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Macaskill, Mark, Police chief wants review of consent age; The Sunday Times November 26, 2006 
ONE of the country's most senior police officers has called for a debate on lowering the age of consent, suggesting that it could be reduced to bring Scotland in line with other countries.
Chief superintendent Clive Murray, president of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS), fears some children are being unfairly criminalised by current legislation which does not differentiate between "youthful natural instinct" and sexual abuse.

Male Sexuality Mentoring - A Positive Model for Intimate Boy - Older Male Relationships - Sent to Ipce - author, source & date unknown.
Other than a mentor as noted below, neither a boy's parents or other adults, his peers – who are most likely no better informed than himself, nor any formal sex education program, will suffice to adequately and satisfactorily address a boy's desire and need to learn about his sexuality.

Bill Maher on intergenerational relationships in interview; quotes from an interview in Playboy [March 2007] 
He seems quite open to the concept of intergenerational play between the generations, beit on a same-sex level.

Males, Mike, Freedom: For Adults Only, From Youth Today, November 2002, Vol. 11, No. 9 
[...] By American expert thinking, European, Canadian and Latin American adolescents should be developmentally damaged alcoholic felons. American experts rarely let reality affect dogma.
[...] America, whose anti-youth repressions - mass curfews, media censorship, punitive drinking ages, constant suspicion, groundless policing, violent punishments, compulsory drug- testing - occur nowhere else in such malicious totality.
Where Public Agenda surveys find that two-thirds of American adults display "stunning hostility" against kids [...] 

What we stand for, The Dutch Association MARTIJN
In relation to this physical intimacy, MARTIJN Association proposes four guidelines, namely:

1. Consent of both child and adult.

2. Openness towards the parents of the child.

3. Freedom for the child to withdraw from the relationship at any moment.

4. Harmony with the child's development.

Marx, Jeffrey, He Turns Boys Into Men; August 29, 2004
“Masculinity ought to be defined in terms of relationships,” says Joe Ehrmann, “and taught in terms of the capacity to love and be loved.” 

Mattingly, Terry, Fathers, Mothers & Catholic Sons, April 2002
[...] the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago eventually opened its files on all 2,252 priests who had served in the previous four decades. The powers that be hunted for pedophiles and they found one.
The key word is "one." One priest had been accused of assaulting a prepubescent child. The other allegations involved priests and sexually mature, but under-age, adolescents -- mostly boys.

Maynard, Steven, 'Horrible temptations': sex, men, and working-class male youth in urban Ontario, 1890-1935. Canadian Historical Review, 06/1997
Download this as a ZIP-Html file or as a PDF file  
As one man with a keen interest in boys observed about Toronto in 1898: `You can scarcely walk a block without your attention being drawn to one or more of the class called street boys.' C.S. Clark went on to describe Toronto's street boys: `Some of the boys live at home, but the majority are wanderers in the streets, selling papers generally, and sometimes forced to beg in the summer time they can live out all night, but in the winter they are obliged to patronize the cheap lodging houses ... Their ages run from ten to sixteen years ... They are generally sharp, shrewd lads with any number of bad habits and little or no principles ... Some of the larger boys spend a considerable portion of their earnings for tobacco and drink, and they patronize all the theatres.' 

Mccaffrey, Julie, We lost our kids for two years after being wrongly branded as child abusers; The nightmare story every parent must read; The Mirror, 23 October 2006 
The family's horror story began in May 2004. An 11-year-old boy was invited to play with the children in the paddling pool and he and Buffy [daughter] were sent to change out of their swimming gear and into their bed clothes. But when Tim [the father] went upstairs, he found the boy, minus his pyjama bottoms, on top of his five-year-old daughter whose nightie was lifted above her waist. 
"I was so furious I called the police," says Tim [...]. The cops were followed by social services. And there began the chain of events that ripped the family to pieces.

McCullagh, Declan , Congress spanks naughty sex sites; news.com, Jul 26 2006 
About the Adam Wash Act or Child Protection and Safety Act. 

McDonald, Roland, Pedophilia; The Pedophilia/Pedophile Education Web Site Mirror - Mirror of a censored Web Site - no date known. 
What is pedophilia? - Who are pedophiles? - What do pedophiles believe? - How do pedophiles behave? -  Censorship - The bottom line. 

