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Report 1: Reports from some countries


Bad all over. We had thought it couldn't become worse - it became worse. A kind of hysteria is still sweeping the country, resulting in among other things prosecution of many people even in other countries, especially the English speaking countries, but also e.g. Denmark. 

Some ex-prisoners had abducted and murdered little girls. Although there are laws that forbid this, politicians use this kind of incident to make all laws more severe. It started with Megan's Law, demanding registration and publishing the names of all sex offenders. Now, there are Megan's Laws (plural): State after state made such laws, differing from one state to another. Now there is a federal (national) register on line, giving the name, address and conviction of all sex offenders. Some states send post cards with the name, address and photo of a released sex offender to the neighbourhood. For those released offenders, it is in practice not possible to live anywhere and to rebuild their life, which is their right after release. …That is, if they are released anyway: a lot of them are declared mentally ill and are placed in closed institutions life long. The most recent initiatives are proposals to ban such people from the community and to place them in separate camps, which also has been proposed for AIDS or HIV patients. 

Note, that "a sex offender" in the US can even be a quite young child who has played doctors and nurses. Everyone can become "a sex offender" and that's the end of all of her or his rights. 

Counter voices come from activists for civil liberties, for free speech and for 'due process', which says that a court process has to be meticulous and honest, but their voices are not strong enough to realize any change. There is a lot of grumbling about the government, but it has no effect on their actions. 

A lot of attention is directed towards terrorism nowadays, but this does not distract attention from 'peds'. Now that communists, left-wing people and gays are no longer the scapegoats, 'the pedophiles' have been given that role. Even the concept 'sexual terrorist' is coming up now. (BTW, the latter is also going on in Denmark.)

NAMBLA, the icon for man-boy love, still has its web site and its bulletin and book service. The bulletin, for those who cannot be on line, is also in several libraries. It receives many letters; it is a two-way communication. There is also still a support group for prisoners, some of whom say it is 'life saving'. Although currently NAMBLA has just enough members to do and to pay for this work,  it nevertheless needs more active members to do some of the tasks, eventually for work on the background. For example, NAMBLA needs translators for its web site. For press contacts and such tasks, NAMBLA needs sophisticated members. 

NAMBLA does not mention a specific 'age of consent' in its opinion papers. Each age limit is disputable. Every human being has sexual feelings, be it different according to the person, age, and stage of development. This does not imply support for having sex with young children. 

We know that at least two authors in the USA were or are busy writing scripts for stage or film. One has stopped the project, the other, still writing, is our guest at this meeting. 


Here is a report from a member of the now dissolved DPA. 
The translator of this article, Peter Schmidt, knows the identity of the author.

On the 4th of March 2004 the Danish 'intellectual', left wing daily, Information, published on its front page a leading article demanding that the home page of the Danish Pedophile Association cease to exist. The article was characterized by vehement, sensation-mongering, "unveiling shocking" criminal activities, which the association for pedophiles allegedly harboured. 

But Kristian Ditlev Jensen, Danish journalist, author and notorious liar, wrote untruthfully in Information and did it intentionally. The facts were the opposite of Jensen's lies and slander.

 The Pedophile Association and its home page had never been indicted for any illegalities, which a simple phone call to the police would have confirmed. It remains a riddle why an otherwise serious newspaper like Information participated in the common media smear, entirely lacking documentation of alleged offences. BTW, also the Somalis and prostitutes in Denmark have been the subject of witch-hunts by this and other media. 

The paper directed its outrageous media attacks on a defenceless minority – the paper wasn't even hesitant in demanding the annulment of the minority's constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech and the right to assemble. And this happened, mind you, without the daily's editorial staff contacting the Danish Pedophile Association in advance to give the group the possibility of dismantling the horrible and completely unfounded accusations.

The leading article can therefore only be described as a stab in the back, or more exactly – an assassination. But this infamous act was not an isolated instance. Attacks with similar content and character on the paedophile group had previously been published in most of the national newspapers such as Berlingske Tidende, Jyllands Posten and Politiken. 

In that month of March 2004 a majority of the members of the DPA voted in favour of letting the group dissolve itself. I personally found the decision to be unfortunate and regrettable in that it could easily be interpreted as if we had something to hide, which we didn't. But many of the members were highly affected emotionally and run down due to the numerous and massive media smears, where they saw themselves exposed not only in the press, but also on TV and radio. A media smear campaign against which they were defenceless, if for no other reason than that they were consistently denied access to the very same media. 

