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What we stand for

The Dutch Association MARTIJN

[...] MARTIJN Association fights for the social and societal acceptance of child-adult relationships. In relationships between children and adults that are experienced as pleasant, possible physical intimacy should not have to be a problem.

In relation to this physical intimacy, MARTIJN Association proposes four guidelines, namely:

1. Consent of both child and adult.

2. Openness towards the parents of the child.

3. Freedom for the child to withdraw from the relationship at any moment.

4. Harmony with the child's development.

MARTIJN Association is for the objective, scientifically verifiable truth and against political terror and discrimination. It is a platform for everyone who wants to offer a counterbalance to the dogma that children and older minors are harmed by friendships and loving intimacy with older persons.

[...] MARTIJN Association is against violence, force and dominance in relationships, stands for honesty, openness, lust and love. MARTIJN Association advises everyone to observe the law.

[...] The discussion group MARTIJN Midden-Nederland (Middle-of-Holland) is organized by MARTIJN Association. The discussion group is meant for people - members of the association or not - who feel emotionally and sexually attracted to younger persons (prepubescent and adolescent) and feel the need to talk about this with each other. Starting point of the discussion group is that it is not good to suppress feelings. It is better to find a way to deal with feelings in a sensible way. The organization sees to it that no illegal activities can be performed during the meetings.

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