Ipce webmaster: Just a word before we start

McDermott, Kevin, New laws help keep track of sex offenders; QCTimes, January 1, 2007 
As of today, the driver's licenses of registered sex offenders in Illinois will expire every 12 months instead of the usual four years in an effort to better keep track of them. Another new law increases the information sex offenders must provide about themselves when they register and makes that information more readily available to the public. Yet another new law expands the use of electronic monitoring devices for paroled sex offenders. 
[...] Too many laws? [...] "If we passed a law for everything that frustrates us, we'd have 1,000 new laws (starting Jan. 1) instead of 100." 

McGivern, Mark, Men are too afraid to help a crying child; Three in four fear being called a perv;  Daily Record, UK, 17 February 2007 
Three in four men would think twice before helping a crying child in case they are accused of being a paedophile, a poll claims. And one in four would ignore the distressed youngster completely, the survey revealed. 

McHarry, Mark,  Two Sane Perspectives on Man-Boy Love, From Gay Community News (Boston), December, 1983, Book Review pp. 1-8; Reviews of

The Man They Called A Monster, Paul Wilson, Cassell Australia Limited, North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia, 1981, 150pp., $12.00

The Sexual Aspect of Paedophile Relations, Theo Sandfort, PAN/Spartacus, Amsterdam, 1982, 136pp., $12.50

Both books show the harm in the current blanket ban on any adult-child relation involving sex. Whether society will come to see this as worse than man-boy relations themselves will probably depend on whether pederasts/pedophiles — and young people — are able to organize and right for their rights.

McHarry, Mark, Killers in Love, in: The Guide, November 2001

Colombian author Fernando Vallejo wrote the book and screenplay for "La Virgen de los Sicarios" ("Our Lady of the Assassins"), an autobiographical account of a man and boy (a sicario, or assassin) who fall in love. He is a leading Latin American author, one of the best known of the generation that succeeded the magical realists. The link to The Guide leads to a story on the making of the movie as well as URLs in Spanish for further reading.

El escritor Colombiano Fernando Vallejo es el autor del libro y guión de "La Virgen de los Sicarios". Es el narrativo de un hombre y un chavo, un sicario, quienes son enamorados. Vallejo es uno de los mejores conocidos de la nueva generación después de García Márquez. Si deseas más información sobre Vallejo y sus obras, siga el enlace a The Guide y cuando estes alla, haz clic en "Further Reading" y después en "On the Web" para encontrar otros enlaces, todos en español. 

McHarry, Mark, Sex Predator Laws, A powerful new tool for state control; Z Magazine, November 2001
The child-sex witch hunts of the 1980s, with their sensational allegations of human and animal sacrifice, satanic rituals and international sex rings, have faded from public consciousness. The circus-like prosecutions such as California's McMartin preschool and Massachusetts' Fells Acres day care center have been discredited, but they have left an odious legacy: sweeping new laws that cut deeply into what had been bedrock civil liberties.
The most draconian of these is the sexually violent predator laws. Conduct which 40 years ago might have earned a slap on the wrist now brings a life sentence in a maximum-security mental institution. But to far graver effect, the laws and the courts' opinions supporting them give states a new legal mechanism to lock up many more people than just predators.

McHarry, Mark, Las leyes contra los depredadores sexuales, Un nuevo y poderoso instrumento para el control estatal; Z Magazine, November 2001 
[N. Del T.] En la legislación norteamericana se usa el término depredador para referirse a los criminales violentos, incorregibles; una traducción más ajustada sería criminales sexuales violentos pero, dada la referencia constante a este término en el texto, he preferido mantenerlo.
Las cacerías de brujas de la década de los años 80, con sus alegatos sensacionalistas de sacrificios humanos y animales, rituales satánicos y redes clandestinas internacionales de sexo con menores, han ido desapareciendo de la conciencia pública. Los procesos contra el centro preescolar McMartin y la guardería infantil Fells Acres (más parecidos a un circo que a un proceso jurídico) han sido desacreditados, pero han dejado una herencia odiosa: una nueva legislación que disminuye profundamente libertades civiles hasta ahora consideradas fundamentales.
Lo peor de todo son las leyes contra los depredadores sexuales. Una conducta que hace 40 años podía acabar en una sentencia suave concluye ahora en una sentencia de cadena perpetua dentro de una institución de salud mental de alta seguridad. Pero, lo que es más grave aún, las leyes y las opiniones de los jueces confirmándolas dan a los estados un nuevo mecanismo legal para encarcelar a mucha más gente que a los depredadores.

McKee, Tom, Archdiocese Enacts New "Touching" Guidelines; KYPost, 11 August 2008 
Tough new guidelines on "good" touching and "bad" touching are now in place for anyone who has contact with children within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. 
For example, "side hugs" are allowed but "bear hugs" are considered prohibited physical contact.

