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Number E 4, January 1999



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Att 1 The Research of Dr. Michael Baurmann and Dr. Robert Bauserman and their associates
Att 2 An Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Based on Nonclinical Samples
Paper presented to the symposium sponsored by the Paulus Kerk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on the 18th of December 1998 by
Bruce Rind, Robert Bauserman, & Philip Tromovitch.


Ipce is a forum for people who are engaged in the academic discussion of and the understanding and emancipation of, paedophilia. Paedophilia, in this context, is intended to be viewed from an unbiased, non-judgemental perspective and in relation to Human Rights.

Ipce meets once every one or two years in a different country, publishes a newsletter, co-ordinates the (electronic) exchange of texts and keeps an archive of specific written publications.

Ipce Newsletter E4, January 1999


Dear Readers,

As most of you will know, Ricky was raided by Her Britannic Majesty's Customs and Excise on Friday 13th March 1998 as a result of the seizure of the Amsterdam based Intermale catalogue - something he had been receiving annually for the last ten years or more.

This is the second such raid that Ricky has suffered as a result of receiving perfectly legal material through the Royal Mail. The other was in April 1993. The authorities seem to think that the receipt of material of this kind must mean that you are a pedophile and that, therefore, you are bound 'Ipso facto' to possess illegal material which can be subject to a criminal charge. In any case getting a warrant for raiding a 'pedophile' is simple as no Justice of the Peace would risk be characterized as a 'pedophile lover' by not issuing one upon request from the authorities. (This is not now the case: a recent Privy Council ruling has shown that there is a tort (action in a civil court) for the malicious use of a search warrant).

In the event Ricky received all his material back in October 1998 but not, of course, before he had been deprived of the use of his computer, databases and the like for half a year.

Much of this material was encrypted and it is clear that the system used (Bestcrypt Jetico@sci.fi) was successful and that this was not penetrated. However, he deliberately had all his e-mail in clear and this included all the Ipce traffic. At no time was Ricky asked a single question or required to give any information. Nor, of course, was he given any explanation or an apology for this disruption to his life and work.

In May '98 Ricky received a flying visit from another Ipce member. However, this person was arrested when passing through the Customs barrier whilst on his way out of the UK. During the subsequent questioning it became clear that Ricky had been identified on the Closed Circuit Television used in Heathrow Airport. (The person concerned was asked: "Who drove you to the Airport?" "Do you know a person called Rick ……. ?" and "Does the address (Ricky's home address) mean anything to you?")

Because of this, Ricky decided that is was not safe enough for the other members for him to take part in the 11th Ipce meeting in Athens. He has since traveled twice to Mainland Europe - once to a wedding in Poland and again to attend the Symposium in Rotterdam. Although living in hopes of confronting Customs on both occasions Ricky was not stopped in either case.

So it was Frans who met the others in a private apartment and on The Acropolis. Only a few persons were present, maybe due to the month chosen; most people had to be at their place of work at this time. We decided to meet again in July 1999, if possible in Barcelona.

The meeting decided to make changes to Ipce itself. You can read about these in the minutes of the meeting in this Newsletter. Also in this Newsletter you will receive a letter about these changes and a form asking you to answer some questions. Please, reply as quickly as possible. If you do, you will receive a speedy copy of the next newsletter, which is nearly ready. We'll try to send Newsletters four times a year and we hope that no Newsletter will exceed 40 pages as more than this is difficult to send electronically or to read on screen. For this reason, this Newsletter is made as a body and two attachments. The next Newsletter will present some selected articles.

Meanwhile, here you can read the minutes of the Athens Meeting, the usual Documentation List and, as always, an article in German.

Less usual is a most positive chapter (attachment) about the research of US scientists, Bauserman, Rind & Tromovitch. There were some mistakes in the former overview of their work, in Newsletter E3.. Here, therefore, is a new version with additional summaries of their work.

On December 18, 1998, two of these three doctors presented their research in Rotterdam's St. Paul's Church in The Netherlands. We're glad to offer their presentation in this Newsletter. Their speech - or paper - gives a very good overview of their work.

