Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) - chapter 5 - Early Sexual Growth and Activity

Kinsey, Alfred
Place PublishedUSA
Extent35 pp, 157 - 192

Chapter 5: Early Sexual Growth and Activity - in .PDF format, page scans as .PNG images.


“Chapter five is devoted to early sexual growth and activity and first sets out to define erotic arousal and orgasm, noting the variation in pattern of orgastic response in individuals.

It is also noted that much of the data pertaining to the different kinds of orgastic reactions in pre-adolescent boys, was supplied by older subjects who have had sexual contacts with younger boys.

Pre-adolescent sex-play, including homosexual play, heterosexual play, and animal contacts are looked at.

Finally, adolescence, including physical developments, age and school grade at beginning of adolescence, and sources of first ejaculation are considered.

One significant finding was that more than 99% of these boys adopted a regular routine of sexual activity after the initial experience of ejaculation. “