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Documentation Service List in NL E 11, April 2001

01-001 @ 13pp

Memorandum of law of defendants NAMBLA, in support of their motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction, improper venue and, as to defendant, insufficient service of process

01-002 @ 8 pp

Patricia Nell Warren, Comments on National Academy of Science workshop/online porn, 01/05/2001 (not published)

01-003 @ 2 pp

Gay men need to talk straight about paedophilia; Rather than campaign on the age of consent, it might silence anti-gay bigots if some gay men spoke out against atrocities towards children; Julie Bindel Saturday March 3, 2001 The Guardian

01-004 @ 2 pp

Gay men need to talk straight about paedophilia; The protests about Eminem's lyrics by gay rights activists have raised issues of homophobia in the media. One way anti-gay bigots seek to poison minds against homosexual men is to label them all child abusers. While this is clearly an offensive generalisation, gay men need to ask themselves if they are doing anything to fuel this argument. Julie Bindel - Guardian Unlimited March 17, 2001

01-005 @ 1 p

Book review: December 2000, Dirty old man, The Annotated Alice: the definitive edition. Lewis Carroll, with an introduction by Martin Gardner.

01-006 @ 1 p

Report of a broadcast on CNN today about the case of the attempt of 'court-room lynching' NAMBLA, Jan .. 2001

01-007 @ 1 p

Canada court eases restrictions on child porn, By Randall Palmer, 26 Jan. 2001

01-008 @

Canadian reports about Sharpe case
Two reports from Canadian Press. The first is legal, in greater detail than the Reuters report sent in another posting. The second is an interview with Sharpe himself. He seems in a bad way after all his troubles. I'm a bit pushed for time personally, but I wonder if anyone else on this list could track him down, maybe via his solicitor or whatever, just to offer a little social support. 

Supreme Court of Canada upholds child porn law, with two exceptions By SUE BAILEY
Ailing John Robin Sharpe says he's paid a price fighting child porn law, By STEVE MERTL

01-009 @ 2 pp

Clear article about Sharpe case (Fwd)
Canada: 27th January 2001, Supreme Court Allows Some Possession of Child Pornography
The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the aims of the child pornography laws Friday, but took steps to ensure that private works of imagination and creativity do not run afoul of it. The long-awaited decision by Canada's Supreme Court on Friday clarified what is and isn't child pornography. [...]
Full ruling online

: [...]
On the exceptions: [...] Summary [...] Conclusions [...]

01-010 @ 1 p

The joy of not having sex - yet, 26th January 2001
Just as every generation of teenagers acts as if it is the first to discover sex, every generation of middle-aged adults acts as if it is the first to discover that teenagers are having sex. Certainly the current generation of middle-aged American adults is acting that way, since teen sex has become something of a cultural preoccupation here.
The Washington Post ran a front-page story a year or two ago that chronicled the sexual activities of a bunch of upper-middle-class 13-year-olds and reported that a bacchanal of blow jobs was taking place behind the bike sheds.

01-011 @ 1 p

Sexual horseplay lands girl in custody, January 31st 2001, Canadian news item
An incident of apparent sexual experimentation among young girls has landed a 12-year-old in secure custody for a year while she awaits the outcome of her trial for sexual assault. The bizarre case has been quietly unfolding in a Toronto suburb since the young defendant was arrested last spring, three months after her 12th birthday. The two complainants, both aged 11 at the time, claimed that she pulled their pants down during an after-school play date at her foster home, briefly licking their genitals.

01-012 @ 1 p

Ex - Teacher Marries Former Student, AP, February 5, 2001
SEATTLE (AP) -- An ex-schoolteacher who spent nearly four years in prison for having sex with a 15-year-old student has married his former pupil.
Mark Blilie, 46, met Toni Pala, 20, when she was 13, and began a sexual relationship with her when she was 15. He married her earlier this month, six months after his release from prison...

01-013 @ 1 p

Child porn Bill change defeated, 16 February 2001, New Zealand
National Party list MP Anne Tolley has had her Bill aimed at closing a legal loophole concerning child pornography dumped by a select committee.
Tolley's Bill would have given the Censor the power to disregard the right to freedom of expression when classifying material deemed to depict, support or promote child pornography.

01-014 @ 1 p

Nine-Year-Old Charged With Sex Abuse, USA News item, 10th March 2001
A 9-year-old Cedar City girl was charged Friday in 5th District Juvenile Court with sexual abuse of a child, for allegedly holding down a 5-year-old girl, giving her "kisses" on her chest and "touching inappropriate areas."
Police are continuing their investigation, including questions about where the 9-year-old would learn such behavior, said Sgt. Dave Holm.

01-015 @ 1 p

Family of 2-year-old 'streaker' taken to court, Court claims 4th Amendment "doesn't apply" to social workers, 12th March 2001
Because a 2-year-old, acting in typical toddler fashion, ran out of the house naked chasing a kitten, a social worker demanded entry into the North Carolina child's home to interview all children in the household, ultimately landing the parents in court.

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