Factually, they re-examined a large amount of research which had been done by others. Some quite old but some also more recent. What is important though, is that their conclusions, using the self-same material, are quite different from those of the so-called Child Sex Abuse Industry.

To their eternal discredit, the Dutch media, however, gave practically no coverage to this symposium or to the conclusions of these scientists. This was despite the fact that at least four reporters were present (along with a similar number of police persons!) and interviews were conducted for the local radio station. Instead the national media only mentioned a speech of Reverend Hans Visser, minister of the St. Paul's Church AND the rejection of his ideas, one day after he spoke, by the board of the Cooperating Dutch Churches. You can read his speech in the next Newsletter… if you reply with the form sent to you.

Now, we invite you to study the research reports mentioned in this Newsletter and we hope that this view of the truth will give you all a glimmer of hope for 1999 and the next millennium.

Frans & Ricky


Athens, October 8-11, 1998


Athens is a beautiful city with a temperature of 30O Celsius in sunny weather in which hundred of mopeds and motorcycle users ride without any apparent system or order. In the city we saw hundreds of very small shops instead of the great supermarkets to which we are used. Many cats and dogs roamed though the city.

Monuments of the ancient Greek culture are scattered throughout the city. From every part one can see the Arcopolis with its monuments, temples and amphitheater. At one side of it are the old Stoa and the reconstructed Agora, where Plato and Socrates taught their pupils. Roaming around the other side I searched for the grave of Socrates. It was there, where he had to drink the poison - but why? Because he would have spoilt the Greek youth with his words, mostly questions, and insights. He taught them to ask questions, to debate and to think logically instead of automatically following authority…

In our era, the German website of the Arbeitsgruppe is said to spoil the youth and even KOINOS has to hire a lawyer because it is said that it should be dangerous for youth…

We met in a private apartment of our gracious host with only 6 or 7 persons from Greece, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands. This gave the meeting a more personal and a relaxed character. During any pauses for relaxation we played chess. Your Secretary, Frans won all the matches (though the others claim that they allowed this in deference to his great age!).


The name

There were some proposals to change the name, especially from The Netherlands, NVSH lwg JORis had asked to change to a name without a "P". In the Newsletter E3 there was also a proposal from John (NZ) to rename to "SPICE" and/or "JOY". John's proposals however, did not survive the vote. A proposal to name it Meeting of Active Persons (MAP) was also rejected. The vote on the Dutch proposal was equally divided between for and against; as is common the proposal was therefore rejected.

So a compromise was found. The name Ipce will be retained, but not as an abbreviation, just as a noun. The original meaning will not be explained. It is simply the name of an existing reality of the past twelve years. So, as it is no longer a collection of initials, IPCE becomes Ipce.

The aim

Ipce is a forum for people who are engaged in the academic discussion, the understanding and emancipation of paedophilia. Paedophilia, in this context, is intended to be seen from an unbiased, non-judgemental perspective and in relation to Human Rights.

Ipce meets once every one or two years in a different country, publishes a newsletter, co-ordinates the (electronic) exchange of texts and keeps an archive of specific written publications.

In other words:

IPCE ist ein Forum von Personen, die sich für die akademische Diskussion, das Verstehen und die Emanzipation von Pädophilie engagieren. Pädophilie soll in diesem Zusammenhang von einer unverfälschten, nicht- wertenden Perspektive aus und in Verbindung mit Menschenrechten gesehen werden.

IPCE trifft sich einmal jährlich oder zweijährlich jeweils in einem anderen Land, veröffentlicht einen Rundbrief, koordiniert den (elektronischen) Austausch von Texten und unterhält ein Archiv einschlägiger schriftlicher Veröffentlichungen.

(For the readers who are not native English speakers "an academic discussion" in English does not refer to a discussion that is held at a university, but to a discussion on a theoretical level.)

The organization has been changed

From The Netherlands, there was a proposal to change the form of the organization from one with delegates of member-organizations (and candidate members etc.) into a forum for discussion between individual persons only. This proposal is accepted by the meeting.

Thus, Ipce has no longer organizations as members, nor delegates from them, nor candidate members (in countries without an organization), nor subscribers and visitors. Ipce has only engaged persons.

