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4. Indigo children

This is a new word for children who are clairvoyant. Indigo is one of the colors in their aura, the prevailing one. They were already born back in the sixties, but not many people listened to them, or understood them, so they were quite unlucky.

The next phase of the birth of such children was in the eighties, especially in April 1983. They are in their twenties now and living quite successfully. They are very sensitive and intelligent and they have some powers.

In the nineties, again such children were born, but with even more powers, especially the ability to remember their former lives. They are wise children, who 'teach their parents well', to quote a famous song. According to research and tests, their extrasensory perception is 100 percent correct. They are also able to talk with guiding spirits. The children themselves say that they are guides and that they will be the leaders of the future.

The children with such gifts, born after 2000, are also able to cure themselves and other people without even touching them - they can even cure HIV. They are called crystalline, again according to their auras.

It turned out that they have a different DNA pattern than other people; instead of 20 open codons, theirs consists of 24. Moreover, their brains produce gamma rays, which have a higher frequency than alpha and beta rays. It gives them more compassion. Indigo children's eighth chakra, the crystalline or divine one, is highly developed. Their bodies' chemistry is different from other people's. They are able to communicate telepathically with each other through a network or grid.

They foresee a gradual change of humanity in the coming twenty or thirty years, and it has already started. December 21, 2012 will be the actual time of 'The Shift" as it is called and has been predicted by the Mayan calendar. It seems that humanity is going through a mutation.

Regrettably, not all of these children are able to live with their gifts. They have to manage all those spiritual powers, and some fail. They undergo a crisis, become ill, use drugs or commit suicide. It seems that the intensive use of electronics might be problematic for them.

Estimated is that they form one percent of the population, and that their number will grow and ultimately cover the whole population. It appears that in the West there are more curers, whereas in the East there are more clairvoyants. Some researchers believe they have found hidden codes in the Bible, that refer to "AIDS", "HIV", or "the end of disease". Others have the opinion that extraterrestrial forces are working here or that extraterrestrial genes are added already at the conception in order to help humanity evolve.

Characteristic for these children is their authenticity. They maintain their feelings and opinions intact and it is not possible to manipulate them. This might change society. It has been predicted that pedophilia will as a consequence be accepted within some decades.

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