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NAMbLA The Good news About Man/Boy Love

A newly published analysis of 59 different studies of youth sexuality has just appeared in the prestigious Psychological Bulletin. Using a powerful technique called "meta-analysis", the analysis shows that the current war on boylovers has no basis in science,

The scientists find that:

- Basis beliefs in the general population about the sexual experiences of children and adolescents with adults (such as the belief that they typically cause intense harm) are not supported by the evidence.

- Most youthful sexual experiences with older partners do not involve force or threats.

- Family environment factors are 9 times as important as sexual experience for predicting bad outcomes. Studies from the "sex abuse industry" consistently fail to recognize bad family environments as the main source of abuse and harmful experiences.

- There is no association between boys' sexual experience and emotional problems unless the experience is unwanted. The correlation between girls' sexual experiences which can be classified as "abuse" and poor emotional "adjustment" is very small and cannot be assumed to be due to any cause-effect relationship.

- On average, nearly 70% of males in the studies reported that as children or adolescents their sexual experiences with adults had been positive or neutral.

- Click here for more information about this and other studies [This link does not work, as the web site has been removed]

Rind, B., Tromovitch, P., and Bauserman, R., (1998), "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples", Psychological Bulletin, 124, 22-53.

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