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Sex Without Shame: Encouraging the child's healthy sexual development

by Alayne Yates, 1929-
First published (252 pages) in 1978 by William Morrow (New York), ISBN 0-688-03301-6, LCCN 78-997.
Republished (6+202 pages) in 1979 by Maurice Temple Smith (London), ISBN 0851171664.
1978 edition reprinted in 1982 by Quill, ISBN 0-688-01110-1, LCCN 82-464.
This edition by Books Reborn, March 2001.
Copyright © 1978 Alayne Yates
252 p. ; 21 cm.
649.65    HQ784.S45 Y37

This edition of Sex Without Shame has been OCR scanned from the 1978 edition for publication on the Internet. Pagination and layout of this edition closely mimics that of the 1978 edition, so references to specific pages of that edition remain valid here. The copyright holder, Alayne Yates, has given permission for this edition to be made available to the public on the Internet. She retains all rights to this work.

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Alayne Yates