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8. Ipce’s Internal Matters

1. Report of the secretary

Since July 2007, I have done a check of Ipce’s membership by twice writing or mailing to all members and asking them to reply if they want to continue their membership and if they would be able and willing to pay the dues. Members who were enduring unreachable and members who did not reply at all are removed from the members' list. New members have been added to the list. The result is a list of 53 members in 18 countries on July 15, 2008. In addition, four members have a temporary pause, and we have two guests.

2. Report of the webmaster

Ipce’s website has six sections now:  




MB Room

Ipceweb [*]

Ipce’s domain



Library Two

Ipce’s subdomain



Library 3 [**]

Ipce’s domain




Ipce’s domain




Ipce’s domain




Ipce’s domain






143 MB

[*]     With Library (1), Statements, Documentation lists, Links and all registers
[**]   With “New” and the Ipce Magazine  

We also have our internal forum IMO: Ipce meets Online, placed by our third provider,  with 27 members on July 15, 2008

The Ipce Magazine is started in January 2007. This is factually an update of the website, be it concentrated on one theme. The first theme was Laws, the second one Women and 'pedophilia'. The Newsletter is on the website, but is also made in a printable Word version, sent by paper post, especially made for those who have no connection with the Internet.

In the year we overview now, July 2007 - July 2008, there have been three Newsletters, one Magazine and several normal updates. Lots of files are still waiting. Your webmaster is 'sometimes a bit busy'. 

3. Two teams

Ipce has two teams, to be (re)installed by the annual Meeting.

A Conflict- & Emergency Team (three ‘wise old men’), but there has been no conflict and no emergency since the former report and meeting.  [*]

 A Membership Team: four members who invite and accept new members after some kind of acknowledgement by them or by a member from the same country or speaking the same language. The criteria for admission can be found in the Report of the Meeting in October 2007, section 2
This team has worked reasonably well in the year we overview now. The Meeting will be asked to add one member.   
The Meeting will also be asked to decide on criteria for the admission of guests. 

[*] There have been two (more or less) attacks on Ipce's website. 

The team has decided to ignore the first one, because the writer of the message seemed to be quite megalomaniac. From him, there was no reaction.

A second letter was more serious. It was written in French and in bad English, so the webmaster has sent him a reply in French, here below translated in (better) English. We have gotten no reaction.

Monseigneur [....]

> [Lettre:] Je vous informe que votre site fait malheureusement de la publicité à des sites et des réseaux pédophiles. En effet, plusieurs associations ont relevés à cette adresse : http://www.ipce.info/ipceweb/links.htm divers liens vers ces sites : www.alicelovers.org , www.nambla.org , www.glgarden.org , www.pedagora.com , www.boychat.org , www.jungsforum.net , www.girlloverforum.net , www.legarcon.net  et d'autres. <

[Réponse:] Ces adresses sont relevées pour rendre service aux personnes avec des attirances pédophiliques. Cette attirance cause souvent un isolement.

C'est important peur eux de pouvoir communiquer avec des autres, dans leur langage propre, avec les mêmes sentiments, afin de trouver un style de vivre qui est légal et social.

Voyez-vous [URL changed now into: < http://www.jorisoost.nl >.

>  [Lettre:] Sachez que même si vous ne contrôlez pas le contenu de votre site, la publicité mettant en scène des mineurs de moins de 15 ans, ou faisant l'apologie de la pédophilie est illégal. <

[Réponse:] Non. Ces sites de web ne sont pas l'apologie de la pédophilie. Ils sont pour discuter. Discuter n'est pas illégal. Toutes les états de l'Occident ont des Constituions dans lesquelles la liberté de l'opinion et la liberté de l'union sont garanti.

Par exemple 'Le Premier Amendement' des États-Unis et les Constitutions de la Grande Bretagne, La Douce France - et des autres états.

Des actes pédo-sexuelles sont prohibés, des sentiments pédo-philiques sont légales.

Et avoir opinions est légal.

> [Lettre:]  Je vous demanderai donc de bien vouloir retirer ces sites de vos pages, et de nous confirmer leurs suppressions dans les plus brefs délais. <

Non. Combattez-vous des actes pédo-sexuelles au moyen d'assister les personnes avec des attirances pédo-philiques…

Voyez-vous par exemple

< http://www.helping-people.info/assistance.htm > &
< http://www.ipce.info/library_3/files/latifa.htm >



Sir [...]

> [Letter:] I notify that your website sadly gives publicity to pedophilic websites and networks. Actually, several associations are mentioned, giving the next addresses: 

[ ...   ...] <

[Reply:] Those addresses are given to help people with a pedophilic attraction. This attraction often causes social isolation. 

For them, it is important to have communication with other people with the same feelings, in their own language, in order to find a style of living that is legal and social. 

Have a look at [ ...   ...] (with a French section). 

> [Letter:] Remember that even if you do not control the content of your site, advertising featuring minors under 15 years, or advocating pedophilia is illegal. <

[Reply:] No. Those websites are no apology for pedophilia. The allow discussion. Discussion is not illegal. All Western states have constitutions in which the freedom of thought, speech and association is guarantied 

For example, the First Amendment of the USA and the constitutions of Great Brittain, France and other states.   

Pedosexual acts are forbidden, pedophilic feelings are legal. 

Having an opinion is legal.

> [Letter:] I would therefore ask you to kindly withdraw these addresses from your pages, and confirm their deletions to us as soon as possible. <

[Reply:] No. You might better combat pedosexual acts by helping people with pedophilic feelings...

For instance, have a look at 

 [ ...   ...]



4. Financial Report

About the half of the members have paid their dues. Because the members who have paid usually haven given more than had been asked, the paying members have compensated the not paying members.

Financial Report Ipce - July 3, 2007 > July 15, 2008

Report Expected Report Expected
2006-07 2007-08 2007-08 2008-09
Starting balance 475,22 -122,77 -122,77 635,84
Dues 225,00 800,00 571,16 500,00
Gifts 269,16 400,00 894,91 500,00
Other: rent 3,91 2,00 0,35 PM
Total income 498,07 1.202,00 1.466,42 1.000,00
Start + Income 973,29 1.079,23 1.343,65 1.635,84
Newsletters -129,06 -200,00 -157,83 -200,00
Meeting -164,30 -100,00 0,00 -250,00
Secretarial costs:        
   Postbox & stamps -56,30 -60,00 -78,90 -75,00
   & copies        
Web site         
   Providers *  -735,70 -630,00 -513,60 -513,00
   Other costs -10,70 -25,00 -58,48 -50,00
Various costs 0,00 -25,00 0,00 0,00
Total costs -1.096,06 -1.040,00 -808,81 -1.088,00
Final balance -122,77 39,23 534,84 547,84
ASN Account 2,80   20,15  
Postbank acc -125,57   514,69  
Total -122,77   534,84  
* 2006-07 is 14 months, 2007-08 is 12 months  
Providers month year    
Xs4All -23,80      
Wannadoo -8,95      
Bluebox -10,00      
Total -42,75 -513,00    


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