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Report 5: Looking back on the meeting

The members said that it was a pleasant and meaningful meeting at a very nice place. The section about spirituality was seen as the best part of it. The section about the strategic considerations was said to be more difficult. Strategy is always a difficult point. Playing the film script was a good part of it: it raised insights to difficult problems. Such a meeting is a place and opportunity for reflection and exchange of ideas. The one learns from the other.

Another aspect of the meeting is that every member can freely express his or her feelings. An important but difficult emotion is anger. It has to be expressed and to be transformed into meaningful action.

The pauses are an integral part of such a meeting. One can make friends and refresh and maintain the contact, express one's feelings and exchange one's experiences and ideas.

Contact is important. The Internet has made it possible. "My life has been changed since I had such contacts, since the now famous good old Berrylist and other forums." Here you meet the person behind the pc, so to say.

Some are glad to have a pause for reflection and want more time for it. Others prefer action and are glad to have some concrete working papers, appointments and tasks.

A meeting about which it is said there wasn't enough time, was a good meeting. Our chair was a bit severe and precise, but he said this was needed for a meeting with sometime hot and heavy or lively discussions among people who mostly have quite strong personalities. It is a pity that several members retired just before the meeting and that only a few were actually present, but for personal encounter, a small group is better than a large group.

Vorige Start Omhoog