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Nature of paedophile relationships  

Answers to the question concerning the kinds of relationships with children that are engaged in are summarised in Table 13, with some of the more typical and interesting responses given verbatim in Table 14. The most common descriptions were in non-sexual terms such as affectionate, caring, loving, gentle, intimate, platonic and fatherly. Only 18 subjects explicitly mentioned genital sexuality, with mutual masturbation and oral sex being more frequently cited than anal intercourse.

Four subjects claimed they indulged in actual sexual relationships with children only when overseas in countries where legal restrictions were absent or less strictly enforced, e.g. Morocco, Sri Lanka, the Philippines. Three subjects made reference to paying children for sexual services and two said that they liked their sex play to include some mild spanking. Fleeting, casual encounters with children were mentioned about as often as long-term relationships.

It should be noted that these various types of relationship are by no means mutually exclusive; most of the subjects reported having several different kinds of relationship with different children, either simultaneously or serially. It was particularly common for a subject to claim many affectionate relationships but only very occasional sexual contact.

The impression gained from both the questionnaire answers and the more detailed ‘depth’ interviews was that subjects were reporting fairly honestly and accurately on their behaviour. However, there is a possibility that the sexual motive was being played down by some subjects either out of personal discretion or for the cause of P1 E as a political organisation seeking public approval of paedophilia. This consideration also applies to answers to some of the other questions.    

TABLE 13  

Ways in which 77 paedophiles characterise their relationships with children

            Affectionate, loving, gentle, etc.                        22

            Deep, intimate, close                                            3

            Non-sexual, platonic friendship                       19

            Fatherly                                                                   3

          Genital sexuality involved (whether manua     18

          oral  or anal)

            Sexual relationships overseas only                    4

            Fleeting, casual, playful                                       5

            Long-term                                                              7

            Professional (payment made to child)               3

            Spanking involved                                                2

            None                                                                       5  


TABLE 14  

Nature of relationships with children (Selected quotations)  

S16      ‘Very close affectionate relationships with a number of boys, never sexual. Always friends’ children. I like to cuddle them, and they obviously like it too.’  

S19      ‘As a teacher - many and varied. Personal relationships tend to be good (or I wouldn’t be much use as a teacher). Sex has occurred, but very rarely, and usually with a child that is deprived in some way, and has a need for love.’  

S21      ‘Sexual and platonic. Sometimes just sex; sometimes platonic. Sometimes both. I had a relationship with a boy which lasted 5 years. He seemed not to have suffered. He is now engaged!’  

S23      ‘I have teased, kissed, spanked girls, but it is quite a dangerous hobby. Parents get angry. I have been privileged to kiss girls on the area usually covered by knickers.’  

S24      ‘One sexual with a girl of 9 whose father had left the family. She was starved of affection and attention. It was close and loving without being sexual until one evening she asked me to touch her “like my little brother does”. A happy sexual relationship ensued for six months until the family emigrated (2 more relationships).’  

S34      ‘All my relationships start by being friends; then to being physically close, i.e. cuddling and then, under the right circumstances, if the boy is willing, on to sex.  

S35      ‘Usually hopeless romantic yearning for a particular boy, sometimes accompanied (given the social opportunity) by his friendship, but no sexual initiatives on either side. Small amount of casual masturbatory sex with several boys.’  

S39      ‘As a teacher, all sorts of relationships, but outside school several “affairs” of a sexual nature with various boys; not only sexual but emotional as well.’  

S40      ‘Usually founded on activity group work with children. Simply being an affectionate, concerned and lively adult for them. Playing, telling, listening, and answering questions.’  

S45      ‘Loving, caring ones, or if you are referring to physical activities, then mutual and unilateral masturbation, kissing, cuddling, etc.’  

S46      ‘I had passionate and emotionally intense relationships with six boys of 14/15 when I was teaching in a boarding school between 1957 and 1963. Sexual activity was frequent and reciprocally enjoyable, but the affection was more important to me. Since then I have had only one short-lived sexual relationship with a boy of 15, though I have had (and have) a number of intense friendships with boys between 13 and 17 which have not involved sexual activity.’  