McKeen, S, Just hating pedophiles won't keep children safe - Torches and pitchforks will not drive the monsters from our realm; The Edmonton Journal (Canada), October 10, 2008 
Neither prosecution nor protest will protect our children from pedophiles. Our common sense and humanity might. But on this issue, both are in short supply. [...]
Why not create a support and accountability network like Alcoholics Anonymous for pedophiles? 
Good idea. So good, in fact, that it's been around for years. A mostly unheralded and underfunded program known as COSA, or Circles Of Support and Accountability [...]

McKinney, Roger, Columbus woman pleads guilty to felony child-sex charge; Joping Globe, July 08, 2008 
A Columbus woman will be sentenced Aug. 19 after pleading guilty Tuesday to a reduced charge of felony attempted aggravated indecent liberties with a child. 
Ashley Thompson, 23, was bound over for trial in September 2007 on three  felony counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. The victim  was the then-14-year-old boy who had worked as the baby sitter for  Thompson-s children at her house in Columbus.

McMasters, Paul K., Too much sex or too much law? Marion Star, November 24, 2006 
COPA opponents contend that the law is unconstitutionally broad, that it makes online speakers uncertain and fearful, thus chilling protected speech. They say filtering and blocking software are much better tools because much of the sexually explicit material originates outside the United States, while COPA targets only commercial Web sites in the U.S. 

Mexico Passes Anti-Child Sex Law; Prensa Latina, December 27, 2006 
The Mexico City Legislature approved an all-embracing campaign on Wednesday against childhood sexual exploitation linked to tourism, a problem that is on the rise nationally and affects at least 5,000 minors in the Federal District.

About Michael Jackson 
In memoriam Michael Jackson - Ipce Newsletter E 27, August 2009 
1. Michael Jackson: Gone too soon - Tom O'Carroll
2. Michael Jackson, R.I.P. - Barrie Casper
3. Michael Jackson (1958-2009) - Adam-John Powell 
4. Jordan Chandler: MJ did not molest me, I lied! From:  ajsupreme.blogspot.com,  6/27/2009 & Globalgrind.com. 
5. Jordan Chandler is Silent About Michael Jackson; False Rumors are Spreading That Jordan Lied About Molestation; Judith Bakley, Media Watchdogs, Jul 10, 2009 
6. Michael Jackson had jab to curb sex urges for young boys; Col Abrams, The Mirror (UK), 9 August 2009 

Michels, Scott; Orthodox Jewish Community Struggles With Abuse Allegations; Alleged Victims and Advocates Say Sex Abuse Common, Rarely Discussed; ABC News, May 5, 2009
When Joel Engelman was 8 years old, he says, he was called from his Hebrew class to the principal's office at his Brooklyn yeshiva, a Jewish religious school. [... ...] 
When Engelman arrived at the principal's office, he says, Reichman told him to close the door. He told the boy to sit on his lap and began swiveling his chair back and forth, Engelman says. Reichman then touched him, moving from his shoulders down, Engelman claims. 
The same kind of abuse went on twice a week for several months before he left the school, Engelman claims in a civil lawsuit filed against the yeshiva, the United Talmudical Academy.

Miller, Jill Young, Tougher law for sex offenders under fire; Human rights groups challenge restrictions; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 06/20/06 
"Thousands of people on Georgia's sex offender registry will be forced to evacuate their homes, leave their jobs, cease attending church services, and be required, by legislative fiat, to abandon court-mandated treatment programs," the lawsuit says.

Millet, Kate:
Blasius, Mark, Sexual Revolution and the Liberation of Children: An Interview With Kate Millett

A sexual revolution begins with the emancipation of women, who are the chief victims of patriarchy, and also with ending of homosexual oppression. Part of the patriarchal family structure involves the control of the sexual life of children; indeed, the control of children totally. Children have virtually no rights guaranteed by law in our society and besides, they have no money which, in a money economy, is one of the most important sources of their oppression. Certainly, one of children's essential rights is to express themselves sexually, probably primarily with each other but with adults as well. So the sexual freedom of children is an important part of a sexual revolution.

Mirkin, Harris, The Pattern of Sexual Politics: Feminism, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, J. Homosex. Vol. 37, No. 2 (1999)
This article will develop a model of sexual politics by discussing the struggles over feminism and homosexuality, and then use the model to clarify the current political situation of pedophiles.