The voting rules that were made in former meetings are now rejected. Decisions can be made by a normal majority of the persons present at the a meeting. There is one exception. Only those persons of the host country who were registered as members before the meeting commenced will have a vote. The meeting decides about the secretariat, the moderators of the website and the finances.

The financial report for the year 1997-98 [see below] was accepted as well as the report of the secretary. For the coming year (1998-1999) each engaged person is asked to pay a minimum of ten Dutch guilders or 5 USA Dollars. The same secretary (and treasurer) have been chosen for the next year.

New engaged persons can be proposed by existing engaged persons and/or the secretary.

Next Meeting is planned in summer 1999 in Barcelona.

Newsletter and site

The paper hardcopy Newsletter is planned to disappear gradually. Only persons who cannot receive E-mail or read a diskette can ask for a paper version, The extra costs of preparation and mailing of a bulky paper edition are to be met by the recipient (exceptions are possible.

Ipce shall open a web site during the coming year. A team of four moderators has been formed: Isabel, Ricky, Paul and Frans. Together they speak about 15 languages.

The secretary asked for about four months to study the HTM Language and to find a host and a provider for the site. Advice from DPA , NAMBLA and individual members will be welcome.



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The Greeks are, relatively, a relaxed people in comparison with the English-speaking nations. Nevertheless even here the TV shows case after case, which are, without any exception, negative. The workgroup there, the Palantine Society, gave some counterweight in a TV program, but this was nearly the end of the group. The District Attorney searched for the members the group who took part in this program but the TV journalist refused to identify those who had taken part so the prosecutor was impotent. However, several members felt fearful and left the group. Any further publicity of this sort is no longer possible.

In Greece, there is no national organization for sexual matters, but there are two gay-lesbian organizations. One of them, AKOE, wants to stay politically correct and to continue to receive government subsides, thus the group kept silence about AIDS and condemns pedophilia. The other, EOK, is more tolerant and independent. Both organizations are small and not very active.

The social climate is something like 'everything is possible, as long as it doesn't frighten the horses' that is as long as it does not get any publicity. Factually, this is a double standard of morals, and people living in this climate feel a need to lead a 'double life' with all the stress that this produces.

The Greek language has no word for "pedophilia". The dictionary does not mention it. If it is used, which is seldom, it has the original meaning, that of "love for children". The word used for 'pedophilia' is "pederastia" and this implies a sexual aspect.

The Netherlands

Once a haven of tolerance and levelheaded people, The Netherlands is now a country of fear and repression like all the others. (See the article about the High Court's decision that even the possession of one image of a (vaguely defined) sexual act in which a minor (even if he is alone) is involved, can now be punished.) Many arrests and search warrants can be expected now that a reasonable suspicion is all that is required.

The most recent proposal is to make a confidential register of convicted pedophiles. It is very unclear who can be put on this register. It was astonishing that the Parliament accepted this plan after only a very short discussion.

In this climate, one should not be surprised that Dr. Brongersma's death was apparently not caused by illness but by suicide or euthanasia.


Years ago, the group BLAZE had been blown apart after infiltration by a police informant. Several arrests followed. The leader of the group is now in jail because of very old complaints, of events which occurred many years ago. Fortunately this man still maintains contact with several people from all over the world.

A Royal Commission was formed to investigate corruption among the police; this got very little publicity or public interest until they found a case of indecent behavior by a policeman. The officer was accused of 'protecting pedophiles',. A new commission has been formed and this gave quite positive advice (see Documentation service nrs. 97-129 & 131 and 98-078). Then the public, the press and the politicians awoke. There has been much opposition against the proposals of the commission. In the meantime, the press mentions daily negative cases (or cases as being negative). Many very old complaints have been resurrected and many trials have followed. It is reported that nowadays half of all the trials coming before the courts are about pedophile contacts or crimes. What followed also, are many suicides…

New Zealand

Here the story is much the same; there is nothing new. The Criminal Compensation commission gives cash to victims even when no person has been convicted. People therefore are making money and there are many old accusations.

The United Kingdom

Following the former Tory (Conservative) Government when law after law were produced as a steady drip drip over the years, the Blairite 'New' Labour government has proved to be even more fanatic than the Conservatives.