S60      ‘Quite a few emotional encounters, most of short duration, one or two lasting over a period of months; only two sexual contacts - one continuing on and off for nearly a year, the other lasting for about 11 weeks. Passive gentle relationships — cuddles, kisses, stroking of legs, etc. No masturbation (passive or active), no genital fondling. Have achieved orgasm through frottage.’  

S62      ‘A number of sexual relationships (}100) lasting 6 months to 10 years, some into adulthood. About one quarter had a sexual element.’  

S71      ‘Very pleasant ones. In some cases sexual, but outside the U K. Generally as a sort of brother/father benefactor type with disadvantaged kids. One unpleasant experience of blackmail.’  

S77 ‘Kissing, cuddling, mutual masturbation, some oral, and anal sex. My last affair with an English boy lasted five years, he is now married, both him and his wife live with me, his wife knows of the relationship we used to have, and understands.’  


Question 10 asked whether the subjects had fantasies concerning relationships with children, and if so, their nature and frequency. The majority of the sample reported having some fantasies of this kind, and it is clear from Table 15 that these fantasies were more likely to include sexual activity than were real-life activities. This is not really surprising considering that adult-child sex contacts are socially forbidden and that the fantasies of most people outpace their real-life activities. It is by no means uncommon for people to entertain fantasies that they know they would not actually enjoy in reality. Nevertheless, the fantasies of paedophiles are of great interest because, as with other groups, they give clues to individual arousal mechanisms.

Perhaps the strongest impression to be derived from reading through the fantasies (a selection of which are given in Table 16) is that they are as variable and idiosyncratic as the fantasies reported by other groups (e.g. Gosselin and Wilson, 1980). Perhaps the only thing they really have in common is the involvement of a child or children. In the vast majority of cases the child sex partner is portrayed as a willing, or indeed enthusiastic, participant in the fantasised activities, and quite a high proportion of subjects liked to fantasise having several children at once. In both of these respects (compliance and group sex) the fantasies of the paedophiles seem to be similar to those of normal heterosexual men (Wilson, 1978). On the other hand, a minority of paedophiles reported loving, caring, relationship-oriented fantasies which are more like those of the typical woman. To what extent these were given because of social desirability considerations is not clear.  

TABLE 15  

Main types of fantasies concerning children (Numbers out of 77 declaring each type)

            Sexual activity                                          39

            Romantic or caring                                    22

            None                                                       18

            No answer                                                 7  


TABLE 16  

Fantasies of paedophiles (Selected quotations)  

513      ‘I generally convert my fantasies into elaborate and painstakingly drawn comics. These usually take the form of rape in fantastic environments, and so do my masturbation fantasies, say twice a week. But I should emphasise that the rape is symbolic, and no physical or mental harm is done.’  

514      ‘When I can remember my dreams (which is rare) they some-times include the seduction of a boy, not necessarily one I know. When awake, occasional fantasies concerning friends, always involving hugging, kissing, if no more.  

517      ‘Yes indeed, quite often, ranging from fantasies based on nude photos (when previously available) to those based on the child concerned, for whatever reason.  

S23      ‘Yes, frequently, day and night. Undressing girls, playing with their legs, breasts, buttocks. Mutual spanking sessions. Girl gangs upending me and each one in turn whacking my bottom with a stick or strap.’  

S24      ‘I “live with” or at least regularly have the company of an attractive boy and girl and the three of us have a very loving, sexual relationship, possibly with an adult woman as a mother/ lover. I think about this, say, once a week on average. Pie in the sky!’            

S32      ‘Yes, always of sex with boys, especially known acquaintances or the current “love” usually 12-13 fair hair, smooth complexion, good looks. Fantasies involve oral sex, masturbation and intercrural (but never anal) intercourse - anything where the boy admires me and shares my randiness.’  

S35      ‘Yes, every day. Sometimes with regard to older boys (12- 14) fantasy is romantic, i.e. I’ll dream they are in love with me, and I’ll think about taking them on holiday, etc. Usually fantasy is much more directly sexual: think of undressing boy in erotic way, fellating him, etc. Sexual fantasy about girls too, these fantasies are tender in their sexuality, but never romantic.’  

S46      ‘Yes, these are frequent and intense, and during the course of them I imagine mutual masturbation and fellatio between myself and a number of boys I currently know. Kissing, hugging, and expressions of affection are vital ingredients in the fantasies.’  

