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Michael Jackson Acquittal Repudiates Culture of Hate


Press Release, by Rod Downey, 14 June 2005 


          Michael Jackson’s acquittal in his globally broadcast trial marks a turning point in the worldwide child-abuse witch-hunt. The jury who acquitted him has sent a message to the “guilty-until-proven-innocent” culture of overzealous prosecutors, “victim advocate” hate-mongers, and greedy child-abuse psychologists: The party is over. It is no longer possible to assume that accusation implies guilt.


          The real scapegoat in this case was not so much Jackson himself but his openly expressed and unabashed love for children.  The hate-mongers had to have his hide. Now that they have been slapped down, they are attempting to isolate the Jackson case as exceptional because of who Jackson is. But they can’t hide the whale in the room: The Michael Jackson verdict is a triumph of love over hate.


          The frothing-at-the-mouth pundits, so convinced of Jackson’s guilt, are now sitting down not for their pound of flesh but a plate of crow. In the aftermath, their best effort is to focus on prosecutorial failures and Jackson’s own idiosyncrasies to distract from the fundamental cultural sea-change that has taken place.


“You won’t be hearing the truth from the pundits,” said Rod Downey, author of the boy-love novel The Moralist. “They won’t be telling you that the child-abuse witch-hunt has at last been repudiated, that Michael Jackson is a prophet of love for children, or that loving children is no longer a cause for prosecution and persecution but the most beautiful thing in the world.”


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