Here are some of the new or recent changes to the law in UK.

  1. The Sex Offenders Act. Convicted sexual offenders have to register with the police who can inform the neighborhood. There has been a spate (over 40 incidents) of vigilantism with many people injured or forced from their homes. Several innocent people have been beaten up in mistake for a 'pedophile'. Houses have been firebombed and an innocent girl killed in one such conflagration. It is feared that as a result some people have been made homeless and so may be roaming the country. However, there are press reports that the register is 'near collapse', as the police just do not have the manpower to carry out surveillance on all these "dangerous" people. Even some children and young people have been put on the register, the youngest being now just aged 12.

  2. Community Restriction Order will be introduced on 1st December 1998. In these any person convicted or even suspected of sex offences can be barred from entering public places like parks and swimming pools.

  3. Prevention of Terrorism. In the wake of the Omagh bombing last August, the government passed new anti-terrorist legislation allowing conviction purely on the say-so of a senior police officer. The government is quite satisfied that this legislation has been drawn sufficiently broadly that it will be able to be used against 'drug traffickers', 'money launderers' and 'pedophile rings'.

  4. Football hooligans overseas. Similarly, legislation to prevent Britain exporting its soccer hooligans is being prepared and will also allow the authorities to prevent pedophiles from travelling on holiday "as it is well known that the only reason for such a visit is so that they can 'molest' the local youngsters."

  5. Mental health Act. Moves are afoot to change the Mental Health Act so that pedophilia - already classified as an incurable disease - will henceforth allow for an indeterminate sentence. That is the prisoner will be transferred to a secure mental institute on completion of any sentence until such time as he (it is always characterized as 'he') "no longer poses a risk".

  6. The various lists of those prohibited from working with children, such as the notorious 'list 99' of the Department of Education, and other lists kept by such at the Scouts Association are to be brought together.

Almost every day there are complaints from Police and 'concerned citizens' that the law is not tough enough so that those in the UK live in expectation of more of the steady drip, drip of new legislation continuing.

The House of Lords blocked legislation to change the age of Gay consent from 18 to 16, so as to make this age equal for boys as for girls. The government accepted the Lords wrecking amendment as otherwise their whole 'Law and Disorder' Bill would have fallen.

And, by the way, self-evidently there are plans in Europe to make the tapping of phone and E-mail easier for the investigators.

There have been many big investigations of abuse in child-care homes. Many of the allegations have been generated because the police and social workers contacted former inmates of these homes and, in asking if they had been 'abused' by any of the care workers in past times, also told them that they might be eligible for compensation - even if the allegations did not result in a conviction. Surprise, surprise, many came forward with such claims. The investigating authorities, both police and social 'care', are working in reverse here. 

Normally when a crime is committed the police investigate to find out who is responsible. In these care-home cases (indeed in any 'pedophile crime' investigation) the police have a suspect and then go out to see if there are any crimes they can find they have committed. The result is a sort of 'feeding frenzy', one 'victim' is told that allegations have already been made about a suspect and so a new victim is found. The police seem to be concentrating on the quantity of such charges and are hopeful that the court will not be interested in the quality of the 'evidence'. (In a recent case one of the accused was found not guilty - as he left the court the police re-arrested him on a further seven new charges)

In the meantime, no child in the U.K. walks alone to school. No parent wants the shame of appearing to take the risk of molestation of their children by a pedophile (who is seen behind every tree). Parents, who take this enormous risk, should be investigated. But there is opposition also: Families for Freedom oppose this entire ruling by authorities. They claim that children are over-protected and thus totally fettered and constrained. In some of the media, this opposition is beginning to be heard.

Another opposing group is Outrage, which pleads for a lower age of consent. But its leader, Peter Tatchell, has been arrested because he protested in Canterbury Cathedral against discrimination of gays by the Archbishop. Disturbing a ceremony in a church, however, is forbidden by a law of 1860. (Stop Press) 5th December 1998. Inevitably Tatchell has been found guilty. But the magistrate had a sense of humor. He fined him (Pounds) 18.60!!