S51      ‘Mutual caressing, undressing, nude swimming; to be surrounded by several beautiful little girls. Constantly.’  

S55      ‘I frequently have fantasies about falling in love with a boy, and us being able to live together having a perfect emotional and sexual relationship with no interference from anyone else.’  

S59      ‘Yes, sometimes think of caressing and fondling a naked little blonde girl. How often is difficult - I do not keep a tally, but quite often, probably daily or whenever I see one that attracts me. At other times I think of having intercourse with an older girl, about 14 or 15.’  

S60      ‘Most of the time, relationships involving greater physical contact, particularly mutual masturbation and genital fondling. Often fantasize about shared non-sexual experiences - going to the pictures, fairgrounds, etc.’  

S65      ‘Being in control of large numbers of boys and being able to undress and spank them - very often.’  

S67      ‘Occasionally - in which a boy is emotionally isolated and in need of a stable relationship and love, makes advances to me.’  

S71      ‘(a) Masturbatory - when not with a boy- designed to provoke a quick orgasm; crudely sexual. 1 per day. (b) Idyllic – desirability of a long-term stable relationship with a single boy. But this is impossible by the definition of a paedophile. This more frequent when depressed through work problems or other reasons.  

S72      ‘Yes, recurring idea of having a selection of boys at the same time (7/8) aged 8-14 - having them undress, comparing them - size of genitalia, erection, etc., watching sexual play amongst them-selves and selecting the 2 most attractive to make love to including anal intercourse.’    

Two rather individual fantasies are perhaps of special interest. One man was obsessional about his fantasies (which usually took the form of ‘rape in fantastic environments’) to the extent that he drew them out as comic strips, apparently quite elaborately and painstakingly. This could well have been an important outlet for him, for he denied the possibility that he would ever assault a child in reality. Another man seemed to specialise in regressive fantasies, imagining himself as a child of about four. This would lend support to the idea that some paedophiles enjoy the company of children because at heart they would prefer still to be children themselves, or perhaps to relive their childhood in happier circumstances.  

Desired behaviour in absence of legal sanctions  

Since there is often a distinction between the things that people fantasise about and the things they would actually like to do if given the opportunity, it was thought important to add a question about what they would like to do with children if all legal restrictions were removed. The most common categories of reply are shown in Table 17 and some of the more interesting examples are given in Table 18.    

TABLE 17  

Desired behaviour if legal sanctions removed (main categories of  response)

            Give love, affection, protection, etc.                                    14

            Engage in sexual activity, provided child agreeable         13

            Same as now, but more openly                                               8

            Cohabit or form lasting relationship                                     6    

TABLE 18  

Desired behaviour if legal sanctions removed (Selected quotations)  

S4        ‘I would like to develop a relationship of loving, unselfish affection and allow the child to express himself as his needs dictated. I know from experience that in most cases, in trusting me, nature would take its course and sex play would occur.’  

S5        ‘Date and meet children, take them out and enjoy each other’s company. Make them happy. Be with them as long as possible.’  

SlO      ‘Have a boy live with me until an independent age whilst I take on role combining elements of father, brother, friend, as well as lover. I would certainly want to sleep with him regularly.’  

Sil        ‘Adopt two boys and one girl with no sexual motive but that of being a responsible father.’  

S14      ‘No more than I do already. Buggery does not appeal, merely fondling, masturbating and more important, general love.’  

519      ‘Anything that seemed wholesome and natural, including sexual activity, though this would be a comparatively rare occurrence. What the child wants to do with me is an equally relevant question.’  

S29 ‘Be able to befriend without fear. Be able to allow that friendship to develop naturally along the paths it wanted to take.’            

S32      ‘First maintain my present marriage and then, if my wife agreed, enjoy a normal, natural, affectionate, loving relationship with a boy involving free sexual expression by him and by me of every kind with one or two chosen boys who shared my views and interests — preferably with nights spent in the same bed; frequent sexual adventures and some carefree out-of-doors nudity.’  

S35      ‘Fellatio with boys, cunnilingus with girls. Not really interested in child touching my genitals - never think about it. Nor do I think about intercourse, though I get very turned on by porn films depicting it. Like to watch children either homosexually or heterosexually involved with each other.’  

