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My principles

By Gerald Moonen, New Zealand 2006

What you will find below is a summing up of my principles and opinions in regards to sexuality as I see it and ‘morality’ laws that we are subjected to in New Zealand. I am also referring to the imbalance of sexuality and violence.

In a nutshell….

1. All mammals have for their procreation a sexuality and sexual organs. The sexual organs give a sense of pleasure which assures the continuation of the species.

2. All humans as a subspecies of mammals are also endowed with this sexual system. 

3. All humans are sexual beings from the time of their birth. It is known for male fetuses to have erections. 

4. During the childhood of a human, the child experiments sexually with himself and peers and discovers the enjoyment of sexuality. This is known as rehearsal play, which under the present sexual abuse industry’s regime is classified as sexual abuse. 

5. During late childhood and adolescence a male child has what is known as a “homosexual” period. During this period this young person seeks the confirmation of his sexuality from other males, which includes his peers and adults. It is in this period that in a normal and free society the adult would pass to the young some of his life’s experiences amongst which could be the art of loving. In the past he would also pass on his professional knowledge and qualities as in a master - apprentice situation. 

6. After this ‘education or schooling’, the adolescent turns to expressing his sexuality in the adult world accordingly to his sexual orientation. 

7. Sexual orientation is made up of two parts: gender orientation and age orientation. Any combination in variation of gender or age orientation has been observed in humans. This is also known as a ‘love-map’, a phrase coined by Dr. John Money. Spiritually it is essential for people to get to know their particular love-map. 

8. It has been proven by science that most people have an innate attraction to younger people. In most people this propensity has not developed any further than an embryonic stage. 
However I believe that there are a small proportion of people in whom this predisposition has naturally developed into an important part of their lives, and express themselves sexually accordingly. 
Others have been exposed to sexual repression as is practiced in our puritanical society and have developed an arrested sexual development and have sexually not developed beyond the age of a young person. They too will express themselves sexually accordingly to their appropriate sexual age of their development. 
This perfectly normal human behaviour has now been criminalised and replaced the target of what used to be the homosexuals. 

9. In paragraph No 5, I explain that many young people seek a sexual confirmation and guidance from older people. I believe that the people mentioned in paragraph 8 are naturally inclined to be responsive to these needs of young people. I do not see such relationships as criminal, but have to do with love, confirmation, education and the passing on of life’s experiences. Morally one cannot go beyond to what the young person is comfortable with, which is a rule that of course applies to every relationship. Go beyond that and one enters the criminal realm. 

My view on society and the confusion between violence and sexuality

10. Society has used sexuality mainly as a tool of oppression and control. This is particularly true with the way the religions manipulated their believers. By criminalising all sexual acts, except those for procreation, 99% of all sexual acts became sinful or criminal. By creating this sin, there is the associated guilt, which makes the believer malleable and exploitable. This notion was enforced by many cruel and inhumane acts of torture and death. 

11. Civil authorities were in coalition with the church, and many of the church myths, beliefs and laws became entrenched in civil law. With similar catastrophic results. 

12. The biggest myth and belief that our society inherited is that sexuality is innately criminal. And as the enforcements of these lies, these myths, were a draconian form of violence. With this as an example violence became acceptable (Consider the violence on TV entertainment) and sexuality was not (See the extremely high levels of incarceration for sexual offending and state censorship). 
As a result of this faulty reasoning our behaviour and many of our morality laws are based on these precepts, and all confused laws are always to the determent of the citizens. 

13. As a result of the above, society made the mistake that the law does not take into consideration the difference between violence and sex. However I know, from experience and from my innate sense of justice, that there is nothing wrong with sex, but everything is wrong with violence. The only concept that the law ought to use is that to prevent violence, harm and non-consensuality which is a form of violence. 

14. We are only slowly making progress. We are not burning homosexuals on the stake any longer and instead we have a Bill of Rights and a Human rights act to protect people with the propensity of homosexuality.  

15. However the ferocity with which the homosexuals have been persecuted in the past has now shifted to the issue of age orientation. The incarceration of people who breach this particular taboo of intergenerational relationships has reached unprecedented proportions. Most of them have never done a violent act in their lives. 

16. The puritanical fascist repression of sexuality in our society has destroyed the beneficial aspects of the relationships between young and old and has created a chasm that is detrimental to the development of young people. Morally the young people are thrown before the wolfs to fend for themselves. The enforcement of the anti sexuality model has done an infinite amount of psychological harm to our society, as individuals and as a whole. 


The writing above has mainly been based on the male experience. There might be different nuances with female sexuality. The above beliefs are in perfect harmony with the Declaration of Sexual Rights by the World Association of Sexology*.  

[* < >]

I believe that our morality laws are out of balance as they should not be “anti sexual”, but anti violence.

In this document I have expressed my honest beliefs and judgments, which is an exercise that is protected by the following quotes of the 

Bill of Rights 1990.

13. Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion --- 
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief, including the right to adopt and to hold opinions without interference.

14. Freedom of expression --- 
Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

15. Manifestation of religion and belief --- 
Every person has the right to manifest that person's religion or belief in worship, observance, practice, or teaching, either individually or in community with others, and either in public or in private.


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