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Statement & question about ideology

From: Ipce Newsletter E 25, July 1998.

During the Ipce Meeting in 2007, we have spoken about research as the main theme of the meeting. We have heard that 

Michael Baurmann found in his 1.058 cases that more than 50% of the ‘victims’ declared themselves not as ‘a victim’. None of the boys felt themselves a victim. 

Rudiger Lautmann found that his 60 respondents who felt attraction to children had developed their own ethical rules and styles of living, especially with the help of self-help groups and such contacts. 

Michael Griesemer criticizes the usual research on intergenerational contacts as being flawed because its bad or lack of definitions, bad reasoning and other methodological faults. 

Horst Vogt found that the half of his respondents functioned well in society and were psychologically healthy, unless the stress they felt in society. 

From earlier research, we had 

Theo Sandfort, who demonstrated that positive sexual relationships, in his project between boys and men, do exist. 

Rind cum suis, who found 4% lasting harm from early sexual contacts. Especially forced father-daughter incest was responsible for that 4%. He also found positive and neutral feelings afterwards. 

James Prescott, who found that societies that repress body pleasure in childhood are the most aggressive societies …

And so on and on. 

My recent research showed how bad the diagnostics are of people alleged for pedosexual acts, and how full of force their treatment is, a treatment based on ideology more than on logical thinking. 

But who thinks that children may have body pleasure, nudeness, hugs and intimacy with adults, is wrong in Western society nowadays. Excuse me, he is not wrong, he or she is evil, pervert, sick, creep, demonized and criminalized, if not exiled from society. 

In the USA, a teacher is sentenced to 200 years in prison for the possession of twenty child porn pictures. 

Another got thousand years for 32 of such counts. 

Child nudeness on a photo is seen as a great problem, as you can read in this Newsletter. 

And in the UK one has to have a license for hugging a child or even to ride a child to school, sports or church. 

Fear rules the world. 

Is the answer: do more and better research? Yes, but this is nowadays nearly impossible, as you can read in the next article. 

Can science give the answer? No, regrettably not, because all those fears, absurd laws, incarnations, flawed studies and behavior-changing ‘therapies’ are not founded in good science. It is – and this my statementideology

And here is my question for the coming Ipce Meeting and the reader: How to combat ideology? Yes, first by revealing that it is ideology – but than? What more? How to go further? What to refrain from? What to do? 

Frans Gieles, PhD

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