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Documentation List # E 23: September 2007

[From Ipce Newsletter  # E 23, September 2007]

An @ means that the document is electronically available at 

07-061  @
10 kb

Verslag des Gerechtsurteil über das ‘anpreisen’ von Brongersma’s Buch Loving Boys. Mit Linken zum gerechtlichen Ambtsberichten usw.

07-062a @ 
60 kb

Bill 22 / Project de Loi 22, Canada: "age of consent 14 y" > "age of protection 16 y" – « âge de consentement 14 ans » > « âge de protection 16 ans ».

07-062b @ 10 kb

Summary of # 062a/ Sommaire de # 62a

07-063 @ 
5 kb

Frequently Asked Questions [about the] Age of Consent to Sexual Activity – especially the Canadian Bill 22 (see #062a & 62b), answered by the Canadian Ministry of Justice.

07-064a @
3 kb

The age of consent (NL, 1993) - By: Radio Netherlands (Wereldomroep) - 
The age of consent: dream or nightmare? Table of contents.

07-064b @
13 MB

The same as a mp3 file.

07-065 @
2 kb

Message about delay in Canada’s new Law of Protection.

07-066 @
3 kb

Canadians turned away at U.S. borders; Edmonton Sun, August 6, 2007 
Tighter security at U.S. border crossings turned back more Canadians in the first half of 2007 than in the same period last year. Since January, more than 30,000 Canadians were refused entry at American borders, a Montreal newspaper reported yesterday. […] The report said the primary victims are citizens who were pardoned for crimes. – Article & Comment.

07-067 @
11 kb

Free speech or crime? 'Boy love' websites. Montreal is host to network for pedophiles; Paul Cherry, The Gazette (Canada), August 10, 2007

07-068 @
8 kb

Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at the National Symposium on Sex Offender Management And Accountability in Indianapolis, Indiana; July 27, 2007.

07-069 @
2 kb

Czech castration raises worries; 13 July 2007, Alix Kroeger, BBC News, Brussels.
A European anti-torture watchdog has expressed "serious reservations" about surgical castration being used to treat sex offenders in the Czech Republic.

07-070 @
7 kb

Death Penalty for Child Molesters? Hilary Hylton/Austin, The Times, May. 02, 2007
[…A]s [Texas] legislators there consider joining the small but growing number of states making certain convicted pedophiles eligible for the death penalty, a surprisingly vocal group of critics has emerged, arguing that the measure is short-sighted, counterproductive and probably unconstitutional.

07-071 @
10 kb

Death for child rapists: House likes it, prosecutors don't; Legislature: Bill heads to Perry, but high court to ultimately rule on issue; Jennifer Emily, The Dallas Morning News, May 18, 2007

07-072 @
11 kb

Can Nothing Be Done About the Pedophile Blogger?: How the Law Deals With Dangerous People; Sherry F. Colb,, Aug. 06, 2007

07-073 @
13 kb

A plague in paradise, The Times (UK), July 1, 2007
Article about young sex slaves in Cambodia.

07-074 @
20 kb

The Devlin Hornbeck Story - An Overview A page with links to articles.

07-075 @
12 kb

Baseball, Boys, One Man on Illegal Love; Think & Ask, John, April 2006.
Transcript of interview with John (man) and Jesse (boy) about their ‘illegal love’.
Jesse "is my lover," John said, "but the feelings are mutual, this is a consensual relationship." John met Jesse (not his real name) when the boy was homeless three years ago.

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