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Documentation Service List NL E 13, June 2002  

02-001 @ 2 kB

Most Molested Boys Don't Molest Others as Adults, Yahoo Health, Friday 4 January 2002 (Reuters Health) - A "cycle'' of child sexual abuse seems to exist for only a minority of male victims, but not at all for female victims, British researchers report

02-002 @ 4.5 kB

Sex talk 'reduces teen pregnancy rate', by David Walker, The Guardian, January 4, 2002
Teenage pregnancy in Britain will remain far above European levels because sex is regarded as "dirty" by too many parents and schools.
A study to be published shortly in the Journal of Social Policy, says sex education puts too much emphasis on the riskiness and danger of sex, too little on its pleasure. This leads young people, especially boys, to adopt irresponsible attitudes.

02-003 @ 5.3 kB

Review of: Not In Front Of The Children: Indecency, Censorship, and the Innocence of Youth, Marjorie Heins; Hill & Wang; New York; 2001

02-004 @ 7.5 kB

Old press release, Africa: HARARE March 17 1997 Sapa, STUDY FINDS 30 PER CENT OF ZIM CHILDREN SEXUALLY ABUSED
Thirty per cent of Zimbabwe`s children are likely to have been sexually abused, according to a recent study here, which says the rate is three times higher than abuse expected in other parts of the world.

02-005 @ 14 kB

Some in mainstream contend certain cases of adult-minor sex should be acceptable, Mark O'Keefe, Newhouse News Service, Star Tribune, March 26, 2002
Sex between adults and children has been a societal taboo so strong that it's considered one of our few unquestioned moral principles. But arguments have emerged in academic journals, books and online that at least some such sex should be acceptable, especially when children consent to it.

02-006 @ 1.5 kB

Court Strikes Down Child Porn Ban, AP, April 16, 2002
The Supreme Court struck down a congressional ban on virtual child pornography

02-007 @ 19 kB

Explanation of the decision in 02-006 by LEGAL INFORMATION INSTITUTE -- CORNELL LAW SCHOOL
hese are not the decisions themselves nor excerpts from them, but summaries (syllabi) prepared by the Court's Reporter of Decisions.

02-008 @ 3.9 kB

Guatemala children adapt to survive, news.bbc.com April 13, 2002
Homeless urban children in developing countries are healthier than was originally thought. The rapid increase in the number of homeless children in cities in the developing world is a matter of grave concern. But researchers have found that although the lives of these children can be fraught with danger, they adapt physically to survive. These kids are resilient and self-reliant and adapt physically to the difficult conditions of homelessness

02-009 @ 60 kB

Decision of the Court of Appeal in New Zealand, against the film and literature board of review

02-010 @ 7 kB

TV Sex Linked To Sexual Behavior In Some Teens, By Alison McCook, 5-22-2
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Some teens who watch television programs with high sexual content appear to engage in sexual behaviors more often than those who watch other types of TV programs, according to new research.

02-011 @ 19 kB

Boys of Boise - Furor, Vice, and Folly in an American City. [1966] Foreword by Peter Boag. Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 2001. Reviewed by Thomas C. Mackey, Department of History, University of Louisville. [Re] Published by H-Urban (May, 2002)

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