Is this a reason why it might be good to have one’s own Internet TV/Radio media as well as independent magazines etc.? And while we're on the subject, why shouldn't we also have extra Ipce meetings over the Internet - as telephone meetings?

In all fairness I must admit however that I did once get the opportunity to correct misinformation in ”Information” the 29th of July 2004, but the paper's conditions were almost impossible to meet, and I was forced to shorten my article to 1300 characters including intervals and reformulate it several times until it was toothless enough to be acceptable to the editors.

The Danish minister of Justice Lene Espersen proclaimed in March 2004 that she, with the help of the Attorney General, had instigated a more detailed investigation of the now dissolved Pedophile group's circumstances.

To some of you it may seem somewhat odd that the minister of justice is still at the present time hesitating to announce the results of the investigation, which can only amount to a complete acquittal of this highly condemned association. There hasn't been anything, absolutely nothing, that could warrant any legal intervention. But when the day arrives on which the results are presented, for this cannot last forever, then pedophiles can understandably enough expect rehabilitation in precisely those media that fabricated false and scandalous accusations against them.

In connection with the mentioned leading article in ”Information” a libel suit was summoned against Denmark's most notorious witch hunter, journalist Kristian Ditlev Jensen, who was brought to court. It is indeed hilarious, reading the journalist Kristian Ditlev Jensen´s arguments, pleading, that "a man who took the life of his own mother, his lover and her two children, at a minimum, is always better than a paedophile" ... 

The following stems from a different tabloid, BT – which is an account from the courtroom:

Hurt and Offended

Peter Lundin, whose name is now Bjarne Skounborg, is no longer willing to be called psychopath. That is why he is suing the known author and journalist Kristian Ditlev Jensen, for having written in a leading article in the daily Information on the 4th of March last year concerning pedophilia: »Put bluntly we're not clinical psychopaths in the sense of Peter Lundin«
[The murderer Bjarne Skounborg:] »I felt hurt and insulted. It wasn't appropriate. ... It's an insult to be called both a psychopath and to be associated with pedophilia.« said Bjarne Skounborg.

His lawyer, Peter Hjoerne, wants Kristian Ditlev Jensen convicted and Bjarne Skounborg, alias Peter Lundin, should receive compensation to the amount of 25.000 kr.
Information should also publish an unreserved apology, says Peter Hjoerne. »Peter Lundin must not be dragged about like a scarecrow, for any man to exploit any way he sees fit. His esteem has, in the eyes of his fellow citizens, been impaired.« says his lawyer Peter Hjoerne.

Psychopathic traits

Information's leading article was concerned with society's treatment of pedophiles: 

»It's common knowledge that a number of pedophiles have psychopathic traits. Peter Lundin was the first case that struck me as characteristically Danish. But it has never been my intention to call Peter Lundin a pedophile. No, because it would be an insult to do so. I have no intention of insulting a person convicted of murder,« said Kristian Ditlev Jensen.

Kristian Ditlev Jensen & Information have recently been acquitted.

In the meantime Information continued to murder the paedophile in full public view. In a
different article, a reader’s letter in that paper, Helge Sander, the minister of science, portrayed the Danish Pedophile Group as a ”criminal organisation”, for which he, as mentioned above had absolutely no supporting evidence whatsoever. 

A famous and incorrupt journalist Leif Blaedel and Troels Peter Schmidt have reported Helge Sander, the minister of science, to the police for transgressing the Danish penal code §266b on discrimination. For the time being the district attorney has rejected it, although the General Attorney is presently reviewing the district attorney's rejection. Just as all other reports over the years have been thrown out as groundless, whenever someone sought to take a case to court defending the rights of pedophiles. 

The fact is that in Denmark there reigns a state of illegality where the pedophile minority is denied the very protection which the letter of the law claims to guarantee them.

Danish Penal Code § 266b:

Whoever publicly, with intent to disseminate to a broader section of the population, statements or messages in which a group of people are threatened, slandered or debased because of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin, faith or sexual orientation, is punished with a fine or imprisonment of a maximum of two years.

Save the Child

The organization Save the Child is still able to plant ”information” about pedophiles in the media. Astonishingly, this private organization is accredited with a high degree of credibility, which can make one wonder when looking at the facts. 