S39      ‘The law is mostly irrelevant; I would not want to do anything different to what I do now if the law were changed, except that I wouldn’t have to be so secretive or careful.’  

S46      ‘Kiss and hug boys in the age range which most attracts me, and engage in mutual masturbation and fellatio with them. I have no wish for anal intercourse. The complete consent — indeed eagerness of the boy would be essential.’  

S45      ‘Love, care for and protect them (the homeless, parentless, or unwanted would be sufficient). Sleeping with as many as desired it (which would still be a very large number).’  

S49      ‘Make more friends. Take them to movies, restaurants, the zoo. Help them with school work. Enjoy each other’s company. Love them.’  

S53      ‘That would depend on what the child needed from me. Casual sex is out - as I need to know the person first. But mutual masturbation, fellatio, possibly anal intercourse.  

S56      ‘I would endeavour to have sex with them, to seduce them, if I found them attractive, and they were willing. I could be content with very little. The burden of guilt feelings is greater than the frustration of unexpressed sex.’  

S67      ‘To be their confidant and “anchor” friend and to give them a feeling of security and to love them in whatever way they demanded of me.’              

Clearly these answers dwell less on sexual intentions than do the fantasies. The most frequent response was in terms of the love, care and protection that would be bestowed on the child and the manner in which the child might be supposed to benefit from the association. Even among those who cited some sexual activity they would like to pursue (e.g. fellatio, kissing bottoms, spanking, photographing children in the nude), most emphasised that the consent and participation of the child would be an essential prerequisite. Some went further and maintained that what they themselves wanted was fairly irrelevant - it was what the child wanted that was important. Again, we could not help suspecting that some respondents were anxious to paint themselves in the most favourable, altruistic light, knowing that their interests were generally deplored by society.

Another fairly common reply to this question was along the lines that their own behaviour would not change to any appreciable extent, since they did what they had to do anyway. However, in the absence of legal restrictions they could be a great deal more open about it and enjoy a great deal more peace of mind. Others said they would like to live with a boy (or more than one child) on a more or less permanent basis (perhaps until their child partners grew to adulthood), and this presumably would also be a great deal easier in the absence of legal sanctions.  

Feelings about the paedophile preference  

From Table 19 it will be seen that the PIE members were strongly divided in their feelings concerning their own condition. About a third of the sample said they were happy about being paedophiles, although of course most of these were less happy about the reception accorded them by society. A few others said they had come to terms with their somewhat unusual orientation, though it may have taken some time (and perhaps the help of P1 E) to achieve this reconciliation.

Another third of the sample described themselves as disturbed or puzzled by their condition. Again, as can be seen from the quotations given in Table 20, it was quite often the attitude of society that was the cause of their disturbance or puzzlement rather than their paedophilia per se. Another sizeable group registered frustration because of the difficulty in obtaining outlets for their urges.

Five subjects described themselves as sad and depressed because they were paedophiles and four admitted to being guilty or ashamed of their predilection. Another three expressed anger and bitterness at society for interfering with what they saw as natural and ‘loving’ behaviour.

The range of feelings about the state of paedophilia can be gleaned from the statements in Table 20. For example, S55 sees himself as giving ‘love and happiness to children’ and S62 describes his paedophilia as an ‘integral and good part of my total personality’. On the other hand, S18 wonders why he has been ‘afflicted with this torment’ and S24 realises that it is ‘a perversion in the basic meaning of word’.    

TABLE 19  

Feelings about the paedophile preference

            Happy, proud, positive feelings                          27

            Disturbed                                                                  21

            Frustrated                                                                  13

            Puzzled                                                                      11

            Sad, hopeless, depressed                                          5

            Accepting, reconciled                                                 5

            Guilty, ashamed                                                           4

            Bitter, angry (with society)                                          3


TABLE 20  

Feelings about the paedophile preference (Selected quotations)  

S7        ‘I’m certainly puzzled but I’ve given up being disturbed. Many people have secret areas of their lives, and this happens to be mine.  

S9        ‘Happy. Contemptuous of hysteria currently coming from self-appointed moral guardians who seem to know little of what children think and feel.’  

S10      ‘Associations with boys, even if limited to a purely platonic friendly basis, are of paramount importance to me. My only problems are the restraints imposed by society and my own diffidence even among children.’  

