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In Newsletter E 12
Augustus 2001 c

List Aug. 2001 b, numbers 32 - 66, are Dutch documents

00-067 @ 3kB DA prosecutes mom who gave teen son condoms, USA: 14th January 2001
You find out your teenage son is having sex. So what do you do? [...] A 33-year-old Baraboo mother bought her son condoms, and could face up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine because Sauk County prosecutors think she made the wrong decision. [...]  the mother failed to prevent her child from being sexually abused - and that's a felony.
00-068 @ 6kB Green hero revealed as 1970's kindergarten sex author, January 28th 2001
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, MEP for the French Greens, has admitted that he wrote an article which mentioned flirtatious encounters with children in the early Seventies.
00-069 @ 4kB Child porn Bill change defeated, 16 February 2001 (New Zealand)
National Party list MP Anne Tolley has had her Bill aimed at closing a legal loophole concerning child pornography dumped by a select committee. Tolley's Bill would have given the Censor the power to disregard the right to freedom of expression when classifying material deemed to depict, support or promote child pornography.
00-070 @ 4 kB Calls for legal child sex rebound on luminaries of May 68; Some causes championed in the Paris revolt are now seen as very troubling, by Jon Henley in Paris Saturday February 24, 2001 The Guardian
Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and the current French health and education ministers Bernard Kouchner and Jack Lang were among the signatories of petitions in the 1970s calling for paedophilia to be decriminalised, it emerged yesterday. A number of extraordinary documents have surfaced - in the wake of accusations of possible child sex abuse against the former student revolutionary Danny Cohn-Bendit [...]
00-071  @  8kB Sensational decision of Amnesty International; Austria's First Prisoner of Conscience for Years
Vienna Court follows amnesty's call to immediately release a gay man jailed under the anti-homosexual statute Art. 209 Criminal Code Yesterday the Vienna Regional Criminal Court released a man taken into pretrial-detention two weeks ago solely on the basis of the anti-homosexual statute Art. 209 Criminal Code. [...] ... he clearly pointed out that the  man loved him, that all sexual contact was intrinsically consensual and  that he had no bad feelings about these contacts
00-072  @  4 kB Family snapshots show a peculiar art, by Jonathan Jones, March 10, 2001 The Guardian
Her images of naked children on the beach and a child peeing in the snow, that police claim are in contravention of the child protection act, are pictures by a mother of her own children, taken in the maelstrom of family life.
00-073 @ 8 kB Commentary: Family snapshots a peculiar art, by Alan Travis, March 10, 2001 The Guardian
Equally surprising was the attendant warning by the police to an international fine art publisher, Edward Booth-Clibborn, that thousands of copies of the book, I Am a Camera, should be withdrawn from sale [...] or he too would face unspecified action under the 1978 Protection of Children Act.
00-074 @ 30 kB The Web’s Dark Secret Before the Internet came along, pedophiles were lonely and hunted individuals. Authorities had child pornography under control. Today networks of child abusers are proliferating worldwide. A NEWSWEEK investigation By Rod Nordland and Jeffrey Bartholet, March 19, 2001
00-075 @ 3kB Hate campaign victim killed, UK news item,  11th February 2001
DETECTIVES were yesterday investigating the murder of a 67-year-old man from Grimsby only months after he was cleared of molesting a nine-year-old girl.
00-076 @ 6kB The media and the monsters, Comment: Eire: February 19th 2001
Thanks largely to the mass media, it is generally accepted by now that there is no crime in the world worse than paedophilia.
00-077 @ 2kB A businessman on a British Airways flight who happened to be sitting next to two children was amazed to be asked to move because the airline didn't like single men sitting next to minors.
00-078 @ 4 kB Canada is next up with unworkable Net laws, 15th Mar 2001
[...] the new bill would create a new criminal offence of transmitting child pornography, for example by e-mail, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. [...] The law will also apply if the offences are committed outside of Canada, allowing prosecutions even without the approval of the country where they committed the offence. Offenders face ten years in jail.
00-079 @ 3 kB Newspaper leader:  Porn law excessive, 16th March 2001
Innocent Internet users could find themselves subject to police surveillance. People who stumble onto pornography sites inadvertently - as almost everyone who surfs the Web has done - could be required to justify their behaviour.
00-080 @ 4kB Research finds gene link to early puberty in girls, March 26th 200, source unknown
Scientists attempting to figure out why some girls go through puberty at unusually young ages have found a surprising suspect -- a gene that speeds up the body's breakdown of the male sex hormone.
00-081 @ 13 kB Yogurt as proof of incest crimes, by Tomas Eriksson, specialist in general and forensic psychiatry; Translated from the Swedish newspaper "Dagens Nyheter", 13th of october 1995.
[...] A lot of misinformation is [...] put into circulation with respect to symptoms in a child that should make one think that the kid has been the object of a sex-crime. [...]  That the child does not like yogurt is considered as an indication of oral sex-abuse, etc.
00-082 @ 2 kB An Inspector calls, 6th April 2001
Internet portal Yahoo! UK has recruited an "inspector" charged with responsibility for drawing up guidelines to deal with the paedophile content allegedly rampant in its chatrooms.
