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99-083 @ 2pp US Congress Resolution 107, July 12, condemning the Rind et al. research report
99-099b 7pp Das gehegte Opfer; das fragwürdige Erbe von Martin Heidegger, &The pampered victim; the dubious legacy of Martin heidegger,durch/by G. G., in: Koinos 22, summer 1999
99-100b 8pp Intime Beziehungen zwischen Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen; gibt es Kriterien für enen guten Kontakt? &
Intimate relationships between young people and adults; are there criteria for a positive experience? durch/by Frank van Ree in Koinos 24, winter 1999
99-101 15pp Predicting Relapse: A Meta-Analysis of Sexual Offender Recidivism Studies, by R. Karl Hanson & Monique T. Bussière, Department of the Solicitor General of Canada; in: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 1998, Vol. 66, No. 2, pp 348-362. [See next #]
99-102b @ 3pp About Recidivism; a meta-analysis, reviewed by Frans Gieles; in: Ipce newsletter E6, July 1999 (about 99-101)

99-103 @ 68pp
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Canadian Court Ruling (Sharpe case), June 2, 1999
99-104 @ many Canadian Court Ruling (Sharpe case), Febr 1, 1999
99-105 @ 25kB Canadian court dumps kid-porn law, July 1, 1999; Possession of explicit material ruled legal.
99-106 @ 34kB Laws about child porn in Canada & USA
99-107 @ 1kB Judge block Internet porn law, by Michael Rubinkam, Ass. Press., Febr. 1, 1999
99-108 @ 2pp

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Review of: The Culture of Fear; Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things: The Internet, Child Abduction, Baby-Killing Mothers, Mutant Microbes, Plane Crashes, Road Rage, etc.", by Barry Glassner.
99-109 @ 38kB Sexuality, Violence and Psychological After-Effects, A Longitudinal Study of Cases of Sexual Assault which were Reported to the Police, by Michael C. Baurmann,  English-language summary on pages 523-33 of Sexualität, Gewalt und psychische Folgen: Eine Längschnittuntersuchung bei Opfern sexueller Gewalt un sexuellen Norm-verletzungen anhand von angezeigten Sexualkontakten (Wiesbaden, Bundeskriminalamt Forschungsreihe Nr. 15, 1983).
99-110a @ 81kB Body pleasure and the origins of violence, by James W. Prescott, in: The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists, November 1975, pp. 10-20.
99-110b @ 90kB Körperliche Lust und die Ursprünge der Gewalttätigkeit, von James W. Prescott, Aus: The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists, November 1975, S. 10-20
99-111 @ 32pp


A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples, by Bruce Rind, Philip Tromovitch & Robert Bauserman, in: Pschygological Bulletin, 1998, Vol. 124, No. 1, 22-53
99-112 @ 3kB NAMBLA, The Good news About Man/Boy Love (NAMBLA's first reaction to 99-111)
99-113 @ 1kB The Problem of Pedophilia, Adult-Child Sex Is Not Necessarily "Abuse," Say Some Psychologists; The NARTH web page (about 99-111). (.txt) 
99-114 @ 1kB APA's Statement March 23, 1999 (About 99-111)
99-115 @ 1kB The authors' response, May 12, 1999 (about 99-111)
99-116 @ 1kB Folwler (APA) Statement, May 25, 1999 (about 99-111)
99-117 @ 1kB The other APA's Statement, June 6, 1999 (about 99-111)
99-118 @ 40kB The Clash of Media, Politics, and Sexual Science: An examination of the controversy surrounding the Psychological Bulletin meta-analysis on the assumed properties of child sexual abuse, by Bruce Rind, Philip Tromovitch
& Robert Bauserman. Presented at the SSSS & the AASECT, November 6th, 1999 
99-119 @ 7pp


Science and Morality or The Rind et al. Controversy, The counter arguments replied, By Dr. Frans Gieles, in: Ipce Newsletter E7, December 1999
99-120 @ 3pp
An explanation of the statistics used in the Meta-analysis, By Dr Frans Gieles, in Ipce newsletter E7, December 1999
99-121 @ 2pp UK newspaper comment column: 'Enemy of The People' - the NSPCC, 8th August 1999 (About the over-'protection' of children)

99-122 @ 18pp      97kB

Against Innocence, The New Republic 03/15/1999, by Margaret Talbot; The truth about child abuse and the truth about children.
99-123 @ 5pp


Culture and the Politics of Signification: The Case of Child Sexual Abuse. (Studies in Violence and Welfare) Social Problems, 02/1996, by Beckett, Katherine
99-124 @ 27pp
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'Horrible temptations': sex, men, and working-class male youth in urban Ontario, 1890-1935. Canadian Historical Review, 06/1997, by Maynard, Steven
99-125 @ 21pp


Moral panics and the social construction of deviant behavior: a theory and application to the case of ritual child abuse. Sociological Perspectives, Fall/1998, by Victor, Jeffrey S.
99-126 @ 9pp


Paedophilia, Sexual Desire and Perversity, Journal of Moral Education, 09/01/1997, Ben Spiecker; Jan Steutel; This paper first criticises the justifications that are given by paedophiles for having sex with children.
99-127 @ 13pp Sexual Perversion, American Philosophical Quarterly, 04/1997, by Primoratz, Igor
99-128 @ 3pp


State of the Art: Talking with Jock Sturges, Dialogue, 07/01/1999, by Dan O Reilly. Controversial photographer Jock Sturges, whose photographs of naturists have elicited much debate
99-129 @ 1p Art and the Eroticism of Puberty, by David  Steinberg 
99-130 @ 13pp Swings and roundabouts: risk anxiety and the everyday worlds of children, Sociology 11/1998, by Sue Scott, Stevi Jackson & Kathryn Backett-Milburn
99-131 @ 3pp