A former executive director of Save the Child, Laue Traberg-Smidt, once claimed that Danish travel agencies organized complete tours to the Baltic countries for pedophiles. And this was only the tip of the iceberg, he assured us. This gave him the opportunity for long interviews on radio and TV notwithstanding the written press, the latter of which in no way was reluctant to participate. The media indignation and condemnation was universal, and no one got the idea of demanding documentation for Laue Traberg-Smidt's sensational announcements. The media only investigated his activities when he was suspected of embezzlement - simultaneously disclosing the fact that his claims about organized pedophiles to the Baltic countries were false. 

Some years ago there was another great media stir about nothing, when aid assistants in African refugee camps allegedly demanded sexual favours from teenagers in exchange for food rations. The story was entirely false, but had a long life of its own in the Danish media, including TV.

During the Tsunami catastrophe, the organization Save the Child rang the Grand Alarm claiming that pedophiles exploited the situation as predators, hunting children everywhere in the stricken areas. Fortunately, international investigations soon disproved the infamous accusations, even though these disclaimers rarely sell as well as sensations. When editors make right the false stories in the media then their correctives are much too often relegated to some obscure and unnoticeable place where hardly anyone sees them. 

Here is another example: According to Save the Child, Kristian, a Swedish boy, was to have been kidnapped from a Thailand hospital by a paedophile. The announcement caused a great uproar and amplified the already existing hatred directed toward these unscrupulous "predators." Television in particular excelled in emotional media coverage. The Swedish police even sent a special squad to the Tsunami area to find the boy. The story finally unveiled itself as false, in that the boy had drowned during the Tsunami and had never been hospitalised. But the pedophiles were once again manipulated into the media pillory.

And precisely this is what it's all about – to get people to associate the word pedophilia with prostitution, pornography and the sexual abuse of children. The strategy is very effective and suitable for recruiting new paying members to the organization Save the Child

Strangely enough, lies and false stories don't weaken the credibility of Save the Child. The media is at the disposition of Save the Child and ready to publish the organization’s fantastic fabrications and thus spread propaganda for this private association. The general secretary and the remaining employees of course need food on the table while competition among charitable organizations is, as is well known, getting tougher and tougher. These cynical and unscrupulous speculators brand themselves as true protectors of children and a guard against paedophile monsters, who lie in wait for them in every public nook and cranny...

But this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't because this organization has an almost semi-religious status in the press, which is always at its benevolent disposal. Critical and crime solving journalism is non-existent if it has anything to do with Save the Child.

As recent as the 15th of March of this year, a lady whose name is Charlotte Odile, allegedly a former prostitute, but now sensationally and dramatically saved, gave a Save the Child sponsored interview to Information in which she expressed her prejudices with the following bravado: 

"We've had a paedophile association in Denmark, which fortunately has dissolved itself. But there is no political prohibition against such an association and that is entirely unacceptable."

I have no personal knowledge of this Charlotte Odile, fortunately, but it's apparently not the soft light of intelligence that radiates from her eyes. She doesn't even distinguish between incest and pedophilia. She characterizes herself as an "incest-survivor", which is why she is of the opinion that pedophiles must suffer. 

Isn't there anyone out there who can explain to her that an act of volition is a prerequisite for incest, while pedophilia is an innate sexual orientation, that only rarely if ever is realized? And make her understand that paedophile deeds can be forbidden but that the feeling as such cannot made to disappear, and people don't buy their sexuality at the discount super market, but must live with whatever sexuality the Maker has given them.

And tell Kristian Ditlev Jensen, Save the Child and the aggregate of press and media, that it is the very essence of a democratic society, that all citizens are guaranteed the right to assemble and to practice freedom of speech - perhaps especially if one doesn't sympathize with them. And by the way, that a prerequisite for paying due respect to minorities is democracy itself.

Is EU harmonization good?

Here is a report from an Italian citizen living in Denmark.

"This question may sound meaningless, but my experience as an Italian citizen living in another country, does however give meaning to an otherwise senseless question.

When I went to the police station, for entirely different reasons, it so happened that I was registered on their computers as wanted by the police. Strangely enough, no one was able to explain why and who was issuing the order.

I was arrested and escorted to another police station. Only late that evening was I informed of the contents of the arrest order: Extradition to Italy was requested in order to take legal proceedings against me for allegedly having distributed pornography illustrating minors. 