Some individuals and a female reporter tried to give some counterweight in a TV item. This was named The Devil Among Us. This title was meant to attract the attention of the public and is meant as 'these devils are actually people like you and me - if we are to try to deal with them we must first try to understand them' (See Documentation service nr. 97-126). The program was delayed whilst the producers fought against changes required by the commissioning authority. It was 'too positive' and some 'negative' items should be added before broadcasting. Also the reporter was criticized because she was 'not hard enough against these evil men'.

The U.K. is becoming hysterical. There is a mass of news items about 'pedophile rings', but no real facts are to be found. Massive investigation is done in school after school, care home after care home. The result: no criminal facts, only more suicides…


From Ireland we received the message that The Bill (see Newsletter E3 p. 30) was passed in its entirety a few months ago. Among other things, it makes even literature that "promotes" pedophilia - under Irish law that's sexual relations with anyone under 17 - illegal and also all forms of so-called child pornography", including drawings and "audio" material.


In comparison with The Netherlands, things seem to happen with a bit more rationality. It is a great country and there is more discussion before any change. But also in Germany there were consequences after the Dutroux case and the Stockholm Conference. Within a fortnight a million signatures were gathered calling for more severe legislation. The government could not ignore this (see doc. Nr 98-079 % -080). BTW, in no law is the word pedophilia used; only abuse (Missbrauch) is mentioned. The article 176 has had an extension. For example: if someone touched a minor in the genital area, he is acting against the law. After a second conviction, one can be held for life in some institute. 'Experts' shall say who can be free and who is not. Another extension is that the dossiers of youth offenders shall not be destroyed when they reach adulthood.

Protests came from the AHS, from the Gesellschaft für Sexualwissenschaft (see doc. Nr 97-150 & 98-082). On the other side, a police officer proposed to criminalize the formation of the Pädoselbsthilfegruppen. These groups protested, but their protest has not received any publicity (see doc. Nr 98-081). This Gesellschaft für Sexualwissenschaft intends to support these self-help groups under certain conditions, among these is that the counseling must be by a person from outside the Group.

In the German legislation as well as in the thinking and speaking habits, a sharp distinction is made between the several age groups. Under the age of 14 one speaks of Kind and Pädo. Above this age it is Jugendliche and Homo. A proposal to split the self-help groups along these age lines is for a German mind more logical than, say, for the Dutch mind.

From France 

(La Douce France, the country with the Liberté, égalité & fraternité) we received the following message.

Original French text (corrected by the secretary because the original message had no capitals or punctuation and seemed to be one long sentence):

Bonjour à tous , la situation en France est comme ailleurs. Toujours la même chasse aux sorcières, on crée de toutes pièces un véritable climat anti pédophile, surtout entrenu par la presse. On peut se poser la question si cela ne serait pas orchestré trés haut. Il n’ y a ici plus aucunes écoutes. Ce n’ est que la répression. Nous sommes considéré presque comme des terroristes. La police agit comme dans les années troubles de la guerre, en opérant des raids et saisissant tout sur son passage, une véritable censure s’ opère sur la pensée pédophile. C’ est le status quo. Il n’ y a que répression. On peut se poser la question si on a encore le droit de penser sa pédophile. Le problème est grave car on va à l’encontre de la pensée personnelle, de la liberté, peut-on de la vivre son vie. Pour cela il faudrait pouvoir prendre la parole, mais on ne nous laisse même pas s’ exprimer. Certaines personnes en France on essayait de s’ exprimer par la voix d’ un bulletin, mais la justice les considèrent comme presque une association de malfaiteurs.

On amalgame tout et tout est prétexte pour cela. Ici en France on manque de voix, car plus on criera de nous laisser vivre notre idée celle de la p. Peut être que les gens nous écouterons, dans le mot pédophile il y a Amour...Nous sommes des êtres Humain.

