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4. Theme: research & ideology

4.1. The research of Richard Yuill

Male Age-discrepant Intergenerational Sexualities ...
Sexualities and Relationships Richard Yuill, 2004 - Abstract 
This thesis examines the construction of male age-discrepant intergenerational sexualities and relationships (MADIS). 

Positioning Pederasty in historical, cross-cultural time and space; Richard Yuill MA PhD, in: Koinos Magazine # 55, 2007-3. 

Boylove from various points of view; a sociological analysis by Richard Yuill; Bob Ferguson, in: Koinos # 58, Summer 2008. 

Pedophilia; Richard Yuill and David T. Evans; Extract from: Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (vol 7) 2006, pp 3385-3387

Yuill's dissertation is still not public. This is a decision of the University and the author, to take five years of rest, at least for the author. His research shows that there, indeed, are sexual experiences in youth that are negatively evaluated by the youth themselves, the "male survivors", but that there are also positive evaluated experiences. The most important difference is the grade of freedom in the relationship. Regrettably, only the adult partners could be interviewed. 

There are no figures, because the methodology is not quantitative but qualitative, especially narrative. These narrative show many nuances.  They sound authentic, not learned. But this is quite contrary to what most 'experts' always say. So it shocked them and it will shock the public. Therefore five years of rest. 

With understanding and respect for this decision, it is a kind of Thou shalt not know. 

The discussion which followed was concerned especially with those experts alluded to above.  According to the article, none of them will ever acknowledge that a young person might wish any intimate contact with an adult. This idea is, so they say, a typical thinking error of the offenders. Remarkably is also that they exclusively use the behavioral model of thinking: they concentrate themselves on behavior, not on feelings. This leads to a too simple model of thinking and working. 

Some speakers do see some subtle differences in opinion and vision, albeit only on the level of the staff of the institutions. Staff and field workers in youth care work are already selected at the start of their job; with certain specific beliefs, one will not be accepted for the job. And one wants to have the job. 

Other speakers do not see any nuances if they speak with the staff members of the treatment institutions. An exceptional staff member will be open for questions, and ask himself questions, or will visit a congress or symposium. The field workers don't do this. They do what they are told to do. 

We have read about the problems Rind and his team have had after their meta-analysis - which was, notably, a meta-analysis of already published research. We have also, in the previous Ipce Meeting, read (A Very ‘Typical’ Immoral Panic; The Perils of Researching Intergenerational Sexualities; in Ipce Newsletter # 25) about the problems of other researchers. Now we hear about Horst Vogt (see below), who was not welcome as a speaker on a congress. 

Nevertheless, what Rind, Vogt, Yuill and others have published is publicly known now, and no writer, speaker, researcher or field worker can deny this. All research starts with literature, changes may start with research, although universities do not pursue this kind of research. But it does exist. 

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