The Sexual Life of the Child

by Moll, Albert, 1862-1939
Translated from the German by Paul, Eden, 1865-1944
Introduction by Thorndike, Edward L. (Edward Lee), 1874-1949
First published in German as Das Sexualleben des Kindes, 1909
First published in English by Macmillan, 1912. LCCN 12-015624
Copyright © 1912 The Macmillan Company
This edition of October 2000 by Books Reborn
xv, 339 p. ; 20 cm.
155.3   HQ56.M67

Copyright laws vary from country to country, but I doubt there is a country in existence which would not deem the copyright on this volume to have expired.--Books Reborn, Oct 2000.

This edition of Oct 2000 by Books Reborn has been OCR scanned from a 1929 Macmillan reproduction of the 1912 edition. Careful attention has been given to eliminate errors from the OCR process. The pagination of this volume very closely mimics the 1912 edition, and so page references to that edition will be valid here.

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