English version:

Hello, the situation in France is just as it is elsewhere. Always the same hunting for witches in order to create in all parts a true anti-pedophile climate, especially by the press. One can pose the question if this could be orchestrated on a much higher level. There is nobody anymore listening here in France. It is only repression. We are considered almost like terrorists. The police act like in the war years, carrying out their raids and seizing all on their passage, a true censure operation on the thoughts of pedophiles. This is the status quo. All is repression. One can even raise the question if one has yet the right to think pedophile thoughts. The problem is serious because one goes beyond the limits of the right for personal thoughts, for freedom and maybe the right to live one's live. For that, it should be necessary to be able to speak, but one does not even let to us express ourselves. Certain people in France tried to express themselves by means of a bulletin, but the justiciary regards them as almost a criminal conspiracy.

All is the same and all is prejudice. Here in France one misses a voice, because if we should speak, the more we should shout that we only want to live our pedophile lives. Maybe people will listen and will know that in the word 'pedophilia' there is 'philia': l'amour, love...We are Human Beings… 



Are we talking about sexual orientations, or prevalence, or possibilities? During the discussions, these terms alternated with each other. Should these terms or concepts exclude each other? We suppose that each human being has the possibility to achieve any one of several sexual orientations, whether conscious of it or not. If one uses orientation, it implies a kind of choice; if one uses prevalence, a kind of inborn quality. If one uses possibilities, this implies a conscious use.

Helping each other

Most of the national organisations tend to be self-help groups in one form or another. How can we help each other? Suppose a new group member behaves in a typical pedophilic way; is it a kindness to try to diminish this kind of behavior? In this era, the only advice one can give is to keep oneself within the limits of the law of the country. Can it be helpful to advise that they search for a kind of compensation and/or sublimation? Can it be helpful to look critically at the quality of the relationship(s) one has?

Youth's turn of 180o

Everywhere we see adults making a U-turn in their feelings and interpretation of a relationship, sometimes many years afterward. Everywhere old complaints come up about things that happened 10, 20 sometimes as much as 50 years ago and that which was supposed to be consensual and positive is now apparently seen as coercive and negative. Supposedly, thus turnabout is not predictable; it seems to be a 50/50 chance. Maybe, for a child, sex is just a playful activity only. Later, sex is explained to them and then it becomes a problem. Or is it that the social climate is influencing the youth to make this turn in their feelings?

The Ancient Greeks

Whilst in Athens, everyone naturally speaks about the ancient Greek culture. So did we. Supposedly, this era is now idealized. Maybe for the free citizens those times were good, but for the slaves it must have felt otherwise. Consensuality was not for them, we think. Supposedly also not for the women in these times. In general, culture and religion are strong and important factors for all human beings. Even the language implies certain ethics and moral ideology.


The ancient Greek used the concept of erotica. This concept of sexuality was then not used for centuries after the ancient Greek culture and has only returned in the Victorian era of the last 150 years or so. Nowadays, concepts like 'a sexual act' and 'sexual abuse' are part of our language and thinking. The problem of our era is that nowadays every bodily touch, whether it is meant as a neutral act, or maybe as erotic, is nevertheless seen and interpreted as a sexual act - if not as sexual abuse. So sexuality is a very broad concept now; the broader it is, the more it is seen as a criminal act. More and more the terms sex and crime are synonymous. There is an obsession with sex in the whole Western culture. It is 'a pleasure for the president' (and thus for all men), as well as a crime. The problem comes in the simplistic way of thinking about these matters. During our Meeting, some expressed this in an analytic way whilst for other's this was holistic and a third's way was spiritual.


In former Newsletters we were told about an attempt to start an alternative worldwide lesbian/gay movement, the International Organization for the Liberation of Homosexuality, as a counterbalance to ILGA. The expectation is that this organization will be founded within the coming year. See the Barcelona Manifesto in this Newsletter. We discussed this manifesto intensively, and corrected the original English translation extensively. There was no unanimity about this Manifesto and we had many critical remarks to make of it.

International Forum for Sexual Liberation- Manifesto

Donostia (San Sebastian), March 14-15 1998 (Translation: Isabel, October 1998)

((Between double brackets: Proposals of the 12th IPCE-meeting in Athens, October 1998))

At the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, the undersigned associations and individuals wish to express their discontent with the situation around the world in matters like the sexual freedom of human beings, within the frame of full individual freedom, in aspects like sexual orientation, sexual practices, sexual roles, etc. None of these matters have been resolved or normalized. On the contrary, we have observed an involuting tendency, an increasing current of new-puritanism and political and moral conservatism, which originated as a neo-liberal and commercial ideology in the socio-economic field, and has reached the ideology and practice of some gay and lesbian associations.