 00-083 @ 2kB Judge Rules Sex-Offender List Is Unconstitutional, USA, 5th April 2001
A federal judge has ruled that Connecticut's sex-offender registry law is unconstitutional.
00-084 @ 8kB Whatever happened to false memory syndrome? By Jennie Bristow
False memory syndrome, where therapists encourage patients in the mistaken belief that they were abused as children, may have been exposed. But the dangerous assumptions behind the quest for repressed memories have yet to be challenged, says Jennie Bristow
00-085 @ 9 kB A victim of memory recalls, by Mark Pendergrast
After his children 'remembered' in therapy that he had abused them, Mark Pendergrast helped sound the alert about false memory syndrome in the USA
00-086 @ 8 kB The memories linger on, by Dr Micjael Ftizpatrick in LM issue 113, September 1998
Dr Michael Fitzpatrick asks why the professional reaction against this psychotherapeutic irrationality has been so slow and so muted
00-087 @ 6 kB Texas Appeals Court Rejects 'Legal Impossibility' Argument in Attempted-Sex Internet Case, by  Mary Alice Robbins,  Texas Lawyer,  in:, April 16, 2001
A man who intended to have sex with a 13-year-old girl can be convicted for attempting to commit the crime even though the girl doesn't exist [...]
00-088 @ 8 kB Teenager's crush ends with  teacher's career in ruins, By Leslie Koren,  Saturday, May 5, 2001
In their e-mails, they declared their love for one another. At school, they kissed. But the 13-year-old Hackensack girl's crush was one  of her teachers.
On Friday, a judge in Hackensack sentenced  27-year-old Jeffrey Levine to spend the next three years at a treatment center for compulsive and repetitive sex offenders for his role in the relationship
00-089 @ 5 kB Parents' sexual orientation matters, study finds, By Sarah Tippit, April 27 (Reuters)  Children raised by homosexual couples have different attitudes toward gender roles and sexual preferences than children raised by heterosexuals, according to a University of Southern California analysis of studies on the subject published this week.  [...]
"They are doing extremely well," Biblarz said. "There's no evidence that in terms of their adjustment and development and well being ... that kids (from homosexual families) are suffering greater harm." He added that, "Children brought up by lesbians and gay men are well adjusted, have good levels of self esteem, are as likely to have high educational attainments as children raised in more traditional heterosexual families.
00-090 @ 5 kB Paedophilia scares threaten future of music teaching, by Jenny Jarvie, Sunday Telegraph, ISSUE 2172 Sunday 6 May 2001
THE headmaster of England's most renowned classical music school has warned that the creative development of young prodigies is being undermined by a culture of suspicion that discourages teachers from touching pupils [...] because of growing paranoia about paedophilia. [...]
Close bonds between gifted pupils and their tutors were crucial, said Mr Chisholm, and necessarily involve physical contact.
00-091 @ 4 kB Home Office proposes new Net pedo laws, By: Kieren McCarthy 08/05/2001
The Home Office is to propose a controversial new law that makes it a jailable offence for someone to pose as a teenager in Internet chatrooms.
The proposal - to be announced today, according to the Independent - is aimed at solving the problem of paedophiles that entice or "groom" children over the Internet to meet them.
00-092 @ 4 kB Boy of 13 put on sex offenders' register for child porn, By Paul Peachey 15 May 200, The Independent
A 13-year-old boy became one of the youngest people to be listed on the sex offenders' register yesterday after more than 300 images of child abuse were found on his computer.
00-093 @ 6 kB New Software Lets Parents Track Kids, AP, May 22 2001 
[...] Schools across the country are adopting computer programs that allow parents to check the Internet daily to see whether their kids skipped class, handed in their homework and even what they had for lunch. [...]
``Our parents don't need to know everything we do all the time,'' [.'.]
00-094 @ 2 kB APA says 'sexual orientation' therapy doesn't work
The American Psychiatric Association (APA) said on Thursday that the organization "maintains there is no published scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of reparative therapy as a treatment to change one's sexual orientation." [...]
 The APA says that the psychological risks of such therapy are "great," because having a therapist who is aligned with societal prejudices "may reinforce self-hatred already experienced by the patient."
00-095 @ 16 kB Straight Talk, A conversation with the psychologists behind this week's other gay study, which shows "this kind of heterosexual shift is difficult and extremely rare", By Patrice Wingert, in: Newsweek Web Exclusive
[...] a similar study-conducted by [...] Ariel Shidlo and Michael Schroeder [...], studied 202 participants and found 178 failures. In fact, only six said they had successfully completed a "heterosexual shift" [...]
00-096 @ 6 kB Outrage at child porn judgement, by Andrew Walker, Andrew Walker
DETECTIVES last night raised the spectre of Scotland becoming a safe haven for internet paedophiles after a computer engineer escaped with a £500 fine for downloading pornographic images of children, citing a controversial legal judgment that the crime was ‘‘victimless’’.
Children’s charities and investigators reacted with outrage [...]
00-097 @ 5 kB Examining the strange case of the ‘victimless crime’, The Scotsman on line see 00-096
00-098 @ 11 kB The sex offender next door; Texas judge requires warning signs outside homes, By Paul Duggan THE WASHINGTON POST
May 29 — The yard sign, two feet wide and 18 inches high, is posted on a patch of grass near the door of James Williams’s first-floor apartment. “DANGER,” it warns, in bold white letters across a background of red. “Registered Sex Offender Lives Here.”
00-099 @ 8 kB