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The Abuse of Child Abuse, The Spectator Nov 1, 1997, by Frederick Lawton; Frederick Lawton says there is now hysteria surrounding the whole subject of paedophilia
99-132 @ 3pp
The end of innocence – book review of "A Game We Play", by Simona Vinci (Chatto and Windus, 10 GBP)
99-133 @ 3pp Book extract, from BoyChat: from "Surprised by Joy", by C. S. Lewis.
99-134 @ 2pp Book review: Youth, popular culture and moral panics, By John Springhall, Macmillan, 14.99 UKP ISBN 0 333 66083 8
99-135 @ 3pp


Stolen Voices just abuses the facts; Stolen Voices: An Exposure of the Campaign to Discredit Childhood Testimony by Beatrix Campbell and Judith Jones; Reviewed by Jean La Fontaine
99-136 @ 4pp What happened with the witch-hunts? sensational child abuse cases of the 1980s and 1990s; in: Playboy 02/1999, by Antonia Simigis
99-137 @ 2pp You too could be pictured and named in connection with heinous crimes--while innocent; The Spectator Dec 6, 1997, by Stephen Glover
99-138 @ 1p Study debunks "net porn" as myth; A new study from the U.S. has debunked one mainstream myth about cyberporn and confirmed many a surfer's sneaking suspicions about search engines.
The study is conducted by Dr. Steve Lawrence and Dr. C. Lee Giles for the NEC Research Institute .
The study, which will be published in the July 8 issue of Nature magazine.
99-139 @ 2pp Book review, USA: Keith Banner, The Life I Lead.
99-140 @ 3pp Book review of: Manly Pursuits (Bloomsbury Pounds 15.99), Ann Harries
99-141 @ 3pp Internet, somewhere, about June 1999; Should age of consent laws be revised? Why a slight revision in our sex consent laws are needed.
99-142 @ 2pp Abusing children, Editorial from The Guide, August 1999.
99-143 @ 2pp PA Sex Police Nab Kids; Child felons convicted; The Guide, August 1999. Did the children think of them selves as victims?
99-144 @ 4pp Watch out, adults about; by Frank Furedi, August 1999 Our obsession with child abusers risks destroying the traditional trust between generations.
99-145 @ 1p Boy, ten, on register of sex offenders, UK, August 24th 1999. A MAGISTRATE'S decision to place a 10-year-old boy on the Sex Offenders' Register may be challenged in the European Court of Human Rights.
99-146 @ 2pp Opinion; comment on 99-145; author & source unknown, August 1999. 'The courts are not keen to trust parents to smack their children - but those same courts will feel free to convict a child as a sex criminal'
99-147 @ 1p British men fear to touch children, 25th July 1999, source & author unknown. "LOOK AT the picture on the right. What do you see? If you are French, Spanish, German or Italian, you see a family man who likes children and sport. If you are British, you see a paedophile."
99-148 @ 1p British men wary of hugging kids because of pedophilia fears, July 27th 1999; author & source unknown.
"British men have distorted or negative views about family life because of their obsession with child abuse, according to a study of the lifestyles and attitudes of men across Europe."
99-149 @ 1p Top scientific body finds no reason to fault Rind report, November 17th 1999. "[...]the nation's largest scientific organization refused to examine the work, saying it has "grave concerns" over "politicization" of the study's conclusions."
99-150 @ 2pp Must we ban children from kissing granny? 2nd August 1999, author & source unknown. "CHILDREN must not be made to kiss adults goodbye – even their grandparents - because it might make them vulnerable to paedophiles, parents are being told by the NSPCC.
99-151 @ 1p Scouts facing crisis over leaders' stigma, 25th July 1999.
"Fear of being misjudged and branded a paedophile has been suggested as a main reason for the lack of volunteers.
99-152 @ 2pp Sex crimes 'most likely' from 14 year-old boys, July 99. "Sex criminals are more likely to be discovered among 14-year-old boys than males of any other age, Government figures have shown today.
99-153 @ 5pp Articles about the overprotection of children in the UK:

a. 'Stranger danger' warning to young - draws criticism. " CHILDREN as young as two should be taught the rudiments of personal safety and advised never to talk to strangers, a children's charity will say today.

b. Paranoid parents 'denying children freedom to play, 3rd August 1999. "CHILDREN are being denied the opportunities for play enjoyed by previous generations because of their parents' paranoia, research will confirm this week.

c. Comment in the Sunday Times. {..} " Had I been a man, she'd have called the police. Nowadays, the only unpaid adult interested in our children is expected to be a paedophile."

99-154 @ 4pp Man faces prison for nude photos, November 12th 1999, USA.
- Although girlfriend, 17, consented, student broke minor law.
- Prosecuting Innocence.
Two articles about the case.
99-155 @ 2pp Psychiatrist's License Suspended Over Satanic Ruse, USA, October 8th 1999. Convinced Woman She Was High Priestess in Flesh-Eating Cult.
99-156 @ 1p Youth Violence Down, Study Finds; 4th August 1999
"The amount of violence committed by teenagers – both in and out of school -- has declined significantly since the early 1990s, according to a study ..."
"More than a third of ninth graders have had sexual intercourse, according to the Centers."
99-157 @ 21pp

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Judgment of the Court of Appeal of New Zealand CA42/99 dd 17 December 1999. "This appeal concerns the relationship between freedom of expression and censorship of objectionable publications.
"The freedom of expression allowed in the Bill of Rights was judged to be a higher law than the law on censorship of objectionable materials (an Acolythe Reader book and some photographs).

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