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The mythes versus the facts

[This pamphlet was was made by one of the members of the
Danish Paedophile Association, just before this association
decided to discontinue.
Ipce is asked to publish the pamphlet.]

   Children are sexually abused by pedophiles only.

Parents were the perpetrators in 84% of the reported cases of child abuse in 2000. Fathers acting alone were responsible for 22% of the cases of sexual abuse. [*1]


[*1] All statistics from the U.S. Dept of Justice’s 2003 National Crime Victim’s Rights Resource Guide

Children are harmed by sex.

There are several scientific studies ( for example those by Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman) that show that child sexual activity is  not always harmful, but  may be also felt as pleasurable.


Pedophilia is a mental disorder.

Pedophilia is a sexual orientation just like homosexuality or heterosexuality.


Pedophiles only want sex from children.

The definition of a pedophile is one who “loves children.” The first priority of all pedophiles is how to make the child happy. A positive influence is more important than sexual contact, which is factually quite seldom

The Sexuality of a Pedophile

Pedophile sexuality is unlike that of adult heterosexuality or homosexuality. Because children are in concern, the pedophile meets the child as equal to the pedophile.  In a parent or other authoritative position, equality is not the case.  Therefore, the wants and needs of the child takes first priority.  A true pedophile does not harm a child, because that would not be the form of a loving relationship. 

Dehumanizing the Pedophile

In an age where homosexuality is no longer viewed as an illness, we have begun an era where society needs a new person to blame for the supposed degregation and demoralization of society. The media has thusfar fixated on the pedophile as the epitomy of everything that is demonic with the world. The concept of childhood has been so removed from adulthood that children are not being treated as members of society but members from society. We hope the reader begins to realize that what is being fed in the media and news does not comply with real scientific evidence and  the testimony of children that children do indeed have a sexuality.
The pedophile is this century's new scapegoat.

Protect the Children’s Liberties

The Age of Consent laws have put children and teenagers in a position where they can no longer enjoy an aspect of their childhood that is important to their development  to adulthood.  Laws have tried to label  the right time for sexual activity of children and teenagers should take place.

The labeling of the appropriate time for sexual activity only hinders children’s and teenager’s mental and emotional sexual growth. Children have been proven to engage in a wide range of healthy sexual activity among each other from a very early age. Research shows that the emotional and mental stability of children who have participated in sexual activity  may have a positive effect  on them. [*2]

[*2] David L. Weis, "Childhood Sexuality.” The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, New York: Continuum, 1997.

We  ask to lower the Age of Consent laws. They do not protect children from  sexual activity, but they hurt the emotional and mental health of children and teens.

Children are not Deaf & Dumb

We are living in a society where opinions from children  are disregarded.  Adults have an illusion of childhood that is not true.  In order to progress, we have to honestly talk  to our children about their sexuality. 

Attack the Real Abuse

Most child abuse has nothing to do with sex. It is important to speak out against true sexual abuse, which has so often remained hidden and denied within families and communities. However, non-sexual violence of children is as pervasive as sexual violence.



ethnic discrimination,

poor education, and

inadequate health care

are all forms of abuse that threaten millions of young people  world wide. Yet there is no commitment to halt these deadly and more pervasive forms of harm to children. Instead, our attention is riveted by any case involving sex.

The fickleness of the laws and attitudes brought about by these campaigns have put up a destructive barrier between adults and children. Caring adults fear that any affection will be branded as abuse. This fear means that adults often withhold the affectionate and respectful attention that all children need.

Save the Children from Religious Fanatics, Bigoted Politics, and Unlawful Restrictions!
There is a new hysteria afoot. It does not only have to do with weapons of mass destruction.
It has to do with our children as well.
It has to do with our chidren's sexual freedom.

Where can I find more Info?

You can find more information about pedophilia and child sexuality at the [former]

Danish Paedophile Association's website

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