This was quite astonishing because at that time I had been a resident of Denmark for 4½ years and hadn't even once been in Italy. The police consequently ransacked my flat and they confiscated about 30 kilos of so-called material evidence, especially magazines, photographic books and not insignificantly two computers, a printer and a box with 'sex toys'. 

In accordance with the Italian request for extradition I was supposed to have exchanged the above-mentioned material between 1993 and 2001 with a particular person in Italy, even though the wording of the extradition papers was entirely insufficient. No description of the material evidence was enclosed, and the person I was in contact with hadn't mentioned me with as much as a single word. The charges were exclusively based on a few letters, which had been impounded from this person living in Italy. Moreover, neither were any of these letters enclosed in the extradition papers. 

Despite this insufficiency in building tenable charges against me I was placed in custody for three months. The reason for my release was insignificant and purely technical: Some necessary legal documents, which Denmark initially requested hadn't yet been sent to Denmark.

It took the Danish Ministry of Justice seven months to reject Italy's request for extradition. They could very easily have replied that the mentioned period ”between 1993 and 2001” was ridiculously formulated, for the simple reason that at that time pornography was neither illegal in Denmark nor in Italy. And they could at least have mentioned that there was insufficient evidence for a criminal case. But instead Denmark chose to reject the request for extradition in a diplomatic manner, because they exclusively emphasized that distribution of pornography was only a criminal offence, if it were done so for commercial interests. 

Italy lost, but one can't say that Denmark won, because Denmark was forced to pay me compensation for unjustified incarceration. I was only accorded a partial concession: 62,000 Danish crowns, that is 50% of that which I had requested and was entitled to. However, I am now fully engaged in recovering 100% damages, although I've not so far been very successful. 

My own case reflects an era in mutual relations between the countries of the EU that soon may be at an end. With the so-called European warrant for an arrest from 2004 no state may resist a request for extradition. If the criminal offence for which one is indicted is on a list pertaining to the new EU law, then each state is obligated to extradite without exception, including its own citizens - to the state seeking extradition, even in cases where the alleged act isn't illegal according to national law. Pornography involving children is of course on the list. If the accusation for which I was put into custody had happened in 2004 instead of 2002, then I wouldn't be sitting here writing this account today.

That's why the answer to the introductory question is obvious. We will just have to hope that the ongoing referendums will overrule the EU Constitution, so that the situation will not get even worse."

The 'New DPA'

Some members of the former DPA have put the DPA's web site back on the Internet, but with this new address: < >. These people more or less continue the work of the former group but now entirely on the Internet.

In 1984, Peter Schmidt and another member of the Danish National Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Organization founded the old DPA within this gay institution. Schmidt does not himself have a paedophile identity (he is adult-to-adult bisexual in sexual orientation) and has not been a member of any DPA since 1990.

Instead he has started organizing meetings open to anyone and everyone under captions on a variety of themes like Scientific Understanding of Child-Adult Sexual Relations. Schmidt has advertised time and place of these meetings in a big national newspaper and on his web site As a result of this, has 500-600 daily visits. 

On this website there are written (text) and audio (Internet Radio) interviews by Schmidt who discusses child-adult sexual relations with some of the best and most radical sexologists and cultural personalities in Denmark. In addition to this there are links to places like Denmark's National Radio where Professor and Dr. of Medicine Sexologist Preben Hertoft speaks for 19 minutes on pedophilia and where he, being confronted with present day hysterical criticism does not retract any of his former positions on child-adult sexual relations.

More of this kind will be expanded this autumn on Former local radio broadcasts by Schmidt and others will then be rebroadcast from This works via the Internet, so that one may download the programs free of charge. 

Schmidt’s radiobroadcast from Denmark’s National Radio DR 1 in 1982, “Daddy, may I play with your pee pee?” (about incest, pedophilia, children's mutual sexual experiences) was broadcast in Italian by professional radio speakers three times to all of Italy in 1983, and it was mentioned in Corriere della Sera and Il Manifesto prior to the broadcast. It has for the past four years been available to the public for free on with 3-4 listeners every week.

The angle and scope of Schmidt's Internet Radio and TV initiative is to focus on a scientific understanding, based on research, where as much as possible of that which is said or written can immediately be backed up by scientific facts and their sources.

