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Bernard, Dr. Frits 

Selected Publications of Dr. Frits Bernard; An International Bibliography 

Paedophilia, a Factual Report, 1985 [< Html version] [PDF Version] 

On the Ipce web site are:

 The Dutch Paedophile Emancipation Movement; From Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia, volume 1 number 2 (Autumn 1987), p. 35-45.

On Paedophilia:
   I. A Center for Paedophiles?
   II. The Meaning of Paedophilia

[See also < https://www.ipce.info/ipceweb/Library/reg_b.htm >

Brongersma, Dr Edward. Loving Boys; A multidisciplinairy study of sexual relations between adult and minor males; Global Academic Publishers, 1986. 

Volume 1 [Long pdf file: 20 MB]

Volume 2 [Long pdf file: 33 MB]

Loving Boys - Volume 1 - Das Pädosexuelle Abenteur - Herausgegeben von Angelo Leopardi - Deutsche Ausgabe des Niederländische und Englische Bestsellers [PDF]

Kinsey, Alfred C.

Kinsey, Alfred C., Pomeroy Wardel B., & Martin Clyde E.;
The Sexual Behavior of the Human Male; 1948 [Long pdf file]

Kinsey, Alfred C., Pomeroy Wardel B., Martin Clyde E. & Gebhard, Paul;
The Sexual Behavior of the Human Female, 1953 [Long pdf file]

Leahy, Terry, Negotiating Stigma: Approaches to Intergenerational Sex, PhD thesis. 
PhD thesis presented to the University of New South Wales, 1991.
First published in January 2002 by Books Reborn.

PDF File (here)

Html files (in Library 3):



[Part 1 - Chapter 6 - Conclusions 1] 

[Part 2 - Chapter 10 - Conclusions 2]

Martinson, Floyd M. 
(Floyd Mansfield Martinson, 11 Nov 1916-23 Apr 2000)
Memorial Republication Project

Following Floyd's death in April 2000, and with the cooperation of his widow Beatrice, the Floyd M. Martinson Memorial Republication Project has been set up to honor Floyd's valuable contribution to society by reproducing as many as possible of his works online.

The Quality of Adolescent Sexual Experiences, 1974 

The Care of Infants and Young Children; The New American Dilemma; 1999

Family in Society, 1970 

Infant and Child Sexuality: A Sociological Perspective, 1973

Instructor's Manual for Family in Society; by Martinson, Floyd M. and Martinson, Beatrice Awes, 1970

Marriage and the American Ideal, 1960

[See also: Martinson, Floyd M., The Sexual Life of Children


Ego Deficiency as a Factor in Marriage. American Sociological Review. Volume 20, number 2 (April 1955), p. 161-164.

Ego Deficiency as a Factor in Marriage--A Male Sample. Marriage and Family Living. Volume 21, number 1 (February 1959), p. 48-52.

Sexual Knowledge, Values, and Behavior Patterns of Adolescents. Child Welfare. Volume 47, number 7 (July 1968), p. 405-410 & 426.

The Family, the Child, and Social Change. (Abstract) Paper presented at a conference of the International Sociological Association (ISA), 1978.

Childhood and the Institutionalization of Sexuality. (Abstract) Paper presented at a conference of the Midwest Sociological Society (MSS), 1979.

Family Intimacy and Affection: Sweden and the U.S.A. (Abstract) Paper presented at a conference of the International Sociological Association (ISA), 1982.

Children in Family Sociology Texts: United States and Sweden. (Abstract) The Wisconsin Sociologist. Volume 24, number 1 (winter 1987), p. 49-56.

Children and Sex, Part II: Childhood Sexuality. In Bullough, Vern Leroy & Bullough, Bonnie (eds) Human Sexuality: An encyclopedia. New York: Garland Publishing Company, 1994, p. 111-116.

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Moll, Albert, The Sexual Life of the Child, 1990, 1912 ev.

Vogel, Wolf, Heimliche Liebe - Eros zwischen Knabe und Mann; Jahn & Ernst Verlag. [A Word document] 

Yates, Alayne, Sex Without Shame: Encouraging the child's healthy sexual development, 1978