Mitchell, Cory, Child sex acts 'not uncommon,' experts say; The Saginaw News, 2 December 2004
"Curiosity and pleasure are natural phenomenon. All a community can (ask) is, 'Do we want to talk about this?' "

Möller, Erik:

Computer sind Waffen, 30.10.2000, heise.de 
Am 25. und 26. Oktober fand in Nürnberg die Jahrestagung der Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Schriften statt. Ein persönlicher Bericht über Deutschlands oberste Moralhüter. 
Die Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Schriften (BPjS) ist nach den Worten ihres ehemaligen Vorsitzenden Rudolf Stefen "einzigartig in der Welt". Die Behörde geht Anträgen der Jugendämter und des Bundesfamilienministeriums nach und prüft die entsprechenden "Schriften" (Fotos, Texte, Bilder, Spiele, Musik ..) auf die von ihnen ausgehende Jugendgefährdung hin.

Kinder sind Pornos, 01.11.2000, Ein persönlicher Bericht über Deutschlands oberste Moralhüter - Teil II 
Nach dem Thema Gewalt und Computerspiele geht es auf der Tagung um nackte Kinder, was den Referenten Wilfried Schneider von der Bundesprüfstelle sehr erregt. Er erläutert die bisherige Spruchpraxis bei FKK-Fotos. Es geht ihm darum, einen stetigen Fortschritt in der Indizierungspraxis zu zeigen. 

Le Monde, January 26, 1977, Statement, signed by 68 persons
The French law contradicts itself when it acknowledges the capacity of discernment on behalf of a minor of thirteen or fourteen by which she can judge and condemn, while it refuses her this capacity where her emotional and sexual life is concerned. Three years in prison for caresses and kisses, that's enough.

Le Monde, du 26 janvier 1977, communiqué, signé par 68 personnes. 
La loi française se contredit lorsqu'elle reconnaît une capacité de discernement un mineur de treize ou quatorze ans qu'elle peut juger et condamner, alors qu'elle lui refuse cette capacité quand il s'agit de sa Vie affective et sexuelle. Trois ans de prison pour des caresses et des baisers, cela suffit.

Moody, Roger, The Importance of Being Peyrefitte, The Guide (Boston, Massachusetts) May 2002
Now here's a coincidence -­ in November 2000, the 93-year-old Roger Peyrefitte died in France -­ a century to the very month that Oscar Wilde threw off his own mortal coils in that same country. Both were inveterate gossipers, raconteurs, and poseurs. Men of noted sartorial elegance, adherents of the good life, they strutted the streets and the salons of respectable society, firing fusillades of sometimes dubious taste and egotistical bon mots (Oscar declared nothing but his genius; Roger claimed he was one of only two true humanists left in France). They were both bisexuals who advocated passionate romantic relationships between older and younger males, while often pursuing their partners in the gutter -­ and getting caught. 

Moonen, Gerald, The Garden of Love; William Blake (1757-1827) - Gerald Moonen, 2006

Moonen, Gerald, Morality -  Is it Anti-Sexual or Anti-Violence? 2006 
There is nothing harmful with consensual sex and intimacy. Personally I see sex and intimacy as a glorification of the Creator. But I can see a lot of harm being done by our violent society. They still bend over backwards to justify their disgusting violent behaviour.  
So next time you use the term “right or wrong”, or hear someone else use it, do correct it and ask “is it harmful?” That is the true moral question and by doing that it will change your moral perspective.  

Moonen, Gerald, My principles; New Zealand 2006 
What you will find below is a summing up of my principles and opinions in regards to sexuality as I see it and ‘morality’ laws that we are subjected to in New Zealand. I am also referring to the imbalance of sexuality and violence.

Moonen, Gerald, Submission to the GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE for an inquiry into the operation of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 and related issues, New Zealand, 30th April 2001
We are all created with sexual instruments, which at any age can give harmless pleasure to ourselves or our sexual partners. Not everybody regards sexuality or sexual expression as something that is always innately evil, wrong or criminal. No government has the right to interfere with this basic human right of consensual sexual expression. Where is the harm? This law should only be concerned about harmful therefore criminal aspects of sexual expressions, and through the Bill of Rights protects harmless consensual sexual expressions.

Moonen, Gerald, Democracy, the Bill of Rights and Censorship, Submission to parliament, New Zealand, 9th August 2001 

1/ The Bill of Rights is in place to protect every person's freedoms. 

2/ Vague words like "deem to, perceive, tend to or is likely to" seem to provide opportunity for the law to be abused. These words ought to be eliminated from the present law. 

3/ As a society and member state of the United Nations we are obliged to honour and uphold the International Declarations and covenants on Human Rights, which we have signed. 

