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Documentation List # E 21 B: July 2006

[From Ipce Newsletter E 21, July 2006

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06-020 @ 
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Gerichtsverhandlung vor dem Amtsgericht Hamburg-Altona am 3. August 
2006 wegen des Buches von Dr. Edward Brongersma "Loving Boys". 
Der Vorgang wird der STA Hamburg mit dem derzeitigen Sachstand zur Kenntnis und weiteren Entscheidung als keine Straftat festgestellt übersandt.
06-021 @ 
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Exposing Cancun's Dark Side; Journalist Was Imprisoned After Writing About Alleged Pedophile Ring; By BRIAN ROSS, JILL RACKMILL and DANA HUGHES; abcnews; 
June 21, 2006
06-022 @ 
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Judge Rules Against Kansas AG in Juvenile Sex Case; Foxnews, April 18, 2006. 
In a victory for an abortion rights group, a federal judge ruled Tuesday that abortion clinic doctors and other professionals are not required under Kansas law to report underage sex between consenting youths. 
06-023 @ 
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Teen Net sex case is dismissed; 18-year-old from Mich. met with Clinton boy; 
By Karen Nugent TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF, June 30, 2006
06-024 @ 
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State to consider a 'Sofia 's law';; 3rd July 2006. 
The State Government will consider the introduction of a Sofia's law -- requiring authorities to alert residents if a convicted paedophile moves into their neighbourhood. 
06-025 @ 
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Castration and banishment; - editorial; July 07, 2006. 
Virginians are learning there is no simple, cheap way to separate sex offenders from society - legislative session. 
06-026 @ 
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Child sex trial begins with life sentence on the line; By Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press Writer | July 10, 2006. 
A convicted sex offender facing life in prison under a federal two-strikes-and-you're-out law went on trial Monday in what supporters call a poster case for why the law was written 
06-027 @ 
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Free at last; Bernard Baran talks about how he survived 21 years in prison and the gay community's unwillingness to take up his fight; By: MICHAEL BRONSKI AND CATHERINE TUMBER; 7/12/2006; 
[...] after spending 21 years in prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. 
06-028 @ 
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Canadian Big Brother-style monitoring of our Internet activities; Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, July 10, 2006
06-029 @
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Morality Barometer; Canada, June 2006; PDF File.
81% of the population consider pedophilia tops the list of immoral behaviours.