This moral right-wing tendency is recuperating new atavisms and prejudices from stages that have been overcome within individual sexual nature. It is also going deeply into the oppression of certain expressions of human sexuality.

Consequently, the differentiated sexual behaviors continue to be loaded with guilt and heterosexual adult sexuality is being presented as the only one possible, good, sane and legal. Vaginal penetration and male orgasm still pretty much summarize western sexuality, thereby depriving the remaining possible and real sex practices of social acceptability, moral legitimacy, and legal rights.

As a consequence, some groups of people see their right to a free and worthy sex life non-acknowledged. For instance, social recognition is still being denied to the non-reproductive and differentiated sexuality of old people; similarly, the sexuality of minors, prisoners and physically and mentally handicapped people is being stopped and legally penalized.

In general, sensual and sexual expression are being forcibly relegated to the strictest intimacy possible and to secrecy, starting from caresses and ending with intercourse; this is proof of an atavistic and irrational shame and of a most tremendous hypocrisy: society rejects publicly what it intimately desires.

The fear and the phobia of public expression of sexuality are even more acute when it comes to gays and lesbians. Homosexual sensuality, being socially different, if displayed in the streets, awakens the fears that were caused by a century-long oppression in the whole of society. This extermination of sexual and sensual visibility is a necessary step for the ones that have made it their task to systematically deny the fundamental right of the individual to sexual freedom: what is not visible does not exist.

Various are the facts that confirm the validity of these tendencies:

the scarce presence of sensuality and sexuality in the educational system, and when present, it is biased and strongly normalized.

the shame for one's own body, the fear for nakedness and the penalization of its public display.

the identification of sensual visualization as a public scandal.

the stigmatization of sexually transmitted diseases and, at this particular historical moment, of AIDS.

the constant conflicts about age of consent laws as well as the partial, subjective and manipulative media intervention.

the indistinctive criminalization of intergenerational relationships ((pedophilia)).

the disappearance *((diminishment))* of physical contact in personal relationships (e.g. friendships).

the increasing number of attacks on gays, lesbians, transsexuals *((in some areas))*.

the use of religious fundamentalism in order to oppress sexuality.

These phenomena are part of a process and of a social response which, to most reactionary people, are proof of a wave of moral corruption. This argument serves as an excuse to put restrictions on people's sensual and sexual behavior. To these people, sexual desire is no more the motive for the crime, but is being treated as the crime itself, against which they must fight. Just as the desire for financial profit isn't being condemned (on the contrary, everyone considers it legitimate and it's protected by laws even beyond other fundamental human rights), fraudulent or criminal enrichment is. Therefore, we do not wish to see condemned any sexual desire acted upon without violence, abuse, coercion or deception.

We can't afford the luxury of renouncing the defense of sexual freedom for the whole of humanity even if we have obtained specific successes within our own circles. Sexual freedom will not be real as long as homosexuality or other oppressed sexualities aren't fully accepted; we cannot become accusers of other realities in order to obtain social acceptance. We know better than anyone the consequences of an oppressed sexuality in childhood, in adolescence, in maturity. Such suffering isn't worthy of any human being. All of us are entitled to enjoy fully a freely accepted, unconditional and respectful sexuality.

We wish to share with you a social project which is common to all women and all men ((all women, men and children)) who believe that the world we live in isn't the best possible. Our input will aim for a new ethics based on respect and the co-existence of sexual diversities, a new system of values in which sensuality will prevail as a basis for the construction of a more solidary world, whose hierarchy will be articulated upon the basic principles of freedom and equality for all individuals and peoples on earth. We defend the equal distribution of social goods as a contribution to a sustainable development. We want to open ourselves to solidarity with every fight that attempts to reach full freedom for every man and every woman ((every man, woman and child)). If we suffer from racism, we cannot be racist; if we are being discriminated against, we cannot discriminate against others; if we are attacked, if we are forgotten, if we are imprisoned, we cannot attack, nor forget, nor imprison. We claim the recognition of our rights, but not in order to assimilate ourselves to the conductivism of the establishment nor to the market nor in competitiveness: we claim the specific acknowledgement of certain non-exclusive and non-excluding rights which the whole of society will benefit from.