The past and present DPA:
The New DPA is not an organization with members and voting; there are only individual persons with their own web site at < >.

A splendidly factual new book Women and Men has just been published

Sociology professor at the University of Copenhagen, Henning Bech, has just written a concise scientific work, 396 pages of solid and constructive information, with a 46 page chapter on pedophilia: Inside and Outside the Home, Violence and Power. Peter Schmidt will later review this book publicly here on this forum and on his own 


Why do you not want to start a new group or organization?

I don't have a paedophile identity, and I suppose people who do have one are too vulnerable. Remember that the former DPA had infiltrators exposing members on national TV, even members who themselves are not paedophile, but nevertheless stigmatising them as pedophiles! Those are the risks of such an organization. There was no other choice than to stop it.

The Netherlands


You might remember that members of this self-help group in the east of The Netherlands were house-raided and some of them arrested at the end of 2003. The arrested people had travelled to Tunisia that summer and they and others were suspected of having possessed and exchanged kiddie porn. 

Thus, the other members and the leaders of the group had to undertake a great deal  of work. Many letters were written to demonstrate that the group as such was not 'a criminal organization'. That defence was successful. Only some members who travelled together have been alleged to form a criminal organization. The imprisoned members were each supplied with a small team for help and visits. The group continued its monthly talk sessions and its help among each other. Some members have left out of fear, others stayed to welcome the new members. 

In the course of 2004, several trials took place. In each case, the prosecutor claimed unusual high sentences of six to eight years and compulsory treatment in closed clinics. However, in each case, the court’s verdict was far less severe. Thus, also in each case, the prosecutor appealed. So we had the next series of court sessions, now before the Court of Appeal, in 2004 and the beginning of 2005. The prosecutor’s claims were lower, but the sentences were all higher than in first instance. Now, in some cases forced treatment was inflicted. 

JON still has its web site in six languages at < >.


JON is part of the NVSH, the Dutch Association for Sexual Reform. The NVSH has also encounter groups for pedophiles in Rotterdam and The Hague. The NVSH has a good magazine, spread all over the country, but the organization as such is small, with only a few chapters left. Several chapters have started their own local organization. The national association still has a help-phone that works well. 

A trend

In every case of a suspicion of a moral offence, even if it is only having downloaded kiddie porn, the suspect is asked to and sometimes forced to undergo psychiatric and psychological examination, paid by the state. That's the first trend. The second trend is that those 'experts' routinely report a mental distortion and advise treatment. 

Paedophilic feelings are seen as a severe mental distortion, even if all tests allow for the conclusion that the person is normal. Having and expressing a vision other than that which is politically correct will result in a 'cognitive distortion' conclusion. Especially if you say you have no problems with those feelings, you are declared to be an egosyntone paedophile, which is a very severe mental distortion - in spite of the DSM that says that egosyntone paedophilia as such is no distortion at all as long as one does not act upon it. It is even worse if one does not express shame and guilt. 

The experts are also asked for the risk of recidivism. The trend is to estimate this always as very high - in spite of research showing that recidivism rates in such cases are much lower than the mean rates. In one case, the risk was estimated as 100%, which is impossible in principle. This is reported and confirmed under oath by witnesses who call themselves 'experts'. 

Thus, the next trend is to claim and to inflict compulsive treatment behind bars for as long as is legally possible. Quite recently, new units named “long-stay” units have been started for 'incurable people'. The “stay” can be life long. 

This trend can especially be seen in the way the officers of the rehabilitation, probation and after-care services approach their work. Originally, their task was to help the person, but nowadays in fact they do their best to keep the person behind bars as long as possible. 

The Association Martijn 

This association still hasl its web site with a news service, articles, books and forum, as well as its magazine OK, its meetings and encounter group. However, the membership is getting lower; people retire out of fear. There is only a small team to do the work. 

Koinos Magazine

Koinos Magazine intends to capture the beauty of teenage boys, and be available as an independent information channel for boy lovers. It does not pretend to change the world right now, but it tries to be supportive for those who are working on that very task and entertaining for those who are less ambitious. 
We hope to send out our 50th issue next year. For that special occasion we will invite several authors to write down their forecasts, fantasies or fiction stories regarding boy-love 50 years from now. 

