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The Investigator

 March 08, 2005 

Rick was on LOCAL 8 NEWS to talk about his mission against NAMBLA. 

[Explanation: The Rick Roberts Show gives thousand dollar to who gives him the address of a NAMBLA member. Rick publishes the address in his show.
One member had already the police knocking on the door to remove his son shortly after the address was published.]

Because of the thousands of NAMBLA tips sent to The Rick Roberts Show, we have decided to solicit some help. After talking about the bounty nationally on Hannity and Colmes, we had to hire our own personal private investigator.

And the Court of Public Opinion has really gotten lucky with our choice of investigators.

Here's some of his background:

Years of law enforcement experience; has conducted numerous investigations, including involvement in the arrests and prosecutions of a variety of criminal groups and organizations; His specialty- Child abusers and sex offenders.

He truly is a "Criminal Justice Professional." And now he's working for The Rick Roberts Show.

You NAMBLA members should be afraid- very afraid.

On his first day, He brought us a list of NAMBLA members - some right here in San Diego.

Due to current investigations, including undercover and infiltration of NAMBLA and other groups, the investigator's identity and Investigation Company will remain unknown to the public at large.

Only Rick Roberts knows the identity of the investigator, and Rick is the only person with the
ability to contact him.

But you will be able to hear from him. You will hear what he discovers about NAMBLA, and other groups just like them. You will hear who he finds is a member, and how close they live to you. You will hear just how prominent this disease of child molestation is. And you will hear it all on the Rick Roberts Show. 

And more importunately, you will be able to email your tips about potential NAMBLA members to him. 

Thank you for your help in keeping our children safe, and be listening for "The Investigator" weekly on The Rick Roberts Show.

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