Lundy, Orlando Sentinel, January 6, 2008

Two are in seventh grade. Another is a sophomore in high school. Yet another, 18 years old, weighs 105 pounds and stands barely over 5 feet tall. [...]
Now, a new state law requires posting their faces and addresses on the Internet along with adult rapists and pedophiles. Some legal experts say this goes against the purpose of juvenile court where rehabilitation and confidentiality are key. [...]
The problem with the new law, experts say, it that the sex-offender label is based on offense and not risk. With the right treatment, many young offenders don't end up offending again, said David Prescott [...] "My concerns are that . . . recidivism among young people is so low that we may actually do more harm for many of them."

Georgia sex offender registry - Over 16,000 stories for each crime - Katie Beasley, News 12 First at Five, November 18, 2008

Wendy was forced to register as a sex offender [...]. Wendy is one of over 16,000 people on Georgia's sex offender registry. One of over 16,000 stories to go along with each crime.
[...] She's one of thousands on the Georgia sex offender registry. Wendy had consensual oral sex with a classmate. She was seventeen, he was fifteen. That crime, from twelve years ago, has her being forced to move from her Harlem home because of Georgia's residency restrictions.
Richmond County Investigator Ron Sylvester says that's the way the law works.

Young, but ‘predators’ for life - New sex-offender laws, meant to protect, may instead ruin lives and increase risks - Abigail Goldman, The Las Vegas Sun, January 6, 2008

David Prescott [...] said treating kids like monsters might make them monsters.
Nevada's new laws are retroactive. Anybody who was at least 14 years old and convicted of a crime against a child after July 1, 1956, is subject to the new regulations.
For many, these regulations must be obeyed for a lifetime
This, despite the fact that, according to experts, juveniles are unlikely to re-offend.
Several cases are described in the article.

Advocates say juveniles should be kept off sex offender lists - Mansfield News Journal, January 21, 2008

Requiring juveniles to register could cause young people a host of problems, including preventing foster or adoptive parents from taking them in because they don't want their addresses listed on sex offender registries, said Ken Boris, who oversees the sex abuse unit at the Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services.

Sex registry called too harsh for juveniles - New offender law groups teens with adults, regardless of recidivism risk - Lisa Sandberg, The Chronical & Express News Net (Australia), February 17, 2008

Scores of prosecutors, victims' rights advocates and normally get-tough lawmakers say provisions of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 are Draconian and costly and may end up harming the victims they're supposed to protect.
The act requires all states to participate in a national sex offender registry and makes no exception for many younger offenders, putting juveniles who engage in consensual sex with children younger than 13 in the same category as armed adult rapists and pedophiles, in some instances for life.

Is Ricky Really a Sex Offender? - California's registry for life may soon include promiscuous kids - Hanna Ingber Win, lacitybeat.com, February 20, 2008

When Ricky was 16, he went to a teen club and met a girl named Amanda, who said she was the same age. They hit it off and were eventually having sex. At the time Ricky thought it was a pretty normal high school romance. 
Two years later, Ricky is a registered sex offender, and his life is destroyed. 
Amanda turned out to be 13. Ricky was arrested, tried as an adult, and pleaded guilty ....
Being labeled a sex offender has completely changed Ricky's life, leading him to be kicked out of high school, thrown out of parks, taunted by neighbors, harassed by strangers, and unable to live within 2,000 feet of a school, day-care center or park.
The law is counterproductive because young people are more likely to be rehabilitated and successful in the future if they get involved with social activities like sports, bands, choir, or a job.