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Report of the Ipce Meeting 2007


A few members and some guests were present in the center of Athens in the first days of October 2007. 

Athens' center is nearly overcrowded by lots of people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, among whom many fugitives, asylum seekers or illegal staying people. Being scarcely housed, they meet on the streets. They survive by managing small shops or stands with food, spices and other articles. Posters and other texts in Arabic, Farsi, Pasthu, Urdu and Dari languages refer to the cultures they came from. The city is also crowded with cats. 

The Acropolis and Agora were crowded by tourists and the traditional dogs who live there. By the way, the Acropolis is also crowded by hired guards, hired to prevent that a tourist might have the inclination to look for a moment at the classes of kids there instead of to the pillars and statues, let alone to take a photo of anything else than the pillars and the statues. 

No guards were at the antique prison of Socrates we visited, a hole in a rock with bars and a nice old guide. You remember? Socrates was convicted because of spoiling youth, just because he asked questions that might awaken their consciousness and so might question their belief in the old values preached by the then state. 

Preliminary stories

In Greece, there is no witch hunt like in the Anglo-Saxon countries. There is a small gay movement, but not politically active. Everyone lives his own life and as long as one does not say too much, this is possible. 

The United Kingdom
During our meeting in Hamburg in 2004, an infiltrated was present. Later, he appeared to be a paid British police officer. As later became clear, he wrote a report, not about what we have said, but about the members' behavior. There before and thereafter, he established a 'friendship' with one of the British members. He revealed no address, only a cell phone number and a story. According to that story, he had had a caution for photographing girls in a park. Asked for his address, his family and that caution, he got very angry and paused his actions. 

A bit later, he showed a caution - clearly made in the meantime - and a flat, also clearly made in the meantime. The police officer asked the member for child pornography. When the member handed him some old videos, the act was secretly filmed by other policemen and the fingerprints on the videos were carefully kept. 

The man was arrested and several house raids kept place. The newspapers said "all at Ipce members' homes" - no: not true. Was there found illegal material? No. That was all that resulted from a three or more years paid police officer. 

Research done 
A researcher in the UK has finished his report about intimate intergenerational relationships. Then, the university blocked its publication for five years and said "Goodbye, good luck" to the researcher, who searches for a job now. 

The USA 
The witch hunt is part of the culture there, absorbed by the culture so to say, and institutionalized in laws. Shows like that of Ophra Winfrey have great influence. NAMBLA has stopped its Bulletin, but continues the service for prisoners: a booklet, letters, visits. NAMBLA has had computer attacks. 'NAMBLA is dangerous' - everybody knows that, thus it is true ... 

An artist present is busy with making a film. The script is ready. He showed us some drawings and the story in short, used to find a producer. 

The Netherlands 
The country (and the world) was shocked by the founding of a political party, the PNVD (Party for Neighborly love, Diversity & Freedom) which has a quite liberal vision on topics like intergenerational relationships. The founders were connected to the Association Martijn. A reaction was the founding of an anti-workgroup with a website that gives names, addresses etcetera about convicted pedophiles. Also the very right wing tried to attack both organizations. And people attacked the founding persons. Both organizations still exist because the Freedom of Speech. 
The Paul's Church had to close its doors and to move because plans of the city to build a high modern building on the same place. The reverend Hans Visser has reached his emeritus status. Later, there will reincarnate 'another Paul's Church'. 
Some self-help groups also still exist and do their work in a relative silence. The half-yearly International Boy Love Days attract many people from several countries. Mostly young people. 
The government, dominated by Christian politicians now, has the opinion that youth has too much freedom in the NLs and causes too much problems. Thus, there will come more and more rules.
On the personal and societal level, the speaker gathers that "we are tolerated under conditions, not accepted". A consequence might be, in his opinion, not to 'shout in the public room', but instead to work more silently in the private room.

In Germany, the national AHS (Arbeitsgruppe Humane Sexualitšt - national Workgroup for Humane Sexuality) and still some local groups do the same - except one other group that provokes resistance and works more or less alone. 
In Germany, it is now, after a recent court decision, not forbidden to read Brongersma's book as long you are an adult, but to promote, this is also: even mentioning his books if a minor might be able to see it, because the book is declared to be dangerous for youth. 
No, car traffic and air pollution are not dangerous to youth, thus allowed. 

The group DPA does not exist anymore, only its website still exist. Action is done on individual (and political) level - in a state that has become quite right-wing conservative.

From Finland no news: a web-based discussion group is still starting.

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