S11      ‘Although I like and enjoy my relationship with children, I am both puzzled and disturbed by my sexual liking for them. Those I love, I also fear as they have complete control over me and yet it is this that I long for.’  

S13      ‘Extremely disturbed. My depressive and antisocial nature I attribute solely to this cause. I consider that it cripples my social life, my relationship with family and friends, my career prospects, and my general peace of mind. I am ashamed of it and frequently find it degrading and base.’  

S14      ‘Extremely happy and fulfilled in following any natural inclinations. Only disturbed when confronted by the more “bull-necked” of my fellow men, who wish to confine the infinite variety of sexual (and other) experience within socially pre-scribed limits.’  

S16      ‘I wish very much that I were “normal” enough to have a loving relationship with a woman and to marry and have a family of my own.  

S17      ‘It’s a bloody nuisance really, in today’s world, but I believe I’ve learned to live with it. I have many friends and a busy job and outside interests which prevent me brooding (subconsciously?). These days I believe I try to avoid contacts with children, much as I love them, to avoid temptations.’            

S18      ‘I wonder why I have been afflicted with this torment which has no outlet and for which people are punished. Often wish to end it all, seeing that I will never get a relationship with any boy I like —even to have experienced it would have been something.’  

S20      ‘I often wonder why, but have become resigned to the fact that it’s part of me, so I don’t let it worry me too much. I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be “normal”.’  

S21      ‘I believe it’s the work of Nature (not God, incidentally) so it must be accepted by people. Obviously children need to be protected from people they do not wish to have contact with. Repression leads to guilt - to inner conflicts and mental disorders.’  

S24      ‘Was slightly worried and guilty until meeting and correspond-ing with similar people. I still realise it’s a perversion in the basic meaning of the word, but now feel I can live with it. I am also strongly attracted to mature women (i.e. to age of 38 say) and enjoy several relationships.’  

S32      ‘Happy morally, distressed socially. I am unashamed in that I am convinced it is harmless to them, beneficial to both parties and utterly innocent. But so long as society says it is harmful, corrupting, wicked and punishable I remain frustrated and very, very sad.’  

S33      ‘Consider society in general evil in its treatment of children under the guise of “protection”, “what’s best for them”, etc. In reality the child is never consulted or considered. Absolute bigotry and hypocrisy.’  

S35      ‘Very happy about it, except for the fact that it is illegal, and in our culture it is hard to find kids that are “into” it. Would in addition like to be able to respond to women, if only so I could marry and raise a family of my own beautiful children.’  

S46      ‘I no longer feel guilt about my preference and to that extent am happy about it. It feels absolutely right and natural to me. The worst part of it is the continual sense of frustration and the infrequent opportunity of talking openly about boys without evoking shock or disapproval.’  

S45      ‘I think I have come to terms with it now, though it took a long time. So I’m reasonably happy about it, but unhappy about the need for secrecy and deception and angry about the possible consequences of its revelation.’  

S54      ‘I feel that this is something that separates me from other people and this is basically the cause of my other problems - e.g. lack of success in the working environment.’  

S55      ‘Very bitter to think that there are so many people like myself who give so much love and happiness to children, but are ruthlessly hunted down by members of a heartless society.’  

S62      ‘Probably the same as Black or Jewish people feel about themselves. My paedophilia is an integral and good part of my total personality. The stresses it imposes are entirely the product of society’s hostility.’  

S68      ‘I am the man God made me. As such I am testimony to his infinite variety. My personality is a talent to be used in his honour. It is the driving force of my work for young people and the inspiration of my poems and writing. I am a happy man.’  

S71      ‘Sad that at present it is socially unacceptable and can provoke unwelcome consequences. But otherwise no problems. I’d spend no more time pondering my “preference” than the average worker wonders why he likes page 3 of the Sun.’    