4/ The new law ought not to regard nudity and sexuality as innately harmful, it is not. 

5/ Censorship should not be based on beliefs, but only on actual harm to the good of the country.

Moonen, Gerald 
Boy-love man wins right to sue police; Monday, 17 September 2007 , stuff.co.nz  
The former president of the now defunct Australasian Man-Boy Love Association has been given the go-ahead to sue police for $250,000 damages for alleged breaches of his rights.

Moore, Malcolm, Lolita love affair scandalizes Italy; UK Telegraph, February 9, 2008  
A 34-year-old Italian man who had sex with a 13-year-old girl has had 
his sentence cut by a two-thirds because a court decided there was "real 
love" between the pair.

Morgan, Joyce, 'Child protection rules 'too restrictive';  smh.com.au, November 14, 2008 
Anyone who photographs children will need the permission of the parents before the pictures can be exhibited. 
The ruling is included in sweeping guidelines released by the Australia Council yesterday designed to protect children in the aftermath of the Bill Henson controversy. 
The six-page document also requires artists who work with naked children to ensure that their parents understand the nature of the artwork. Artists must also have a commitment from parents that they will supervise the naked child. 

Quotes from 
Morris, Rebecca, Female sex offenders reveal cultural double standard; The Seattle Times, September 10, 2007 
The public is more willing to accept the female abuser's claim that she had a "relationship" with the victim. And in cases in which the male is a teenager, the sexual abuse is more likely to be dismissed as a rite of passage. The questionable, yet overriding assumption, is that women predators are somehow different from men.

Moser, Charles & Kleinplatz, Peggy J., DSM-IV-TR and the Paraphilias: An Argument for Removal; extract of a report presented at a May 19, 2003, symposium sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association entitled "DSM-IV-TR and the Paraphilias: An Argument for Removal." 
The DSM-IV-TR (2000) sets its own standards for inclusion of diagnoses and for changes in its text. The Paraphilia section is analyzed from the perspective of how well the DSM meets those standards. The concept of Paraphilias as psychopathology was analyzed and assessed critically to determine if it meets the definition of a mental disorder presented in the DSM; it does not. [...] It was concluded that the Paraphilia section is so severely flawed that its removal from the DSM is advocated.

Morahan, Lawrence, Psychiatric Association Debates Lifting Pedophilia Taboo; CNSNews.com, June 11, 2003
In a step critics charge could result in decriminalizing sexual contact between adults and children, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) recently sponsored a symposium in which participants discussed the removal of pedophilia from an upcoming edition of the psychiatric manual of mental disorders.

Morrison, Richard, Peter Pan(ic): is it a paedophile nightmare, or an innocent tale? The Times ( UK ), December 29, 2004  
[The declaration of Nico about Barry] however, hasn’t stopped some modern commentators from declaring Barrie to be a paedophile — with the additional implication that we are somehow legitimising paedophilia if we continue to enjoy Peter Pan. And it’s certainly true that if a grown man today exhibited such a desire for intimacy with children to whom he was not related (or even to whom he was), he would attract cries of “pervert” at the very least. 
Such a stance, however, raises three large questions: [...].

Muller, Heather , Child molester unlikely to re-offend, expert says;  eurekareporter.com, 16 October 2007
Park argued that the program itself was fundamentally flawed, focusing too much on details of past offenses in an attempt to prevent relapses. Preventing relapses should be the goal of sex-offender treatment plans, Park agreed, but said the SOCP approach had been criticized for instilling a sense of shame in participants. 
"Shame," he said, "is looking at yourself as scum." It's a negative emotion that, in Park's opinion, actually increases the risk of re-offense.

Muskogee Phoenix, Righteous anger often clouds right reasoning; The impulse to lock up every child sex offender and throw away the key is getting out of hand; December 18, 2005 (www)
We are not proposing that child sex offenders get off easy, nor that children are not protected from people who would abuse them. We are proposing that we approach the problem of child sexual abuse with reason as well as with righteous anger. Longer prison terms are not the only answer to preventing child abuse.  

My father and I made love for years - he is now in jail...
Hello. I put this story in this section because I guess it's considered abuse.
My father molested me from the time I was two till I was 15. We would lie naked and he would play [...] What my father did to me was not rape, at all. He never hurt me. In fact, I looked forward to spending the time with him but my mother and the police don't seem to listen.
My father does not belong in jail for what they say he did. He does not belong in among the murderers, rapists and theives. [...]
Kevin - Male - 14 - 16 - United States - 07/10/2001