Web sites and forums

A new web site with a forum is successful: "" - Dutch only - with a lot of visitors and nearly without hate mail. 
A frequently used forum is "Jongensforum", a Dutch-only forum with a lot of participants and messages - mostly from the new generation boy lovers, equipped with a computer and having long discussions. 
Meant for students and journalists is "De Pedoloog" at < > with an English section. 
A far more broadly-based web site with a web log and many essays covering a wide range of subjects is < > also with an English section. 

Thus, all this activity is still possible in the Netherlands, including an “International Boy Love Day" twice each year. 

Anti-paed groups 

Supported by an extreme right-wing and very small political party, there exists an "Anti-Martijn Committee". There has been little activity, except now and then a small demonstration, on two occasions prohibited by police, and a third when permission was given to demonstrate in front of the house of the chair of Martijn and to distribute leaflets in that neighbourhood. However, this has had no negative consequences. 

Now and then, there is a short flurry of mails to one of - how to name it, let's say: - the grumble web sites the Netherlands have. Those flurries come and go quite quickly. 

An explicit anti-pedo foundation is Foundation Soelaas, chaired by mrs Ireen van Engelen. The foundation has no web site and the lady wrote only one book. She gathers all the information she is able to gather. For example, she has stored all messages of "Jongensforum", and she has been, present at many court trials, making notes. Clearly she has infiltrated into a small and closed chat site of JON, named JONChat, which has stopped now. Confidential messages posted on that list[n1]  have been sent to a lot of authorities and officials in the country. 

She claims she is busy writing further books on the history of the paed-movement in the Netherlands and about abuse cases in the field of schools and education. 

Most of her activities are directed against individual persons. For instance, she has sent information to people's employers, causing them in some cases to lose their jobs. She also regularly sends letters to the Ministers, the Parliament, the prosecutors and the national police office, giving information about persons with paedophilic feelings or activity in the paed-movement. We are sure that none of those officials takes her letters seriously. 

General trends in The Netherlands

There is a strong trend to the right wing going on here. Politicians follow this trend. Politically the government can be described as neo-liberal. Social care has been diminished, and many services privatised along the neo-capitalistic model. The trend is to act as the USA does under the Bush government and the Republican majority. In juridical terms, this means: more laws, more severe laws, higher sentences. 

There are serious conflicts between young people from the right-wing and our numerous Muslim communities. The murder of the filmmaker Van Gogh by a Muslim extremist has intensified this process. Both groups, the right wing and the Muslims, are intolerant of gays. The famous tolerance of the city of Amsterdam has gone. For teachers, it is impossible to out themselves as gay. The same holds for youngsters in the schoolyard. 

Most members of the Muslim community are peaceful people, but a few people, especially young adult men, have acquired extremist and fundamentalist ideas from the Internet and the dish aerial. A lot of adolescents, especially Moroccans, behave in a quite criminal and dangerous manner. Another problem group are the Muslim girls, who are kept at home and bound by their chastity. But there are also many modern Muslim girls who function well at school.

Remarkably enough, the Netherlands is one of the richest countries in the world, with a lot of welfare but a lack of well-being. People are not content; they grumble a lot. We call this here "the great discomfort". 

Other countries

From Britain we hear no news, except an endless series of proposals for more severe laws.

In Germany there are only a few groups left after the infiltration and subsequent news stories some years ago. A few groups exist but are not reachable due to their lack of an address. The Munich group seems to have disappeared completely. 
An unusual court case is going on there: about a written account in which a man describes an intimate contact he had in his youth, which had done him only good. The text is part of the PRD (Pedophile Resources Directory), a more or less old collection of texts, frequently moved on the Internet, but now on the server of a provider. Two people have been accused and convicted of publishing child pornography by having published that text in that context. The trial was in Trier. The accused appealed. The prosecutor of the Appeal Court declared the text legal, but did not overwrite the verdict, and sent the case back to the court in Trier. There, a professor was asked for advice: if the PRD could be seen as a scientific database. "No", said the prof. Thus, the court condemned again. The accused appealed again. 

In Greece no changes. No witch hunt, no progress, no groups: silence.

During the meeting, a discussion took place about L'Association Ange Bleu in Paris, France. "A bad and one-sided organization doing no good work", said one member. "Oh no! A very good organization doing very good work! Read the book! [*] See the web site! [**] Talk with the people!" said another member.

[* La Fin d'un Silence; Pédophilie: Une approche différente, par Latifa Bennari, AD2 Editions 2002. < > ]
[** < > ]

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