Treatment experiences  

Question 13 asked whether subjects had ever sought professional advice or treatment, and if so, from what kind of person or institution. Table 21 summarises the types of treatment that were attempted and the outcome. The majority had not sought any treatment, either because they did not acknowledge that there was anything wrong with them (‘it’s society that’s sick’) or because they felt their preference was so deep-rooted as to be irremediable. Of those who did find their way to treatment most reported having seen a psychiatrist. (Of course, they may not all have been able to distinguish this description from others, such as psychoanalyst and psychologist, that were less frequently cited.) Three had seen counsellors from the Albany Trust, which is a charity sympathetic to homosexuals. One subject said he was ‘forced by the courts’ to take treatment, another was given treatment in prison, and a third was advised before his trial that the court might treat him more leniently if he was known to be having treatment for his problem. Not all subjects who had seen medical authorities presented paedophilia as their prime complaint. Three sought their treatment for depression, one for migraine and another for fear of dentistry.

Group therapy and drugs were mentioned as the approach to treatment by three subjects each. The others did not specify the nature of their therapy, but it is probable that insight-oriented ‘talk’ therapy was a major component in most cases. A few patients mentioned that aversion therapy had been offered to them, usually half-heartedly, and all had declined.

Of those who made some comment relating to the outcome of therapy thirteen said that it was of no help to them at all, while none reported any beneficial effects. One subject said that his psychiatrist treated his anxiety over his predilection for boys so effectively that he became careless over his contacts and got himself arrested. Other comments of some interest are shown in Table 23.    

TABLE 21  

Experience of professional advice and treatment  


            Psychiatrist                                                17

            Psychoanalyst                                              2

            Psychologist                                                 2

            GP                                                                  3

            Counsellor from Albany Tru                    3

            Student Counsellor                                    1

            Group Therapy                                          3

            Drugs                                                           3

            Forced by courts, pre-trial or in prison   3

            None sought                                               46


            Beneficial                                                       0

            Unsuccessful                                                13  

TABLE 22  

Experience of professional advice and treatment (Selected quotations)  

S10      ‘Yes, some years ago when I attempted also to fit myself into the gay scene. Through my G P I was first offered aversion therapy which I rejected. Tried group therapy - no go; tried psycho-analysis (analyst finally sent me away). Felt non-authentic in homosexual relationships, so settled down to being myself.’  

S19      ‘Yes, a psychiatrist. A pleasant young man, but we never really made contact. To him, I was a “case”, to me, he was a man I was advised to contact, prior to my trial in the courts.’  

S21      ‘Yes, from psychiatrists and psychologists. Mental therapy which led to depression, so treatment discontinued. Also drugs used to suppress to no avail. I have come to the opinion after so much treatment that the only person who can help a paedophile is himself. All treatment I thought was useless. There should be more research into what makes a person paedophile, which I think is the environment the child is brought up in. From my own personal experience once a person becomes a paedophile he is like it for the rest of his life, to some degree or other.’  

S30      ‘From a doctor who said the only thing she knew was aversion therapy, which she did not recommend. Have talked to priests who are very helpful.’  

S38      ‘Twice in prison, but found no help under their care. I felt it was all a ritual which they had to enact so that forms could be filled in. They showed no interest, spent most of time yawning, their attitudes being, “we have heard it all”.’  

S40      ‘No, the only advice I would ever seek professionally would be legal advice, or else NCCL, if I were ever charged with an offence relating to my sexuality by the police. Treatment is a complete misnomer. Do heterosexuals need treatment to prevent them giving love?’  

S45      ‘Several years ago, I went (voluntarily) into a mental hospital for a few days’ observation for depression and eventually discussed it with the registrar, but declined aversion therapy, which was all that was offered.’  

S48      ‘Under parental pressure, I consulted a specialist (a psychiatrist attached to the local hospital). He simply said that if I was committed in this particular direction he could do nothing about it. He counselled me not to break the law.’  

S57      ‘No, why should I, with all the broken homes, etc. there would seem to be a need for us.’  

S77      ‘I have always felt that if I could not change myself into a heterosexual nobody else would change me. I have found this theory to be right in later years.

TABLE 23  

Other Comments

S11      ‘I cannot understand why I like being hurt in my private parts, by kneeing and kicking. Also suffocating by having the soft stomach lying on my face. My supreme obedience and sub-mission as soon as his body touches mine.’  

S12      ‘I am a loving person. I need to love and be loved not by one person but many. Once I had 23 boys on the go, in different relationships, some as long as 3 years. If my kid is happy so am I, that is my motto (Freedom for Boys).’  

