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01Oct01c My father and I (Fwd)

Message from the Kids Speak Out forum at allaboutsex.org (link did not work anymore)

My father and I made love for years - he is now in jail...

Hello. I put this story in this section because I guess it's considered abuse.

My father molested me from the time I was two till I was 15. We would lie naked and he would play with my penis. Then he would give me oral sex. When I was old enough I then started sucking him too. He never hurt me or tried to have anal sex with me, even though I wanted him to. I had anal sex with him, a few times, once my father decided my penis was big enough. My father and I would plan things around the times where we could meet and make each other feel good. My mother found out and two months ago my father was sent to prison. What my father did to me was not rape, at all. He never hurt me. In fact, I looked forward to spending the time with him but my mother and the police don't seem to listen.

My father does not belong in jail for what they say he did. He does not belong in among the murderers, rapists and theives. What should I do or say to make them release him...?

Kevin - Male - 14 - 16 - United States - 07/10/2001


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