The Ipce documentation lists have many items from different sources

The documents are numbered by year and then sequentially. Documents that are available only in the Dutch language are not included in this version of the lists.

Items market with an @ can be had by E-mail or on a formatted diskette in some formats. However, it is possible that the URL mentioned is factually not on line and that the file not can be downloaded.

Items with an internal link can be seen within this website.

You can ask for copies of the material on this list from the ipce webmaster.

Documents are E-mailed upon request without charge; include your email address and a format with your request for documents. For documents as files on diskette, the cost is  USA$ 1.50 per disk. For photocopies, the cost is  USA$ 0.15 per page, and you are asked to pay the cost of postage to your snail mail address.

Please send additional relevant documents for sharing to the Ipce secretary at
the above address.