S14      ‘Presumably like any other sexual experience this seems to me to vary greatly from individual to individual (both on the adult and the child’s side of any relationship) and is basically the loving response of someone to the needs of another human being -   a state of affairs which may or may not last, just as needs vary on either side. I do not consider myself a threat to the institution of marriage or to any other institution, and I would say the same of the few other paedophiles I have known.’  

S15      ‘I would simply like to see a greater recognition of the civil law and less insistence on increasing the number of criminal laws and their punitive aspects. If children are attracted to adults it’s natural that some reciprocation occurs. At present child batterers are more respected than molesters.’  

S16      ‘I know that my close relationships with boys have usually been of benefit to them. I know of no case where it has been otherwise. Some are now married with families, and still visit me. In one case I certainly saved an 11-year-old from a nervous breakdown by giving him all I had in the way of affection and support.’  

S18      ‘My only outlets are my imagination and memory of people seen. Odd trips to Denmark where I found no physical contact; photos. I have been trying my own auto-suggestion methods based on books. Sometimes I get through whole days without being bothered. Holidays are the worst times. I even try to avoid places where children go as I know I can never be successful with any, especially here. My hand is my only sexual outlet. I reckon I will die unfulfilled sexually. How I wish I did not have this affliction. If I have to destroy my pictures I will have nothing.’  

S19      ‘There is a mountain of evidence that paedophilia is a fact of life and is only remotely connected with child molestation. The latter I am entirely incapable of doing, though I am condemned for it. There is an urgent need for education on the subject in society.’  

S23      ‘Obviously my sexual interests are an extension of childish fancies, but this satisfies me. With females of any age I have a spanking addiction. Playing with young girl’s bottoms, and handling their knickers is great.’  

S24      ‘The only time I hate myself is when I am very frustrated I go out “hunting” hoping to seek an opportunity for some quick illicit sex. This happens maybe once a month at most. In six years it has only once been successful. Less frequent since starting a relationship with a beautiful boy of 9.’  

S25      ‘I cannot understand people’s hostility and suspicion towards adults who live alone. When they go in supermarkets they are always watched with suspicion. When they are arrested they are robbed of all they possess with the help of probation officers, etc’  

S27 ‘As a child I viewed all this sex in a healthy and a happy way till I found out it was unlawful. I am depressed ever since.’  

S30 ‘I take Christianity seriously and like to think that my attitude to the children I fancy is as Christ-like as I can make it.’  

S31      ‘There should be no punishment for loving or touching children or seeing them unclothed. But definitely punishment for un-wanted sex or assault and neglect. Violence is condoned - love punished.’  

S34      ‘I like to think of myself as a helper and mentor to my young friends. With some I am a lover as well, but to all I am a friend.’  

S35      ‘I feel paedophilia is at the core of my identity; I couldn’t change my orientation without becoming a totally different person, with different aesthetic perceptions, affectual responses and even political sympathies. I am happy with myself as I am because I feel (a) morally sound (b) I am able to live a reasonably balanced life despite the obvious difficulties (c) I feel we paedophiles are privileged to have a view of the world that is denied to most.’  

S39      ‘I am really only interested in a mutual loving relationship with a boy. I do not force my attentions on children and feel annoy & that most people do not (or will not) see the difference between my behaviour and that of those people who need to use violence for their ephemeral pleasures.’  

S46      ‘The visual component of sex is important to me - seeing adolescent boys naked, singly or in groups, is a physical and aesthetic delight of great intensity. Obviously I would like the age of consent lowered to say 14 - but I think it important to safeguard boys from having unwelcome sexual attentions forced on them.’  

S51      ‘I do not regard myself as a pervert. Those who cannot be deeply moved by the wonder of a beautiful child, those who are indifferent, those are the true perverts.’  

S59      ‘If children had not been intended to enjoy sexual acts before they were able to reproduce, they would not have been given the capability of orgasm. Puritanical bigotry is denying them their God-given right. It is hoped that this survey, in which I have been pleased to participate, will help to bring about a more enlightened, tolerant and less bigoted view of paedophilia, and its acceptance as a recognised manifestation of human sexuality and not a freak sexual deviation.’  

S77      ‘Unlike some others like myself I have always looked for a one-to-one relationship, and with the right partner, take no interest in looking for other boys.’  

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