Therefore, we defend:

The right to education about sensuality, including a sex education starting from childhood, based on the knowledge of one's own body as a source of pleasure and oriented towards the right to love as one wishes. This sex education must be non-heterosexist ((non-(hetero)-sexist)) and non- discriminatory and present real sexual plurality.

The right to have access to a job without discrimination. No job profile based on sexual behavior is acceptable.

The right to live in a society with a sustainable development that would make compatible, on a world scale, quality of life for women and men ((women, men and children)) with quality of life on our planet.

The right to freely use and enjoy one's own body.

The right to personal dignity as well as physical integrity and security, guaranteed by laws and governments.

The right to a non-discriminatory age of consent regardless of different sex practices ((can be misconstrued)).

The right to a worthy and respectable view of all sexual orientation in the media and any other social, public, scientific or art expression.

The right to visibility and social respect for sensual expressions of any kind in public places.

The right to a non-discriminatory legislation in any fields of the different human sex practices.

Likewise, we reject:

The model of a gay community as a unique means for the liberation of homosexual desire of men and women, since ((if)) it does not contribute to sexual liberation, doesn't have any social project, but is being determined by protectionism and corporativism and in practice winds up defending the postulates of the society of consumption as a source of happiness and personal liberation.

Sexist militarism settled in a wide range of social sectors.

The imposition of western sexual morals on the whole planet.

Donostia (San Sebastian), March 14-15 1998

Zur Notwendigkeit pädophiler Selbsthilfegruppen

Wolfgang K. und Paul S., Mailand und München im September 1997; Überarbeitung Januar 1998

Offener Brief an Eltern und Angehörige von Pädophilen

Liebe Freunde,

in Absprache mit den Initiatoren, darf ich Euch folgenden offenen Brief zur Kenntnis bringen. Er darf an portentielle Interessenten weitergegeben und in passendem Rahmen veröffentlicht werden.
Grüße, paul

Liebe mitbetroffene Eltern und Angehörige:

Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe von Eltern, deren erwachsene Kinder pädophil sind.

Unser Ziel ist es, allen Eltern und Angehörigen von Pädophilen zu ermöglichen, miteinander und mit uns offen über alle damit verbundenen Nöte und Ängste zu reden. Durch das weitverbreitete Unverständnis der Allgemeinheit wird nämlich auch uns Angehörigen das Leben unnötig schwer gemacht.

Mit uns können alle Betroffenen ohne Angst und Ablehnung oder Repression über sich und über die erotischen Neigungen ihrer Kinder bzw. Angehörigen nachdenken und sprechen. Dadurch lernen wir, unser Kind bzw. Unseren Angehörigen besser zu verstehen. So können wir ihm die Unterstützung zukommen lassen, die es ihm ermöglicht, ein psychisch stabiler Mensch zu sein, der reflektiert und verantwortungsbewußt handelt.

Ein anderer Schwerpunkt unserer Gruppe ist, Erfahrungen im Umgang mit Therapien, der Justiz und dem Strafvollzug auszutauschen.

Die Diskriminierung der Pädophilen beruht auf der weitverbreiteten Un- oder Fehlinformiertheit der meisten Leute. Dem entgegenzuwirken ist eines unserer weiteren Ziele. Wir vermitteln die Möglichkeit, an Selbsthilfegruppen in Ihrer Region, sowie an Fachvorträgen über das Thema teilzunehmen.

Das Wichtigste aber ist: Wir erkennen, daß wir mit diesen Problemen nicht allein sind und schöpfen so neuen Mut.

Bitte melden Sie sich bei der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Humane Sexualität (AHS e.V.)

Carl-Vogtstr. 4 35394 Gießen Tel.: (0641) 77347

Stichwort: Eltern- und Angehörigengruppe

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Kontakt.

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