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Documentation List June - August 2004

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Campo de Criptana, Heft 4-1, Quartal 2004. Themen: u.a. Pädophilie, Peter Pan, die verlorenen Jungen und die verlorene Liebe.

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a. McClure goes to jail
b. McClure leaves jail
McClure is a famous prosecutor, who a.o. has spread the next flyer in 1983:

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Crack the Boy, flyer, 1983.

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Sharpe sentenced to two years; Canadian Press -, 19 July 2004
Vancouver — The man who challenged child porn laws in Canada's highest court was sentenced Monday to two years less a day for indecent assault. John Robin Sharpe showed no emotion as he was sentenced by Justice Robert Edwards. 
“There will be an appeal,” he said as he was led out of B.C. Supreme Court.
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New & Comment [on Law C-20, Canada:] What's happening with our child porn laws? By Robin Sharpe, Dec. 2003.
Bill C-20 is an attempt to close any conceivable “loophole” in the adult/youth sex and child pornography laws. The adult/youth provisions are an attempt to effectively raise the age of consent to eighteen, something Ottawa did not do explicitly because of reservations by the Province of Quebec which did not want youth sex to be criminalized. The child porn provisions are a direct response to my acquittal [...]
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Stefan-Text aus dem PRD ist legal und jugendfrei 
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The Stephan text from the PRD is now officially declared legal and not dangerous for youth.
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Compulsory lie tests for paedophiles, by David Cracknell, Sunday Times 04-08-01 
PLANS by David Blunkett to introduce controversial laws forcing sex offenders to 
undergo lie detector tests are threatening to provoke a cabinet rift, leaked documents have revealed. 
04-055b @ 
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Liberty supports preventive lie tests, by Alan Travis, The Guardian 04-05-29
Civil liberty campaigners said last night they would raise no fundamental 
objections to plans to introduce compulsory lie detector tests and satellite 
tracking of sex offenders in Britain. 
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When the detector lies: why polygraph use will be restricted, by Sandra Laville, The 
Guardian 04-05-29 
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'Whispering keyboards' could be next attack trend,  by Niall MacKay,,  11 May 2004.
Eavesdroppers scan decipher what is typed by simply listening to the sound of a keystroke, according to a scientist at this week's IEEE Symposium of Security and Privacy in Oakland, Calif., USA. 
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The website of the Danish Pedophile Association re-emerges - the association itself remains closed, by DPA Gruppe 04, 18th of April 2004. 
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What really happened; by Alex on 2004-April-23, posted on a Forum.
Hi everybody, I'm a guy from the DPA (both the old and the new). I think it's time for some explanations.
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Catherine the HoloKitty's Page 
<  >
Hi! I'm Catherine N.X., the HoloKitty. I'm a 19-year-old computer animation student in Los Angeles, California. [...] and I consider it cruel to treat any person's sexual needs as dirty or deviant. The only wrong is in harming another person or violating their trust. When I was younger, my mother began to teach me about sexuality and my own in particular.
04-059  @
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Zoophilia in men: a study of sexual interest in animals, by Martin S. Weinberg & Colin J. Williams, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Dec. 2003.
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False Allegations of Child Abuse;
The system is imperfect, and occasionally an innocent person is accused on bad medical evidence. Once the initial error is made, it is very hard to stop the process.
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How Did Gender and Class Shape the Age of Consent Campaign Within the Social Purity Movement, 1886-1914?