Word doc 28 kB

Excerpt from "History of the Christian Church", vol IV, by Philip Schaff (1819-1893)
 Pope Gregory I, when abbot of a Benedictine convent, saw in the slave-market of Rome three Anglo-Saxon boys offered for sale. He was impressed with their fine appearance, fair complexion, sweet faces and light flaxen hair; and learning, to his grief, that they were idolaters, he asked the name of their nation, their country, and their king. When he heard that they were Angles, he said: "Right, for they have angelic faces, and are worthy to be fellow-heirs with angels in heaven."
 01-100 @ 9 kB Thomas A. Widinger, University of Kentucky & Lee Anna Clark, University of Iowa: Toward DSM-V and the Classification of Psychopathology, Psychol.Bull. 126(6) 946--963, Nov. 2000
The authors discuss issues that cut across individual diagnostic categories and that should receive particular attention in DSM-V:
(a) the process by which the diagnostic manual is developed,
(b) the differentiation from normal psychological functioning,
(c) the differentiation among diagnostic categories,
(d) cross- sectional vs. Longitudinal diagnoses, and
(e) the role of laboratory instruments.
01-101 @ 5 kB Supreme Court to Review Online Child Porn Law, By James Vicini, May 21, 2001
The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it would hear a Justice Department appeal aimed at allowing the federal government to enforce a 1998 law intended to protect minors from Internet pornography.
The justices agreed to review whether a U.S. appeals court properly barred the law's enforcement on constitutional free-speech grounds because it relies on community standards to identify online material harmful to minors.
01-102 @ 8 kB Eustis, Richmond, Georgia Supreme Court: Juveniles Don't Have Jury Rights; Confinement viewed as rehabilitation, not punishment; Fulton County Daily Report, June 13, 2001
Juvenile defendants don't have a constitutional right to trial by jury, the Georgia Supreme Court has ruled, because juveniles are ordered into restrictive custody for rehabilitation and treatment, not punishment. The ruling came in a case in which a juvenile challenged a judge's order placing him in a youth development center, arguing that the statute allowing his incarceration was unconstitutional.

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